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Jane Lynch, Colin Firth and Martina Navratilova shortlisted for Stonewall awards

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Reader comments

  1. Martina Navritalova? You mean the woman who spoke out for marriage equality and then left her partner of 20+ years, PENNILESS, for another woman and then went to court to claim that her partner had no right to their estate because, according to state law, they weren’t REALLY married?

    Oh yeah, I forgot, we’re talking about STONEWALL.

    Martina’s the PERFECT choice if you are looking to honour STONEWALL’S anti-marriage equality values.

  2. They should also honour Melissa Ethridge for doing the exact same thing to her wife and the mother of her children.

    Marriage, marriage, marriage, wife, wife, wife until the day she left her and then it was “but, but, but, by LAW we aren’t REALLY married. She’s a legal stranger to me! I still want a relationship with the kids, I just don’t want to have to spend any of my bazillions of dollars supporting them.”

    She’s got Stonewall written all over her!

  3. Hayden, Melissa Etheridge never married her former partner either. I believe they were in a domestic partnership similar to a civil partnership but which both straights and gays are allowed to enter into. Jane Lynch however did actually get married to her partner recently in Massachussetts, the first state in America to legalise same-sex marriage. Amazing that we in the UK can’t get married anywhere in our own country. At least America has five states where you can do just that.

  4. Martina was not with that woman for 20 years only 7 years and if you had read some of your tabloids you know that woman was in a fake marriage for five years of her relationship with Martina as she said but we really do not know if that is the truth because she is one big liar, I do not think you can marry one man and one woman at the same time, so Martina was right it was not a marriage. Martina Navratilova settled a couple of months ago so she is not penniless unfortunately as Martina says I choose my friends better then my partners they probably pick her for the wrong reasons only the money. It is time some lady choose Martina for herself, and if Martina did not earn this award who then? Garet Thomas was married to a woman althought he knew he was gay does he deserve this award. People in the US said to Martina go marry you will get your citizenship faster (she was for 6 years without a country) yet she did not do that.

  5. If Stonewall haven’t clarified their position on marriage equality before this awards dinner, then they can expect massive protests from the LGBT community.

    Stonewall are a f***ing disgrace, thanks to the digusting treachery of Ben Summerskill.

    Stonewall have zero legitimacy or credibility and have no mandate from the LGBT community.

    Why has that traitor Ben Summerskill not been nominated for ‘Bigot of the year’ thanks to his efforts to deny LGBT people marriage equality.

    Why has Summerskill not been fired yet.

    Well roll on these awards. The protests will be fun.

  6. if you’re famous and stonewall can get some headlines and fundraising mileage out of ya, then you’ll get nominated and you’ll win! rocket science it aint. where are the protests?

  7. At the V+A Museum on Thursday November 5th – that’s the location of these absurd awards being held by the homophobic bigots at Stonewall.

    I wonder will that vile traitor Ben Summerskill have the nerve to show his 2-faces?

    I hope some of the people who show up for their awards show up and condemn Stonewall for its homophobic opposition to marriage equality.

    or at least call for the immediate sacking of Ben Summerskill.

    Even if Stonewall decides to start supporting LGBT equality; Summerskill still has to go.

    His betrayal of the LGBT community at the LibDem conference has massively (and irreparably) damaged Stonewall.

    Stonewall cannot be trusted on ANY issue until they become a LOT more transparent in terms of how they decide their agenda and who they are answerable to.

  8. Sorry that should have read Thursday November 4th at the V+A museum in London.

    I’m sure Pink News doesn’t want to be associated with the protest against Stonewall. Which is fair enough.

    So keep an eye on Facebook.

    It is absolutely essential that a clear message is sent to the political parties and the media, that Stonewall has utterly lost the support and respect of the LGBT community, thanks to their treacherous behaviour on the subject of marriage equality.

    Ben Summerskill inventing the figure of £5 billion as the price of marriage and CP equality was the most despicable and shameful thing he could have done.

    If we want equality then we cannot allow Stonewall to engage in this type of underhand, homophobic campaigning.

    Summerskill must be fired and / or Stonewall must disband.

  9. Stonewall awards no longer have the validity they used to have, due to Stonewall’s failure to represent the views of the Lesbian and Gay community regarding our right to same-sex marriage.

    So let Stonewall trumpet who it may award or not, Stonewall is only blowing its own trumpet.

  10. Every nomination is rubbish, more stonewall rubbish thinking they are important. Just wish they would clarify their position and say if they will support lgbt people or not, and then honour real lgbt heroes mr thatchel , sir Ian , the late mrs rayner.

