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Anti-Obama billboard condemned as racist and homophobic

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Reader comments

  1. I’m surprised they didn’t have him wearing a cotton top with a caption like “I picked it myself” or something, just to add racist insult to racist injury. Seriously, I’m genuinely surprised they didn’t.

  2. Obama would look rather fetching in “a gold earring and tight purple top.” I hope that he embraces the image.

  3. Could this just be a scam by a commercial artist publicizing his work? It seems to be working.

  4. The way the Obama administration has been acting on LGBT rights you might say it is homophobic.

  5. Oh, I WONDER who commissioned this! With the state of US politics at the moment, the “It Gets Better” anti-bullying campaign should be re-named “It Gets Worse (and nothing changes)”. These same “patriots” would be better advocating DIY euthanasia kits to gay school kids and have done with it. Divisiveness and civil unrest are a stone’s throw from a fascist state, and – as history has taught us – a multitude of horrors. Could the Left PLEASE get off its complacent, lazy backside and come defend us from these wingnuts? While our allies do nothing, support for the lunatic fringe increases daily. Yes, Obama won the election. That wasn’t the end of the fight, but the beginning.

  6. Send all these wingnuts to saudi arabia with their bibles. for real. Let them meet their own kind.

    Who at sunset on friday night would call out Allahu Ahkbar – god is great.

    And solve the problem of the wingnuts with a sword.

    And we’d solve the problem of shortage of blood for a couple months. Unless their mani is catchy.

  7. I am opposed to both legal and illegal immigration. America is overpopulated, and 21 million Americans are out of work.

  8. Barack Obama in a tight purple top ? That’s outrageous !! He should be naked !!

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