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Gay blogger Perez Hilton promises to stop bullying

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Reader comments

  1. Pity he hasn’t promised to stop blogging.

  2. Jock S. Trap 14 Oct 2010, 2:54pm

    An case of the term ‘celebrity’ being used way too loosely!

  3. I don’t know him. What is he famous for? blogging? is that his photograph it looks like it has been audited to make his nose look very big and to make it look like he has no chin and to make it look like he has a very big mouth that slopes downwards and his ears have been put on the back of his neck instead of his head.

  4. Erroll Clements 14 Oct 2010, 3:34pm

    His only claim to fame is the bitchy comments he makes, and the made-up surname of Hilton. No wander he changed his surname, how camp is Lavendeira?? He seriously, badly, chronically needs a HUGE makeover, not that I’m being bitchy !!:))

  5. Yes lets all care about the emodiment of the gay sterotype says! He is fooling himself to think he has enough of an impact for people to care what he says.

  6. He lives a life of every bad stereotype gay people have, when ever he is concerned I feel nothing but shame.

  7. Whats next by your standards, Adam, Eon, Erroll and those to come? Are you going to disown the trans community, because they confuse people? Are the bears going to be shaved into prim little princesses or the twinks homophobically beaten into men? All so you can not be “embarrassed” or “ashamed” or “offended” by the only allies you have in this world?

    People think LGBT people are an embarrassment to God, and we offend them. Not even shedding stereotypes will make them love you, so don’t tell yourselves lies.

    You would all have a better time if you didn’t let others define who you should be, as Perez does (despite me agreeing he is pretty bitchy however). Don’t live a lie, because you only live once.

  8. Sister Mary Clarance 16 Oct 2010, 6:15am

    Zoek, there’s nothing gay people hate more than other people’s success, I mean how dare Perez make a decent living for himself!!

  9. speak for yourself Sister Mary Clarence
    Perez makes a living out of humiliating people on his site!
    it’s excellent news he’s gonna try to change to be part of the solution
    ZoeK made many excellent points

  10. Sister Mary Clarance 16 Oct 2010, 11:53pm

    Chester – he actually has done some quite worthwhile stuff as well, but nobody gives a toss about that when they can slag him off instead

  11. like what?

  12. He looks like a monster in that picture

  13. Perez Hilton is a bully. It’s a bit frigging rich for him to think a week and a half of “public awareness” is going to erase all the evil things he has said about people. How many people have contemplated suicide because of the nasty, awful things he has said about them? Does he think if he stops calling “famous” people names it will all be better? Where does he get off outing anyone? Why does he insist on dehumanizing celebrities with one face and demanding equal rights with the other? What a jealous bitch. His behaviour is wrong wrong wrong and I hope his karma is slow and painful.

  14. Anarchy will come 22 Oct 2010, 10:35pm

    seriously just stop lying your a$$ off and just stop blogging please… look at all these hateful comments… no one cares about what you have to say… i barley know who you are… do you see how much i care? seriously you would save a lot of embarrassment if you just throw your computer in your pool… and whats up with the hair man? Get your money back and stop paying your hair dresser because hes making you look foolish… stop crying your a grown a$$ man

  15. celebrities are boring and stupid and people who are interested in celebrities are boring and stupid

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