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EHRC to be ‘substantially reformed’ while HIV quangos are scrapped

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Reader comments

  1. I’m sure EHRC would stand a better chance of surviving if Trevor Phillips resigned. His decision to sack people and paying them off and rehiring them as consultants on huge wages is criminal.

  2. john adams 14 Oct 2010, 9:17pm

    That’ll be the Tories for you. Brace yourselves for more rolling back of bodies which advocate human rights and equality. We’re in for a rough ride with this bunch.

  3. Get Rid of Trevor Philips. He is no use whatsoever and his leaderships skills are utterly shambolic. Get rid of him and we might get somewhere, this man is totally disliked by MANY within his organisation though wont speak out for fear of reprials from him….hes a disgrace

  4. A shame they couldn’t have tossed self-serving quangos Stonewall and THT onto the bonfire too. We need fresh representation that puts our needs above their own selfish interests, and who aren’t beholden to big government and big pharma.

  5. William: Please get your facts right before making ignorant statements. Stonewall and THT are charities, not Quangos.
    The government has no involvement in their running, and may or or may not provide public money to support them at their discretion, along with private donations.

  6. I just hope neither Alan Duncan-Smith nor Philippa Stroud (who believes gays are possessed by demons etc) are not consulted or given a role to play in any of this.

  7. Execept a lot of us can’t see how Stonewall can get away with calling themselves a charity. Charity may be technically true but they certainly seem more like a quango to me. Getting for instance 2000 pounds from each of their diversity champion companies for their annual subscription to get the Stonewall logo of approval on LGBT equality and good practice when most of these companies are local authorities etc doesn’t exactly fit the charity image…It’s noticable that they only campaing for what the government approve of…and nothing more, marriage equality will not bring in any additional money so why would they bother campainging for that..

  8. Spanner, no, get YOUR facts right! “Charities” like Stonewall and THT fit every definition of the word “quango”. They receive central funding and work closely to government diktats (the THT has admitted as such on several occasions). They are not truly independent as a genuine charity should be and there are clearcut agendas – and revolving doors – at play. Witness the Knighthoods awarded to their fat cat leaders for services rendered (in other words religiously following guidelines as set down by Whitehall). Ben Summerskill is even a noted member of the notorious and secretive Fabian Society, which has been spinning New Labour’s web since way back when. As the recent Stonewall/gay weddings outrage so aptly demonstrated, he most certainly does not answer to us.

  9. Spanner, detach your iphone speakers blaring out non-stop Kylie and Gaga and do a little research, like the respected journalist Guido Fawkes does. You will find it isn’t hard to join the dots and work out exactly what agenda Stonewall is following by entering a few words like “Ben”, “Summerskill” and – duh! – “Fabian” into Google search:

    As the latter link discloses:

    ‘It appears Stonewall is a sub-project of group of people known as “Fabians” and their club The Fabian Society” – a somewhat secretive, self righteous impenetrable collective who as it happens are now running our country.’

    Spooky or what?

  10. William:
    QUANGO: “quasi-autonomous non-governmental organisation”

    ie: Ostensibly non-governmental organisation performing governmental functions, often in receipt of funding or other support from government, while mainstream NGOs mostly get their donations or funds from the public and other organisations that support their cause.

    I don’t doubt there are a lot of dealings going on that we don’t know about, but my statement that both Stonewall and THT are charities, and not quangos still stands, not matter how much you huff and puff about what you think.

    As for personal stereos, I don’t possess one, and even if I did, I wouldn’t listen to stereotypical gay sh!te like that.

  11. Ooh, touchy!

  12. William, how can Stonewall be a Fabian organisation when its founders include ex-Conservative MPs Matthew Parris, Michael Brown and Rob Haywood and lots of current Conservative MPs attended its recent Tory party conference meeting? And how can it be a “quango” when only about 10 per cent of its income comes from the public sector? (Unlike THT, where almost the reverse is true). All of this is in the public domain (try Google).

  13. Miketruth, by the same yardstick Google “Fabian society” and “Ben Summerskill” and ask yourself what is the head representative of a gay rights organization doing addressing their meetings that are, as you correctly state. attended by Conservatives? And also ask yourself what do the Tories and Summerskill have in common? Clue: neither are exactly banging the drums for gay marriage, are they? Kerching!

  14. equalityChameleon 18 Oct 2010, 1:26pm

    Wiliam, what extraordinary drivel. I looked at the two blogs you directed us towards by way of evidence for your propositions and find they’re just the rantings of a few right-wing paranoid obsessives. You seem to be horrified that BS should address, first, a gathering of the Fabian Society (apparently ‘the world’s biggest international conspiracy’ – really?), and then one organised by Tory MP & lesbian Margot Janes. Darling, Stonewall are a lobbying organisation, and that means that they talk to politicians and policy makers, and people who are interested in that kind of stuff. Oooooh, sinister, how shocking!

    Stonewall are an independent charity. They are not paid for by the Government, and nor are they accountable to them. They do some specific pieces of work for the Government, for which they are, not unreasonably paid, just like countless other commercial and third-sector bodies. So the Govt’s not really in a position to abolish it, is it? There, there.

    Nick Patrridge does have a knighthood, but BS does not. Even if he did, so what? They both probably do more for what they believe in in their coffee-break than you’ll do in a lifetime. What ARE your achievements in the causes you support?

    When you’v got your teeth back in love, try talking some sense.

  15. Last week’s news, dear. Move on!

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