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Britain ‘more comfortable’ with homosexuality but two-thirds of gay students are bullied

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Reader comments

  1. I was just about to mention that as well!

    Also on the topic of the actual article, “more comfortable” isn’t very convincing diction. One could argue just as easily with vague wording that Britain is getting more homophobic or will, or that immensely homophobic countries could use this wording to seem more innocent.

  2. Whilst we have become more easily open and out since the 1980’s when I was a handsome young thing(!), we also have to look to our new found rights and use them or lose them! The fact our LGBT kids are still suffering in the playground and on face book etc is a disgrace and should be clamped down upon as with racism!

  3. See, I don’t think that anyone should take these stats as gospel. I always find that the inherent problem in them is that they can be dangerously unrepresentative and can be used to point to all manner of outcomes.

    It’s true, in my experience Britian has become more open minded and more indifferent towards homosexuality but I doubt that any school gives much mind to homosexuality and LGBT students.

  4. A great change in the attitude of those who are over 55 (from 70% to 40%). Much less of a change among the young (25% to 15%). I’m certain the American-led homophobia (on YouTube and in ‘music’), together with the BBC’s decision that making fun of ‘poofs’ and debating the execution of homosexuals is OK again is helping to shore up bigoted attitudes among the young and is adding to bullying.

  5. for heaven sake bullying and homophobia is/ can be an issue for many and is still widespread -it just that we still DONT report it.

  6. Trevor Philip’s what does he know ?? he’s a pure plonker at the best of times. No wonder cuts are coming to the ECHR as well as other departments not fit for purpose. TRevor Philip’s, go to hell

  7. This is uncalled for. We are in a new era, these acts, or I believe to be crimes, need to end. And it needs to happen fast. And it dosent happen in one place, it happens everywhere. Here in the U.S, 7 kids, yes, children who were only middle school took their lives in the month of october, in the most unbeleivable ways, because they seen themselves out of place in the world because of their sexuality. They were bullied to no extent, and reached their breaking point. Its a shame. How long will this go on?

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