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US defence secretary says Congress, not court, should repeal military gay ban

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  1. this would be true but as congress hasn’t lifted it then the courts re doing the right thing, claiming it takes time feels like they need to waste time finding more pathetic excuses to keep the homophobic stupid law in place

  2. My understanding of the US Constitution and the evolution of its interpretation is that the federal courts, and particularly the Supreme Court, have the right to strike down legislation which they find unconstitutional. Good on the judge!

  3. The Obama administration’s decision to appeal the court’s decision is motivated by homophobia.

    WHile it is true that Obama is required to uphold the constitution, it does not mean he is required to defend individual acts.

    Especially seeing as 1 of the branches of federal government – the judiciary – has already declared DADT unconstitutional.

    Obama has been such a dreadful disappointment on LGBT rights.

    He lied repeatedly on his campaign.

    Barack Obama – ‘yes we can. but no we won’t!’

  4. I agree that Obama seems a terrible disappointment. Even with a relatively favorable Congress (which won’t last beyond November), he has barely pushed through any of his declared agenda. He just seems to lack the grit and ruthlessness for the job.

  5. Politics are all down the drain now.
    Here in America, you vote for the least destructive person now.
    My girlfriend in England seems to have to do the same thing, only she draws on her ballot little stick figures (disqualifying it to count).

    The only thing right they seem to have said is that this will have “enormous consequences”. Consequences, despite common connotation, is not actually a negative word. It’ll be all good consequences. ;)

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