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Film to be made about lesbian teenager barred from prom

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Reader comments

  1. This does not deserve a movie >.> it’s prom, if your not wanted it’s their loss

  2. Why not a film on the fight against prop8 and DADT they are far better subjects.

  3. A movie can be about anything the writer/director/producer choose it to be. Worthiness doesn’t come into it.
    Put it this way, I’ve seen plenty of less ‘worthy’ dross made into movies on worldwide release. Who knows, it might actually be good.
    Strange how everyone knows how good a movie that hasn’t even been written or cast yet is going to be. Save the world-weary cynicism for when it gets released.

  4. I’m very happy for her. She was subject to revolting discrimination from her school and many classmates, but I reckon getting a film made about it (quite in addition to her damages payout) counts as having the last laugh.

  5. as an aspiring filmmaker, I kind of saw this one coming. If something is big in news, of course people are interested, THEREFORE, someone is going to make a movie out of it because if people are interested, they’ll watch the movie to get whatever part of the story the news didn’t cover. (assuming the movie isn’t just barely BASED on it and it’s actually covering the whole truth and nothing but the truth.)

  6. What a great idea; I would love to see a film based on this inspirational story- so long as it is done well! Only a fool would think that this was ‘just a prom’- it came to symbolise so much more and gave a focus to the fight for equality for young LGBTs.

  7. Katie Murphy 15 Oct 2010, 3:27am

    Film yay. And congrats to ABC, which I presume is the usa network.

    There is nothing you can do with the religioous bigots – you might as well try to get hitler to love the Jews. Instead of the hatred he used and absorbed to get elected, thanks to HIS catholic church.

    Which has yet to excommunicate the biggest murderer in history.

  8. Adam does obviously not know how law works, or human decency towards a child, so just ignore him.

    It is against the law to discriminate, bully or harass a student. The fact that the federal government mandates that students, like myself, go to these homophobic schools is the real messed up part of life; why so many young gay people commit suicide.

    Can’t wait to see what the movie is like.

  9. chris in new england 15 Oct 2010, 4:28pm

    I’m surprised Lifetime didn’t get the rights to the story, but it’ll be great to see it on ABC Family. This is the channel that was founded by Pat Robertson, so it’s especially awesome to see how gay-friendly it’s become under Disney.

  10. PumpkinPie 15 Oct 2010, 5:27pm

    Great news. She’s a remarkably brave and steadfast young woman, and her story is worth telling. It’s not just about the prom, it’s about the institutionalised homophobia of an entire town, about teachers who decided to use one of the children they were supposed to be protecting as a scapegoat for their homophobia, and about one of the few kids out their who managed to stay strong, take on the Goliaths and come out on top.

    It’s as much about a prom as Rosa Parks’s story is about seating arrangements.

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