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New York governor candidate Carl Paladino attacks homosexuality

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Reader comments

  1. He says he wouldn’t want his young children to see a gay pride march, but would he want them to see the upset his having a child with his mistress has undoubtedly caused his wife?

  2. Jess Conrad 11 Oct 2010, 5:01pm


  3. People like this are really starting to get on my nerves. It’s attitudes like this which are responsible for gay youngsters killing themselves. He is one seriously sick individual.

  4. another homophobic religious loon who spouts nonsense
    and then some don’t see how religion and suicide is linked

  5. “Mr Paladino, who had three children with his wife and one with his mistress”

    Oh laughed out loud at that so much. Obviously not ashamed to admit that he can’t kept it in his pants.

  6. PumpkinPie 11 Oct 2010, 5:47pm

    Today, Mr Paladino gave interviews in which he stood by Sunday’s remarks and said that he and his wife had once happened upon a Pride march in Toronto.

    Sorry, which one? I’m finding it hard to keep up with this man’s dysfunctional lifestyle. :p

  7. What an arse, a bigot, a homophobe and a hyporcite!!!

    He’s against homosexuals, the “homosexual agenda”, homosexual equality…. but it’s ok, he’s got homo-folk working for him…. ah, that’s ok then….. NOT!!!

    What an arse

  8. marjangles 11 Oct 2010, 6:45pm

    Fortunately he has about as much chance of getting elected as governor of New York as I do. Unfortunately, people like this are set to be elected to governorships and elected as senators and congressmen throughout the US next month. The Tea Party are very much NOT pro-gay.

  9. Here’s a little cautionary news article for the likes of Govenor Paladino – when you announce your homophobia to the world you’d better be sure you know who you’re talking about…
    So adultery’s OK so long as the offspring aren’t gay? Is this the moral line we’re taking now? I pity his poor nephew, and I pity his poor wife.
    He should meet Iris Robinson, I’m sure they’d have a lot in common.

  10. He also stated that he’s for family values…..hmmmm, like having sex with a mistress and having a child with her. Family values? NOT! The day a straight can be brainwashed into being gay will be the day Paladino has any credence. He’s the new face of the Republican party in America. What is ironic is he was addressing a group of orthodox Jewish rabbis who applauded his speech. Of all people, they should know better what happens to a minority when outrageous speeches are allowed to go unchecked. Shame on them for fanning the flames of hatred and discrimination. How embarrassing for America and what does that say about the Republicans in general. They’ve been rather silent and I would assume their silence gives consent.

  11. “Mr Paladino, who had three children with his wife and one with his mistress, ”

    Ah, so I presume he’ll be lining up to be stoned to death then? That’s what the Bible says should happen to adulterers. Oh, I forgot! He’s straight so that’s OK.

    And i do wish religious bigots stop going on about ‘one man, one woman’ when the OT is full of god-honouring men who had more than one wife. Of course, Mr Paladino seems quite keen to pursue this, it seems…

  12. By his own definition he is ‘ugly’ and ‘horrible’, which is how he describes anti-gay discrimination. Firstly he says he thinks homosexuality is wrong, then he says he’s not homophobic. That’s brainless and stupid.
    A bit like someone saying they oppose the Jewish agenda, that there is nothing to be proud of being a dysfunctional Jew, or that Jews shouldn’t be allowed to brainwash children into thinking that Jewishness is an equally valid or successful option. And then saying they weren’t anti-semitic. Hitler used to say things like that about Jews, which makes it more embarrassing that a rabbi wrote the speech.
    He’ll make a very successful republican candidate.

  13. WHEN will these imbeciles ever realise that a decent-sized proportion of the children they attempt to ‘save’ from the ‘teachings of homosexuality’ WILL be gay THEMSELVES, with or without exposure to a talk on homosexuality in the classroom.


    Hell, what does he think teaching kids about being gay will involve? Onscreen barebacking between a bunch of muscle daddies or just simply a bit of a chat about two men loving one another like a man and a lady? Dog, these people are OTT it’s unbelievable.

