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Ozzy Osbourne ‘disgusted’ by anti-gay church’s use of his music at protest

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Reader comments

  1. 21stCenturySpirituality 8 Oct 2010, 5:56pm

    The sooner this hate cult gets banned from public events and private events such as funerals the better in my view. Freedom of speech my foot.

  2. I can’t agree with you, 21stCenturySpirituality – even – perhaps especially – hateful speech should be free.
    So should satirical and mocking speech, even if no actual words are involved. I would be in favour of a very noisy brass band comprising people in drag, Walt Disney animal costumes and/or plain stark naked turning up at Westboro Baptist Church events to drown out their hateful drivel and to stand in front of their posters with large bunches of pink balloons. Perhaps not entirely tasteful for funerals but infinitely better than what the Phelps brigade spews out.

  3. Stuart Grout 8 Oct 2010, 6:40pm

    I’ve got to admire the restraint people are showing these clowns.

    My instant reaction would be less than peaceful if they did this over here, but then if it was in the UK they’d at least be arrested for behaviour likely to cause a breach of the peace.

    Mind you the idea of any “christian” group using Ozzy’s music is crazy.

  4. Sharon!

  5. Did Fred Phelps bit the head off a bat in the end of the protest ?

  6. Robert (Kettering) 9 Oct 2010, 12:35am

    The way this lot keep banging on about Gays and Sexuality makes me terribly suspicious that deep down Fred Phelps may himself be Gay and in some sort of extreme denial? We see this time and again when you scratch away at the surface of extreme homophobes. I think at the end of the day Mr Phelps: “The Lady doth protesteth a [little] too much [perhaps]”?

  7. lady tanya 9 Oct 2010, 3:06am

    love you Ozzy & Sharon, how about comming up with a song about the homophbic & transphobic church, then make a video to go with the song, then play it every sunday out side there house on a big screen,
    Love to all Lady Tanya

  8. That’s what I call creative thinking, Lady Tanya.

  9. the opposite to love is indifference. this deep seated hatred only comes from repressed gay people in the end it’s the gay people we have to be wary of especially the closeted one who change once they’ve cum. don’t ask.

  10. This ‘all homophobes’ are closets idea in the comments is self hating and dangerous. It gives homophobes license to say that anyone in history, who they may want to distance themselves from, is/was a closet homosexual. I’ve heard it said about Hitler, Ratzinger, even Osa*a Bin Laden. It’s an easy scapegoat for people to pin all their misunderstanding on, and it’s homophobic. The fact is that phelps is a heterosexual. It is his heterosexuality that makes him a homophobe. So stop blaming your own sexuality for the cause of those who hate you.

    @ Dean, “in the end it’s the gay people we have to be wary of”…………Really? Do you know how homophobic that is?

  11. is that link supposed to prove something?

    5 homophobic bisexuals. Where are the gay people we should be wary of?

  12. you’re bi phobic. if a man has sex with a woman he can’t be gay in you opinion

  13. If you don’t stop bitching and arguing among yourselves cretins like Phelps will WIN!

  14. My respects for Ozzy just grew that much more today. Still pathetic to see those crazy hate mongers are running about though, why is it in North America that if you have good intentions, you can be stopped almost effortlessly, but if your a parading asshole you have all the rights in the world and no one can touch you?

    In the end, props to Ozzy for speaking up. In the end its only a matter of time before Fred Phelps and his gang mess with the wrong people. There is always a bigger fish out there.

  15. many gays have sex with women due to the homophobia of the world – this is especially true for older people who we’re never shown that it’s fine to be gay, lesbian, bi or even hetero!

  16. Leo –
    Phelps is not a homophobe because he is heterosexual. He is a homohobe because he is a mad religious bigot.

  17. yeah Leo you dumbass

  18. Dead, your tit for tat prattle just makes you come off as childish and detracts from your already dubious argument.

  19. @ Riondo, you’re right, he’s homophobic because he’s a (heterosexual) mad religious bigot. I was responding to dean who thinks that all homophobes are actually homosexuals in disguise (in the closet), which is why I focused on his sexuality – I think that dean’s idea – ” this deep seated hatred only comes from repressed gay people in the end it’s the gay people we have to be wary of” – is really stupid, self hating and homophobic. I mean, are all the thugs rioting in belgrade closet homosexuals – NO. Is it the ‘gay’s we have to be wary of’ – NO.

  20. 21stCenturySpirituality 11 Oct 2010, 3:11am

    Riondo if we dont challenge hate in some way where does it end? Do we wait until somebody gets assaulted or killed before we act to say enough is enough? At what stage does violence become unacceptable, and lets be clear about this – what these people do is a form of violence even it isnt neccessarily physical. Its tantamount to mental cruelty, especially what they do at funerals. If we do not demonstrate in some way that the prejudice, hatred, intolerance and indeed blasphemy these people foster and promote is not acceptable then what do they learn?

