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BBC3 lesbian drama Lip Service opens with nearly 600,000 viewers

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Reader comments

  1. One dimensional dysfunctional sex crazed BBC vision of lesbians.

    I think that’s a fair review of the program.

  2. We are sooooo far behind the USA in this respect. Ms Braun, if you want to watch gay and lesbian characters in ‘normal’ everyday situations, fighting crime, being a doctor and generally getting on with their lives, try ‘The Wire’, ‘ER’, ‘True Blood’ (yes, I know it’s full of vampires and werewolves, but at least it isn’t ‘Twilight’ or ‘Vampire Diaries’), ‘Six Feet Under’, ‘Oz’, The Good Wife’, ‘Modern Family’, ’30 Rock’, ‘Glee’, ‘Mad Men’, ‘Nurse Jackie’ and so on…

  3. Just watched the first 5 mins on iPlayer. Seems good but… superskinny Shane-lookalike photographer living in NY having sex with a model half way through a photoshoot. Very relatable everyday lesbian! We’ve all been there.

    The show does look good though… I will be watching.

  4. I would not have guessed this was primarily about portraying a realistic picture of the everyday life of an average lesbian.
    However, I did find it very enjoyable.

  5. Didn;t totally rock my boat, nor do I know many whose live’s were reflected but I think it’s a grower, I was growing more enthused as it went on. America do seem to do this sort of thing so much better than us though. will carry on watching but don;t think it’s quite the ‘British L Word’ that we were all expecting (and wanting)

  6. It’s entertaining enough. Authentic? No. Almost everyone in it is super-skinny, gorgeous and white.

  7. “One dimensional dysfunctional sex crazed BBC vision of lesbians.”

    Ummm, there’s something wrong with that? …. Apart from the BBC bit? …

    Well I enjoyed it :-(

    (Just by the way: Lou and Tess are not “girlfriends” and they are not “having relationship problems”. They only just met and have only had sex the once. Lou the TV presenter is still pretending to be straight. No doubt they WILL have relationship problems but they haven’t yet …)

  8. @ Val – superskinny Shane lookalike – exactly right. She is so based on Shane. With maybe a dash of the Aiden Gillen character from Queer as Folk thrown in.

  9. Didn’t watch, so shouldn’t really comment but was intrigued that the only 2 scenes worth mentioning were the sex ones. I’m sure if there was a male version of handsome guys dropping their knickers all the time then I’m sure it would be a sure hit as well with us guys… who cares about reality when you can have a glimpse at flesh!… I wonder if this is the real LGBT protrayal on TV that Stonewall was seeking?

  10. I liked it. Just watched it. Frankie is well…erm…a reason to watch again, obviously the Shane type :D. Tess is the funny one, always getting into trouble, similar to Alice. Cat is funny too, and the tragic one, struggling to get over her past relationship and trying to date again.

    Well worth a watch.

  11. Watched it – loved it – will tune in again

    Being a guy I am not qualified to say if its every day lesbian life in Glasgow . . . but if it were representative – would it be as entertaining.

    I agree about it being too white . . . and that is not my experience of Glasgow.

  12. “who cares about reality when you can have a glimpse at flesh!…”

    I agree with this, and I agree Tess is the Alice type :-)

  13. I thought it was a good program.. but when she auditions very badly for the face creame her necklace moves around and is not een there a few times between shots.. made me laugh

  14. I watched the first episode last night, and I couldn’t stand it. None of the characters were likeable, and I’m not happy with the fact that all the characters are either female and gay, male and straight, or female and seemingly straight until they’re around a lesbian for 5 minutes.

    Cat and Tess were the only characters I was remotely interested in. I found Frankie to be a rather detestable Shane knock-off, and making her Bi just jars when she seems like she otherwise can’t stand men.

    Also, I don’t know what lesbians Harriet Braun knows, but the ones I know (myself and my wife included) don’t usually go around mentioning how we’re gay every 5 minutes.

  15. It’s a self indulgent program. Nothing like any lesbian I have ever met. Acting is
    Mediocre at best. Although I will watch and pray it gets better. Characters have been cloned from the L word and I cannot believe this is the best our writers can do!!

    Every two minutes there was a gay or lesbian reference. I mean come on!! Like the target audience won’t know they are gay. I am glad the uk are stepping up to produce something but I could write better. Any other writers care to join me??

  16. I thought it was too stereotypical and too much like the L word, and having a character that’s like shane doesn’t help… we need a bit of diviersity i think!

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