    Plus I could argue HE has shifty eyes. Ergo, he’s obviously totally evil and not to be trusted.

  14. The guy’s a lunatic – The more he continues with his hypocritical nonsense, the more he’ll be exposed for the moron that he is. The following makes for interesting reading…

  15. religious freak.

  16. Good on you, Mr Paladino! With so many Republicans being right-wing bigots, it leaves a very clear voting choice for those people who are not! In New York State , that means the Democrats will win in a landslide!

  17. Same boring & faux-moralistic claptrap from yet another vile & adulterous hypocrite.

  18. He looks like the Bond villian Blofeld.

    on a side note, the only brainwashing taking place is that of the religious kind.

  19. PeterinSydney 12 Oct 2010, 8:05am

    What a hoorible man!!! Could anyone vote for this fellow. America produces the best and the worst.

  20. Heterosexually incontinent Paladino attacks homosexuality. Whatever will he attack next?
    Will it be people who don’t look like they have a mouthful of their mistress’s pubic hair… the way that he appears to?
    I think he should spit it out.
    Go floss Paladino!

  21. (the real) Ian Bower 12 Oct 2010, 9:39am

    one word; JEW,

  22. swap gay for Jew black woman White lesbian bisexual. all bigots are the same at heart. anyone who hates will hate somehing about you too

  23. Paladino “Of homosexuality, he said: “That’s not how God created us and that’s not the example that we should be showing our children.”

    Quite, really we should be surgically removing ribs out of male students and magicking them into help-meets for them just exactly the way Clod did with Madam
    (That’s after first having paraded all the beasts in front of Madam to see if any of them might have suited him just as well).

  24. Bill Stickers 12 Oct 2010, 11:08am

    Grandpa Munster lookalike…check it out:

  25. For that matter, of heterosexuality:
    That’s not how God created us and that’s not the example that we should be showing our children in schools.
    No, according to the tedious legend, God created Adam and Eve fully grown, they were not created or grown in the uterus.

  26. It must be so much fun to work for him if you are lesbian or gay. In fact, it must be a barrel of laughs for everybody.

  27. The USA is becoming a backward country.
    Real shame.
    Democrats have let themselves become impotent in the battle for progressive thought and action.

  28. Why hasn’t this man been charged with inciting hatred? Doesnt the United Sttaes protect it’s citizens?

  29. Ian, “becoming a backward country? It already is, sadly. Electing right wing nutters like that speaks volumes about a society. They’d fit in well with the BNP mindset. So much for the supposed greatest country on earth that has no semblance of equality for LGBT people at the national level. Absolutely shameful.

  30. the us has peaked the dollar will no longer be used for petrol transactions and china will ne getting rid of the reserves and the less influential the us becomes the more right wing and facist it will become.

  31. Peter In Brisbane 12 Oct 2010, 8:03pm

    Noted are the hooded cold eyes and the pursed lips that say, take that homo. Reminds us of the Italian Mafia.
    So he has conned the Rabbi’s and the Jewish community into filling his brown paper bag with mountains of cash, and of course they will want a dividend for their investment. Can’t help thinking he has the same evil lear on his face as Colonel Ratzinger.

  32. Indeed America is a backwoods country…..when I travel abroad, I often tell people that I’m from Canada. I NEVER stand for or recite the pledge of allegiance and have absolutely no sense of patriotism. Why should I, my country doesn’t respect me or afford me equal rights and protection. Nutsacks like these are the norm and not the exception……..

  33. Bill Stickers 13 Oct 2010, 4:56am

    Check out Republican candidate Carl Paladino’s big but
    “I’m not a bigot… BUT”

  34. wonder if as a good jew, he reads his bible then? Ok, we get punished, but then again he gets stoned for adultary too! You can’t pick and choose which bits you like; its not a menu!!!

  35. why is the US so backwards on homosexuality? the country is full of religious extremists turned politicians!

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