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Serbian Orthodox Church issues anti-Pride statement ahead of Sunday’s parade in Belgrade

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Reader comments

  1. Dave North 8 Oct 2010, 4:17pm

    Stick your so called christian values up yer @rse.

    Oh, how I hate religion……..GRRRRRRRRR

  2. These narrow-minded people with their narrow lives have obviously never heard of the Quakers or the Metropolitan Community Church or the many other Christian denominations which fully embrace people of all sexualities.

  3. Greetings from a Quaker lesbian in Belgrade who would like Dave North to know that this so called “traditional” and homophobic interpretation of the Bible is highly selective and theologically challenged. Just because some religious people are homophobic and shamefully use their religion to justify their homophobia does *not* make it true even within their own terms.

    This is *not* Christianity v Homosexuality this is homophobic Christians mis-using their religion to justify homophobia.

    I am suffering for the cause over a Mojito in central Belgrade waiting to meet Belgrade’s only Quaker, who turns out to have “gaydar” but is a little too nervous to attend the parade.

    Dave, whatever your own religious feelings or otherwise please do *not* confuse religion with homophobia, that is simply a victory for homophobic Christians who are ignorant and misled. The theological arguments against a homophobic interpretation of the Bible are absolutely overwhelming, whether or not we sign up to Christian or any other theology.

    Quakers in the UK have sent greetings to LGBT in Serbia and their greetings for a happy PRIDE and they will be delivered at a Belgrade PRIDE 2010 event this weekend.

  4. E Gordon – Thank you, a good post.
    I am also a Quaker (though an agnostic re. actual beliefs)and entirely agree that Christian homophobia is irrational and selective nonsense.
    The irony about the Orthodox Church is that there is evidence that they honoured and blessed same-sex couples more and for a longer period than the Western Church before homophobia finally overwhelmed Christian societies in the later Middle Ages. Now the Serbian Church says we are a violation of Christianity’s ‘most sacred values’. Sums up the path a lot of religion has gone down – arbitrary sexual taboos matter more than anything else.

  5. Dr Robin Guthrie 8 Oct 2010, 8:52pm

    Who the hell cares about which religion is this and which religion is that.

    My God. Your God. My religions history. Your religions History.
    Other religions histories.

    All bollocks.

    Just stop it.

  6. Dr Robin, I think I love you.

  7. Peter In Brisbane 8 Oct 2010, 11:11pm

    This is the nature of the Serbian Orthodox Church — They are flat-earthers who believe in a flat heaven where, god forbid, you’ll spend all eternity re-united with dead relatives.
    The madder the hypothesis, the more frenzied the conviction. Which leads to breathtaking levels of dottiness and intolerance. Because they cannot, dare debate their beliefs, they must defend them to the death, preferably yours.
    Yeah! Ignorance is ignorance. It doesn’t matter how much you call it ‘holy’, poke Palms at it, throw water at it or bless it, it’s still ignorance.

  8. Dr Robin Guthrie –
    I’m afraid it’s not that easy. Religions generally are ‘bollocks’, as you say, but they continue to have a deep influence on the attitudes and values of the societies they have shaped. They can’t just be ignored and it’s as well to be informed about them.

  9. the Serbian Orthodox Church has beliefs like child rape. Someone needs to expose the church!

  10. Har Davids 9 Oct 2010, 10:25pm

    Ratzinger must be eating his heart out; but in due time his Orthodox collegues will lose, just like he’s doing. Wish it could be speeded up, it would save the world a lot of trouble.

  11. it may be in a different country and the riots have already taken place – just a reminder to keep state strong. if schools and charities rely for financial reasons on churches – remember they rarely do it for free. ask any colonial country ‘given’ missionaries in exchange for what ? a belief system that restricts individual freedoms

    whichever party manages money in the uk – best not let them give too much power to churches otherwise hard earnt LGBT gains can be quickly lost.

    Serbia ain’t that far away ! never forget our past!

  12. Homophobia is largely religion-based and I think this is not just my impression. I’m afraid there is a reason for “confusing” religion with homophobia. Non homophobe religious people are the exception (and still I haven’t met one). Most christian and muslim denominations are homophobic. Some are worse, some are better, very few are non homophobic and let’s face it, it’s in the “holy” scripture; you have to be deluding yourself if you say you’re gay and you’re OK with the Bible because you have an “alternate interpretation”.

    Speakin of Serbia, it is not a random fact that not a single christian-orthodox country has managed to pass an anti-discrimination sexual-orientation related law or something like a civil union (marriage would be out of the question). The orthodox church is far more powerful in these countries (Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Russia etc.).

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