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BBC has ‘no plans’ to employ Ray Gosling again

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Reader comments

  1. Good. The man is a dreadful old carney who has been exposed as more freakshow showman that journalist with integrity. His antics, in “confessing” to a murder which never happened, are unpardonable.

  2. From what I understand he is a pensioner receiving a pension so I shouldn’t think he is looking for employment. He should enjoy his old age and take a nice long holiday in Thailand maybe even settle down there. He is not looking too good and should enjoy the moment while he can.

  3. I feel the BBC failed to take into account alcoholic psychosis Ray Gosling was clearly demonstrating in the program.

    I think the BBC exploited Gosling and it should never of put a clearly very ill man into that position.

  4. Its a pity that Mr. Gosling would do such a thing: either of both are not acceptable – smothering a man (which has been proved a lie) and/or inventing such is pitiful.

    As someone said above, he doesnt look well… but thats for another of his problem to worry about. But nonetheless, whether he is a killer or a liar, it leaves him at the same place: no integrity.

  5. He’s 71 so have a bit of sympathy. It’s sad if we allow this to undermine all the brilliant work Ray Gosling did in the past.

    Typical BBC stitching someone up and then getting rid of them. Remember what they did to Fanny Craddock?

  6. I would highlight the point that the BBC publicized this story apparently without taking steps to verify it. It suggests exploitative sensation-seeking of a type that we don’t expect from Auntie.

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