  21. 21stCenturySpirituality 11 Oct 2010, 5:27am

    Actually no, what these people do is worse than mental cruelty. Its emotional rape. And if you think that the way these people behave is acceptable and merits no penalty of any kind where exactly do you draw the line Riondo? Do you consider it acceptable for people to deny the Holocaust for instance? How offensive does something have to be for you before it becomes unacceptable?

  22. Leo how do you know there not? speaking from experience there are
    men who will have sex with men who don’t identify as gay and will do
    anything to keep that secret. they’re the ones you want to avoid or maybe not in your case

  23. Dean, you’re saying they all are. Some are, many are not. There is no reason to believe that Phelps is a closet homosexual. There is no reason to spout stuff like “it’s the gay people we have to be wary of”. Its simply not the case. I wouldn’t say we even have to be wary of Phelps, he’s far too extreme for anyone to give a crap about. Its the otherwise moderate Christian bigots that generally are the problem for gays at the moment.

  24. Yeah, all homophobes are bisexual in the same way that all racists are mixed race. Oh, er, hold on…

    Dumb-ass reasoning part nth.

  25. ugh…horrible people…well said Ozzy!!!

  26. I think Dean may be on to something – just not quite the right something. My suspicion is that this family’s (their church consists only of the Phelpses and those married to them)need to spew hatred at any and all who disagree with them, and to target queer and trans people especially, is down to a real fear of their own sexualities and deepest emotions.

    That doesn’t mean I think they’re gay; it means I think they have profound problems dealing with ANY sexuality in a healthy way, and that they’re desperately afraid of dealing with the abusive behaviour their patriarch inflicts on them, according to at least one estranged member –

    Where does all that violence and rage come from? I wouldn’t be surprised if Fred was abused as a kid (any form, from neglect to beatings) and just turned his rage out. Beating and terrifying your spouse and kids like that doesn’t just come out of nowhere – to do that, you need to have either been conditioned to it, or to be born without the ability to empathise (psychopaths). Your average psychopath, though, isn’t so public about it – that tends to be the province of the deeply emotionally damaged. Fred Phelps was someone’s child once. What the hell happened to him?

    People who have a driving urge to blame others are people who haven’t been equipped to cope with self-reflection, to question themselves or the people or institutions they depend on. And the less self-aware they are, the more power their prejudices are, because any consideration of their own baggage becomes more and more frightening. So they’re gnawed at from the inside, and they have only 2 options: face it and deal with it and get some degree of healing, or keep running. The Phelps are running as hard as they can, but they can’t outrun themselves.

    Their faith is such a fragile thing if it can’t stand scrutiny, if it doesn’t actively encourage questioning, if it doesn’t have the courage for compassion.

    They’re a tragic bunch. And the sad, sick thing is that they’re hurting other people because of their own terror and pain. Poor lost souls.

    On the up side, they do provide brilliant excuses for fundraising. I know of one group that got people to sponsor them for every minute the Phelpses stood vigil, with the money going to the local LGBTQ centre. They had a big banner right across from the Phelpses and went over to explain that the longer the protest ran, the more money they got for services for queer and trans people, and that they were attracting a lot of people passing by to give one-off donations. They even got their braver sponsors and donors to walk over and say thank you for supporting gay rights. It upset them enough that they moved on.

    It’s a tactic I plan on stealing.

  27. 2stCenturySpirituality-
    Sorry, liberal society isn’t a comfort zone. ‘Offence’, no matter how grievous, is so wide and vague a category (everything offends somebody, often severely), that it is much too dangerous as a criterion for limiting freedom of expression. This is why I have never felt happy about ‘hate speech’ or even holocaust denial as a reason for suppressing what is said or published. All that is achieved by these means is a loss of freedom with little verifiable increase in tolerance and mutual respect. Moreover, right-wing bigots are gratifyingly martyred by such measures and are able to create the impression that the ‘liberal establishment’ must have ‘something to hide’.
    Vile attitudes supported by lies and myths should be allowed to be freely expressed – so that they can be freely refuted, and, yes, ridiculed. This tends to create a public culture where nasty irrational beliefs tend to lose respectability and support in any case. People learn that voicing poisonous attitudes is unacceptable from the robust reactions of others. And no minority with a history of being stigmatised and persecuted can afford to advocate wide and arbitrary limits on freedom of expression – if the tide turns, such a precedent is very easily turned against them.
    Outlaw open and explicit threats or encouragements of violence – but let it stop there.

  28. They picket the funeral of a Black Sabbath member to highlight that they believe he was a Satanist, and then they go on to sing a Black Sabbath song at another picket?! these people have no logic. 100% tip top fruitcakes

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