    But no they want to honour glee. A show built on stereotype, miming and the murder of a journey classic, Steve perry should shoot them all.

    Also how two faced wanting to do best broadcaster when they recently did the report slagging them off.

    Stonewall truly sucks

  11. Yes, Stonewall is a disgrace.
    Joe McElderberry, for example, did S.F.A. to deserve nomination. He was outed, now he’s out. To suggest he’s deserving of ‘hero of the year’ is an insult to the real heroes fighting for LGBT rights tooth and nail.

    Colin Firth is certainly a curveball nomination. A Single Man is amongst the first films with a gay plot to be marketed to a general audience, though I think Tom Ford is probably more deserving of credit for that. It does represent a revolutionary change in LGBT characters’ place in cinema, representing a massive swing towards mainstream access to LGBT themes, which is great news and a step on the road to mainstream acceptance given the pervasiveness of the media in people’s lives. That is, if sexuality is presented as no big deal, it won’t be.

  12. If Martina and Melissa were famous wealthy men who did to their partners what these women did to theirs, NO ONE would be defending them and talking about “only 7 years” or pointing out technicalities about their “marriages”.

    Again, Martina is the perfect choice to promote Stonewall values. George Michael is fresh out of jail. Maybe he’ll be available for an award too. And since Americans are eligible, don’t forget Ken Mehlman, Roy Ashburn and Bishop Eddie Long.

    Jane Lynch and Collin Firth are too good for Stonewall and should consider removing their names from consideration. Who wants to be honoured by an organization that is stonewalling full gay civil rights?

  13. TBH if I were Ben Summerskill I’d be pretty embarrassed when they come to the Bigot of the Year Award.

  14. I wonder what stonewall’s criteria were? People who were more gay friendly than it was? People who have made less homophobic comments and decisions than it has in the last year? It can’t be eithr of these. If it were, then virtually the whole of the gay community would be up for an award.
    After their recent gaffe, who cares what they think?

  15. Stonewall? Isn’t the organisation that stonewalls pleas for gay marriage? Or was that a mistake? No, sorry, the mistake was Ben Summerskill – and his puppeteers. Steady, Ben, don’t start defending gay equality: you’ll get your strings in a twist.

  16. ‘Bigot of the Year’? Haven’t they missed someone off the list??

    Starts with ‘B’, ends with ‘en Summerskill’

  17. @7 marcus wrote
    “I wonder will that vile traitor Ben Summerskill have the nerve to show his 2-faces?”
    Funny you mentioned the 2-faces Marcus… perhaps it’s because Ben Summerskill is a twin, I think from memory his twin sister is called Clare? (but I’d need to check that) and anyway she’s a stage performer, a standup comic. Maybe that explains why Ben is such a joke.

  18. Andrew Godfrey 13 Oct 2010, 12:02am

    Many people here feel passionately about Stonewall’s lack of support for marriage equality – why not write to the award nominees and ask them whether they feel able to accept an award from an LGB equality organisation that doesn’t support equality?

    Sample letter and (publicly available) contact details under the link

  19. Thanks for that link. I think on your website you also have something which has been sent out to supporters asking them to rate whether they think CPs should be made into mariages

    I recently had an email from them addressed to me as dear supporter but haven’t receive anything like the above survey you mentioned.

    The word “supporters” again appears in this artilce when it comes to voting for the bigots of the year. Who are these supporters who are allowed to vote on surveys etc while emails are sent to “supporters” without any voting options…

    The whole org is a mystery… If I was one of the people up for an award I think I would refuse to attend rather be linked with this org…. my only hope is that one of the judges or award winners will speak out against Stonewall…

  20. I suspect that this awards ceremony will turn out to be a PR disaster for the homophobes of the Stonewall Group.

    F*** them.

    They are past their sell by date. It’s time Stonewall was replaced by an organisation which believes in LGBT equality.

  21. Note no nominaion for pinknews, the winner of the first Stonewall award 4 years ago. Presumably, the publications honoured are not those that pose legitimate questions to Stonewall. The awards clearly go to those that follow Stonewall’s agenda or are they just random?

  22. Well, it’s already a given who Bigot/Villain of the Year will be, isn’t it. Step forward one Ben Zeroskills…

  23. Surely the Bigot of the Year should go to The Pope? What, not even a nomination? Probably the biggest threat to gay people the world over?
    AA Gill, puerile jokes aside, is actually a strong supporter of gay rights.
    Stonewall seriously need someone who knows what they’re talking about to do the noms.

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