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Paladino loses rabbi’s support after gay apology

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Reader comments

  1. Perhaps the good Rabbi needs his own coming out party. Lol

  2. Well, you can’t please all the people all the time… and this demonstrates why!
    Seems like he’s successfully alienated everyone on both sides of the political fence here. Still, at least he didn’t attempt yet another sharp U-turn to appease the rabbi all over again, although it’s hard to see how he could inflict more damage to his integrity.

  3. The Rabbi should stop making such absurd comments.
    Especially while he has a “salami” in his throat…

  4. Yehuda Levin and Carl Palladino sound like a perfect match – crazed bigotted extremists.

    Although that rabbi is clearly worse – he bases his bigotry on his belief in a vengeful sky-fairy. He offers more evidence of the toxic, poisonous, vicious, divisive hateful nature of religion.

    Isn’t Moses an important jewish religious figure? When he was trying to get the jews out of Egypt, didn’t his ‘god’ slaughter every 1st born Egyptian child.

    Rabbi Levin’s ‘god’ is a genocidal maniac. No wonder Levin is such a monster.

    As for Palladino – he is the guy raising 2 families – 1 with his wife, and 1 with his mistress.

  5. It strikes me as very revealing that this rabbi chose specifically to highlight the entirely irrelevant detail that he was eating a “kosher” salami sandwich at the time he heard about the apology. We know he’s a human being, and hence needs to eat. We also know, from the fact he’s an ultra-orthodox rabbi, that he probably eats kosher food too. And none of this has any bearing on the apology issue. So why did he very consciously choose to highlight the fact?

    I think it’s to emphasise just how ultra-orthodox jewish he really is. Everything he says has to have as much jewishness in it as possible. I note he also chose a very blatantly jewish exclamation (“mazel tov”), which almost nobody outside his community will know, rather than a more universal one, even though he knows he is talking to a general rather than a jewish audience.

    It seems that he places the unhealthy exceptionalism of his religion as priorities one, two and three, and everything else in the world a poor fourth – including the rights, happiness and equality of his fellow human beings. This is a deeply misguided and dangerous thing to do, and shows up the rabbi for the self-aggrandizing misanthropic bigot that he is.

  6. The rabbi is a lunatic.

    Palladino is a bigot.

    They are a perfect match.

    They should become f***buddies.

  7. Unfortunately Rabbi Levin, is suffering from self abuse guilt. It is very common among ultra orthodox Jewish leaders it’s all to do with not mixing as children self-hatred and vicious anal ramming self abuse. Basically they f*%K themselves guilty. There is nothing worse than a guilty self f%$ker.

  8. “‘Paladino became gay!’ I said, ‘What?’ ”

    Yes, of course *rolls eyes* Only someone gay could make an (albeit pathetically half-hearted) apology for making offensive comments about LGBT people.

    And you’re right, VP – that kosher thing leapt out at me too. Maybe he’s got some guilt going on there and wants to emphasise just how Jewish he is because he feels insecure in his religion, or, at least, feels he’s not quite as good as he pretends to be.

  9. Pity the bigoted rabbi didn’t choke to death on his pastrami sandwich, what a pity.

    If anyone believes that Carl Paladino has had an epiphany and claims he’ll fight for gay rights, then that is delusional. He’s reiterated over and over that he opposes same-sex marriage and will veto any bill that comes across his desk if elected and also opposes the inferior civil unions but does concede that some rights should be accorded to gays. A leopard never changes its spots and neither will Paladino. He can’t if he’s going to remain a republican. He only offered a disengenuous apology after being forced to by some in his party but the damage control has come far too late for him and the republican bigots who have not authored one bill of their own favouring gay people.

  10. “I almost choked on the kosher salami”

    Somebody better get child services to check the boys choir!

  11. Keith Lynwood 14 Oct 2010, 5:15pm

    Please pay no attention. He is a fraud. Just grown a beard and calls himself religious. He blames 9/11, the tsunami and the haiti earthquake on the “homosexuals”

    What is the matter with America. If he behaved like that in the UK he would be deemed mentally unwell and admitted to hospital for observation…..

  12. I try not to be unkind, but I do rather wish it had been non-kosher salami and that this twit had in fact choked on it. I doubt it’d have been a great loss.

    (Come now VP, have you really never heard ‘mazel tov’ before?)

  13. Make up your mind, Rabbi! Was it salami or pastrami? There is a difference. Salami is gay, pastrami straight.

  14. Bill Stickers 14 Oct 2010, 9:53pm

    What’s a kosher salami?… is it one that has had the skin removed?

  15. Kosher salami is a cut above the rest.

  16. Bill Stickers 14 Oct 2010, 11:21pm

    What was Paladino doing with the Rabbi’s support anyway? Where did he lose it? Can’t he just buy the Rabbi another support?

  17. Do Rabbis have any meaning? Perhaps, the good religious man should have a look at what the great nation of Israel is doing to others?

  18. ‘Rabbi Levin also claimed that “militant gays” had written Mr Paladino’s apology.’

    That seems only fair, considering that the militant Levin provided “input” to the speech that Paladino read at the synagogue.

  19. Peter In Brisbane 15 Oct 2010, 7:02am

    Le phew! Kiss a non salami Rabbi and taste the difference.
    Italian makes me F@RT too.

  20. Paladino’s speech was written by Rabbi Yehuda Levin, so why isn’t it the Rabbi who is running for governor of New York?
    What did he write about adulterers or the seperation of church and state in the speech I wonder? … Nothing?

  21. Keith #11 – That video is shocking. What on earth’s wrong with that man? Does he honestly believe all that crap he’s spouting? Apart from the disgusting bigotry he displays, what he says doesn’t even make sense. He’s either knowing evil or mentally ill.

  22. @11, keith

    Rabbi Yehuda Levin should probably be held in a secure institution for the insane…he says,
    homosexual misbehaviour will destroy the armed forces? homosexuals cause earthquakes (so not tectonic plate movement then?)
    homosexuals caused the 9-11 attack?
    homosexuality is what causes floods and tsunami’s?
    I guess science didn’t figure much in whatever poor education he may have managed to stumble upon.

  23. Jock S. Trap 15 Oct 2010, 10:14am

    That video shows how desperate religions will go and say to be heard.

    My ain’t we homosexual powerful. Apparently our ‘misbehaviour’ really do make the Earth move.

    1. Does this Rabbi go about thinking about people having sex everywhere he goes?
    2. Do people at his synagogue know that it seems to be all he thinks about?
    3. Do they think he is a pervert for always thinking about what they do in bed?
    4. What the hell has Anybodies sexual desires got to do with this idiot?
    5. Is this man seriously telling us he is a responsible member of society but can’t get his head out of the gutter?

    And finally…

    6. Coming from someone whose religion has been persecuted through history and deemed the most hated, shouldn’t this man know better? Does history not teach these people anything?

  24. In many circles Orthodox Jews are coming to terms with their gay co-religionists and including them rather than excluding them from the fold. Rabbi Levin is apparently stuck in the stone age. He would do well to set up an office in the Vatican where he and the Pope could talk about how righteous they are in their mutual condemnation of homosexuals and homosexuality.

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