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11 October 2010

  • 11th October 2010

    Nine New York gang members accused of torturing gay men

    The attack shocked New York

    5:23 PM — Nine gang members in New York have been accused of a shocking anti-gay attack in which three men were tied up, tortured and sodomised.

  • ‘Fresh start’ for freed George Michael 4

    George Michael said he wanted to make a fresh start

    4:46 PM — George Michael said today that he wanted to make a fresh start and stop "running" from the media. The 47-year-old was freed this morning after serving half of an eight-week sentence for crashing his car under the influence of cannabis.

  • New York governor candidate Carl Paladino attacks homosexuality 35

    Carl Paladino said he was not a bigot

    4:44 PM — The Republican candidate for New York governor, Carl Paladino, has denied he is a bigot after criticising homosexuality. Speaking at a meeting of Orthodox Jewish leaders in Brooklyn on Sunday, Mr Paladino warned that children were being "brainwashed" into thinking that homosexuality is valid.

  • Sir Ian McKellen to promote anti-homophobia campaign in schools 22

    Sir Ian McKellen will tour schools and give assemblies.

    2:50 PM — Sir Ian McKellen, one of the founders of gay charity Stonewall, will tour schools across the country on the charity's behalf. The Lord of the Rings actor is to give assemblies and meet pupils throughout the next three months to promote Stonewall's campaign against homophobic bullying.

  • Gay MPs Stephen Twigg and Chris Bryant on Labour front bench 5

    Chris Bryant is now a junior shadow justice minister

    2:20 PM — Gay Labour MPs Stephen Twigg and Chris Bryant will return to Labour's front benches as junior ministers. Both missed out on places in the shadow cabinet.

  • Video: Vince Vaughn film trailer axed over ‘electric cars are gay’ joke 15

    Vince Vaughn in a still from the original trailer

    11:31 AM — Universal Pictures has dropped a trailer for a new Vince Vaughn film which calls electric cars "gay". In the trailer for The Dilemma, Vaughn is seen addressing a boardroom and saying: "Electric cars are gay. Not homosexual gay, but my-parents-are-chaperoning-the-dance gay."

  • Britain ‘more comfortable’ with homosexuality but two-thirds of gay students are bullied 7

    Bullying remains an issue for gay students

    11:03 AM — Britain has become substantially more comfortable with homosexuality in the last 20 years but homophobic bullying remains a problem for students. According to a report by the Equality and Human Rights Commission, How Fair is Britain?, two-thirds of lesbian, gay and trans students have suffered homophobic bullying and 17 per cent have received death threats.

  • George Michael freed from jail 4

    George Michael was freed from jail today

    10:57 AM — Gay pop star George Michael was freed from jail today after serving half of his sentence for driving and drug offences. The 47-year-old was jailed for eight weeks last month and was released from Category C prison Highpoint, in Suffolk, this morning.

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