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Gay MPs Stephen Twigg and Chris Bryant on Labour front bench

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  1. Chris Bryant freaks me out with his right wing Blairite views and scary gormless looks. Keep him out of the spotlight please Ed Miliband he is an embarrassment.

  2. Chris Bryant is a Common Purpose graduate and THAT is what freaks me out about him. Do your research. Google ‘Common Purpose’ and discover how this registered charity is ‘grooming tomorrow’s leaders’ with subversive NLP/brainwashing techniques with the end game of imprisoning us all in a European Federal superstate, and eventually a one-world government. I’d like to wipe that smirking grin of Bryant’s face, and all the rest of the Marxist Fabians who manipulated the mess we are now in with the objective of pulling the rug from under our feet and microchipping us to a central world bank. Their aim is to enslave us all by 2016, and all the corrupt nations of the West have been playing the same game. That’s why they are all in the same mess too. They answer to a pyramid structure hierarchy and it is the few at the top who are pulling the strings. The news is out there if you will bother to drag yourselves from X Factor for a few moments to look. Not on the BBC Propaganda news channels, of course, but dedicated web sites that don’t shirk from telling the truth. It is time we, the people, fought back and rounded up the scoundrels and traitors who pass for Parliament and gave them all what’s coming to them.

  3. Kirsty, I watched a David Icke documentary on youtube last night for a laugh. Your global conspiracy idea sounds just like his. You don’t think Chris is a lizard do you?

  4. Steady on there Leo. David Icke was (in)famously warning of our financial enslavement and the microchipping of humanity 20 years ago. Seems he he has been pretty much bang on the buck in most of his predictions, and today his lectures command packed auditoriums globally as humanity gradually awakens from its docile slumber:

  5. Barry Copping 4 Nov 2010, 3:32pm

    Sloppy writing!

    Paragraph 1 should read: [Gay Labour MPs Stephen Twigg and Chris Bryant will return to Labour’s front benches as SHADOW junior ministers.]

    Paragraph 3 should read: [The reshuffle was announced last night and new leader Ed Miliband gave out SHADOW ministerial jobs to 23 of Labour’s 66 new MPs.]

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