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Much-loved Cardiff gay pub under threat

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Reader comments

  1. The pub is not closing it’s doors, It is becoming a gastro-pub so it is still a watering hole, there is no reason why the same regulars and people from the LGBT community cannot still regard it as a GLBT business. It just means they will have to buy meals from time to time. It’s not becoming a Tesco.

  2. Fair enough notagain, as long as gay people can still be open about their sexuality once it’s become a mainstream venue. Something I think is doubtful.

  3. its not that a good a pub these days – things have moved on – there are newer and better venues in Cardiff which is why I suspect it is being closed in favour of something else…c’est la vie!

  4. “things have moved on” Maybe so, but the Kings has striven for a long time to provide a friendly welcome to all, regardless of sexual orientation, and Cardiff will be a much poorer place should M&B close this much loved venue!

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