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Video: Vince Vaughn film trailer axed over ‘electric cars are gay’ joke

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Reader comments

  1. He should know better.

    Some real stars like Brad Pitt would refuse to say the line.

    Don’t know why he is such a big star anyway. If this scene remains in the film there should be complaints

  2. I remember when I was a child that Fairy’s danced around the Fairy Glades, happy free and gay(!) Ooops, sorry that was a disco in Brighton in the early 1980’s ……..:-)

  3. john(derbyshire) 11 Oct 2010, 1:23pm

    I complained to Channel 4 about an episode of The In-Betweeners where one of the characters had a naff car bought for him by his parents as an 18th.birthday present. The care was subsequently referred to as a “gay car” then “a paedophile car” then “a shit car” then “a crap car” by various of the characters. When I complained to Channel 4 about the association of the word gay with “paedophile””shit””and “crap”they replied that “Channel 4 takes all viewers complaints seriously and your comments wil be seen by all members of the production team”. Several weeks later they repeated the series-and yes-you guessed-the derogatory words were still there!

  4. Thomas, FloriDuh, US 11 Oct 2010, 1:31pm

    It is SO passed time for those who use gays or the word “gay” (or worse) in films as a way to get cheap laughs to stop. I have always found it offensive and playing a part in giving approval to ultimately hate gays by dehumanizing us. I know there are others who disagree but until the day occurs when we have equal rights and respect than we just cannot accept this. Sadly, in the USA we are a long ways away from that… Amazing how they wouldn’t dare attempt to do this by replacing the word “gay” with “blacks” or “Jews”.

  5. Guys, perhaps Vince Vaughan is playing a fictional character in the film. Perhaps one who isn’t 100% admirable.

    Just a thought…

  6. I just don’t care, I don’t see it as offensive, I actually find it funny there’s no offence meant and it’s true.

    @John that is offensive as it’s drawing a level comparison toeing gay with peadophillia which is horrid

    @Thomas I agree. It’s a meh way to get laughs but some people just use it as language sure I’d rather they didn’t but in this case I Dunno I just don’t care it’s weird.

    I don’t even like the guy but I wouldent get mad at him for this I would for crap films

  7. And as long as TV and movies use gay to describe things that are ‘crap’ the long kids will think it’s OK and the bullying will go on and more kids will end up killing themselves.

  8. its funny within its own context…and remember guys…ITS A MOVIE

  9. I bet this was deliberately done to gain free publicity for this B movie.

  10. I find it offensive. I don’t care if it’s a funny film or a fictional character, the term gay is being used as a substitute for the word ‘rubbish’. The fact that people understand the word gay to mean ‘rubbish’ is worrying. And stupid films like this continue the use of the word in that offensive context. I’ve never watched vince vaughn in one of his ‘crap’ films, and I never will, they’re not gay enough. (gay meaning cool, instead of rubbish)

  11. Scott Rieser 11 Oct 2010, 10:10pm

    “remember guys…ITS A MOVIE” Yeah right. Because nobody actually watches movies. And nobody copies what characters in movies do. There have been some idiotic statements on here, but “remember guys…It’s a MOVIE” wins the Self-Defeating Award of the Year for me. Movies are incredibly influential, and while some of you may be so mentally strong that you aren’t offended by casual homophobia, maybe try to step outside of your tiny little self-absorbed lives, just for a second or two and imagine what it’s like to be a scared 16 year old, receiving death threats at school for being gay. Or maybe someone whose pastor is telling her that she’ll go to hell if she’s gay. Or maybe someone who got punched in the face for being gay. You may feel that a comment like “it’s so gay” has nothing to do with those incidents. You’re wrong. It’s all related. Bullying begins with the small things. The exclusions and the name calling behind the backs. And it escalates to physical attacks and suicides. The homophobic statement “It’s so gay” now means that young people have NO POSITIVE WORD that describes their sexual identity. The only word that they have now means lame.

    The people who can’t see anything wrong with “it’s so gay” need to snap out of their complacency. It is meant to be offensive. It is meant as an attack on gay people. This is a war kids. The homophobes are clever and they are winning. How many more of us have to die before you realise that.

  12. (the real) Ian Bower 12 Oct 2010, 9:43am

    Could be worse, he could have referred to the car as a Renault Megane…ouch.

  13. The noted closet-case lesbian Queen Latifah is also in this movie.

    You’d think that she of all people would have realised that to use the word gay to mean crap, was inappropriate.

    Then again she’s too cowardly even to come out so, there’s no point in relying on her to have any integrity.

  14. I’m just amazed by the amount of forehead that Vince Vaughn appears to have in that picture. Is he part Klingon?

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