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Video: First Belgrade pride march since 2001 marred by violence

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Reader comments

  1. like the bible says due on 2 other as u wish done un2 u

    so throw a petrol bombs at us that means u want us to throw one back at u, treat us like sh it that means they want us 2 treat them the same .

    we should not stand 4 this any more we have 2 b treated like humans or just fight 4 it don’t beg 4 something that should b ours in the first place

  2. Hodge Podge 10 Oct 2010, 10:15pm

    This is why we need prides in the UK still.

  3. what is the difference between the christian and the taliban
    not a thing they r both a terrorist group

  4. Peter In Brisbane 11 Oct 2010, 6:35am

    Scientists should capture skinheads and right wing thugs, Y Chromosomes.
    As for the fundamentalists, they have created God in their own mean-spirited, frighted and humourless image. The only pleasure they seem to feel is self-righteous indignation.
    Their Church Steeples look more and more like Missile Silos.
    The poor old Orthodox Priests, still steeped in old world superstition, stand behind the herd urging them on to burn and hang or mug.

  5. How sad, and displays there are still many people of there full of hate. How brave all those people are who marched for gay rights.


  6. Jock S. Trap 11 Oct 2010, 8:30am

    What a surprise.. religion sides with thugs to make their point. Says it all really. How pathetic these people are. Setting fire to a building just proves that this had nothing to do with Pride but more like it was used as an excuse to create as much trouble as their little pea sized brains could handle.

    We must hold the tradition of Prides here and the rest of the world to show not just rights of Freedom but to show that no matter how much hate and discrimination those vile religious creeps and thugs throw at us they will NEVER win!

    Thankfully those small minded people become a tiny minority before going back to their caves. It’s time religion in general did the same. Let the decent open minded people lead the way to a better much more progressive side of humanity and a much better world.

  7. I was in Serbia less than 2 weeks ago and was appalled at the number of homophobic graffiti (Death to queers and so on) all over the city I was in.

  8. There are Serbian Orthodox churches in London, howabout we take our protests to them! I certainly will, in my own way.

  9. As has been said before, this is why we need pride here and elsewhere in the world. It shows us standing together, in solidarity.

    Religion is always going to side against us on the whole. We stand for everything is detests to a large extent and fear and supersition can be a very powerful tool to wield.

    We will fight, we will stay and we will punch, kick and scream our way into total acceptance and not one small-minded priest, thug or would be vandal will stand in our way.

    Come and get it people, we’re happy to dish it out.

  10. never let pride die – not anywhere – never take it for granted – not anytime – it’s good to see the brave police protecting the gays – the law is on our side – so time to say thanks to the people in uniforms

  11. Sarah Wills 30 Oct 2010, 3:44pm

    Just wrong. We all thought aids would rid us of poofs but that failed as some also sleep with normal people.

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