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Comment: The Gay Liberation Front’s social revolution

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Reader comments

  1. We owe nearly all of our liberation and equal status to groups like the LGF and tireless campaigners like Peter Tatchell of Outrage and others…. Constantly they raise consciousness and highlight LGBT rights issues not just here in England, but abroad where religion is like a cancer spreading and making it hostile for LGBT people to live their lives. We owe them our lives. We can just go to the gay clubs, bars and saunas here in the liberal secular United Kingdom but in other more conservative countries, you can be executed for just that.

  2. nostalgia for those times….where is that sense of solidarity now?- everything seems a bit factionalised and gentrified..

  3. “where is that sense of solidarity now?- everything seems a bit factionalised and gentrified.”

    Thanks to the efforts of the GLF and others like them, the LGBT community is far huger and more diverse these days.

    The GLF was a small group of people with a similar outlook on life.

    Thanks to them, it’s now possible for silly, gentrified groups like Stonewall to exist.

  4. Rev Laurie Roberts 14 Oct 2010, 4:12pm

    I went to Brighton GLF as a student aged about 19 and it was great ! I’d never seen anyone in make up and furs before ! A heady mix of exotic and ‘ordinary’. Are any of really ordinary ?!

    Held at the Stanford aRms if meory serves at Preston Circus, Brighton.

    Those were the days !

  5. Rev Laurie Roberts 14 Oct 2010, 4:16pm

    Gr8 comments here –just read em ! We have come a long way ! Thanx to all the campaigners and brave ones in the bad old days.

    What about nonliberal countries where gays languish ? Much still to do.

    Bollox to all dictators

  6. GLF was fabulous but I think it was like herding kangaroos. The heady mix of Anarcho-Marxism and hedonistic individualism meant it couldn’t last long but it created a big space for more ‘bourgeois’ campaigning groups who fought and still fight for social and legal equality within established society.
    GLF gave all the changes we have benefitted from a huge kick-start. I salute them.

  7. We need the LGBTIQQ Liberation Front to rid us of Stonewall and its work against our liberation.

  8. “We need the LGBTIQQ Liberation Front”

    We need the GIBLET Front in fact!.

    The G(ay) I(ntersex) B(isexual) L(esbian) E(veryone) T(ransgender)Liberation Front is what I’m talking about.

    GIBLET Power!

    (Sorry to the turkeys, we are reclaiming the word formally used to describe yor innards).

  9. Paul Mitchell 15 Oct 2010, 1:07pm

    The Tories, Stonewall and Labour are still in the dark ages when it comes to marriage equality!!!!!

    Marriage equality is long overdue in the UK!!!!

    The Tories are much worse – just this week they cut funding that is needed to HIV and equality programs in the UK!!!!!

    Both the Liberal Democrats and the Greens do have an excellent direction for the UK in terms of true equality within marriage!!!!!

  10. Katie Murphy 16 Oct 2010, 4:34am

    the writer missed one point. the cause of so many wars is Machoism. During Vietnam in the USA, the cry was “what if they gave a war and nobody came”

    Today the equivalent is “what if they gave a war, and the soldiers from both sides looked at each other, said – he is so cute, or he looks like he has a big member.

    And they came together in peace to get a piece. In other words littering the battlefield with dripping semen, and all having a smile on their faces.

    Something ike that could come out of the gay civil rights agenda. as well as reducing the population.

    Because besides money and power and glory, another key cause of wars has always been the quest for limited natural resources.

    And I’ve got to touch on the catholic monstrosity here – they oppose real birth control. Why – they need more minds to corrupt to keep their power. No wonder the Hitlerite pope told africans to not use condoms. A calculated move that despite the millions more deaths from AIDS, in the end, there would be more minds to corrupt and control.

    And they “talk about life”. Remidns me of Goebbels – “if you tella lie often enough and outrageous enough, it will be seen as the truth.

  11. “Our nonconformity threatened the gender system which has, historically, sustained the social hegemony of male heterosexuality and misogyny.”

    Sounds like a line from Monty Python’s Life of Brian. GLF were self important wankers just giving the finger to society, CHE were the ones that actually made a difference.

  12. Meanwhile we have posters going up in muslim areas of Nottingham and London saying “Gay Free Zone” (if those posters don’t make you think of “Jews Get Out”, then you are living in a fool’s paradise), and muslim fundamentalists staging counter-demonstrations to Gay Pride in both Derby and Nottingham this year. If you think the battle is over you are so wrong. Hizb ut Tahrir is an islamic fascist party operating in the UK, which wants full sharia law to apply to everyone – that means death for us homos. As The Guardian reported in 2009, muslims in Britain have zero tolerance for homosexuality.

    Muslims in places like Tower Hamlets have shown they will make use of traditional parties like Labour when it suits them, but as soon as they have enough strength they will give such parties the finger and vote for candidates connected to muslim extremism.

    I used to think this problem would sort itself out as muslims became westernised. But the younger generation are 2x or 3x more fundamentalist than their parents. And when I saw that muslims were 12% of the prison population, I became seriously worried that our government and media are lying to us about how soon before Hizb ut Tahrir starts standing in elections.

  13. I came out in 1972 and loved every moment of that glorious era. I do see a need for radical GLBT people to remind us, if no one else, no we are not just exactly like straights but for what we do in bed.

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