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Ben Bradshaw and Chris Bryant lose out on Shadow Cabinet places – but Angela Eagle succeeds

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Reader comments

  1. They shouldn’t have endorsed the wrong Milliband! Was this payback time!

  2. Ben Bradshaw didn’t strike me as very good when he was Culture Secretary. On Question Time he didn’t know who Roman Polanski is.

    It has to be based on ability. That was one the (many) problems with New Labour: too many mediocre people in the cabinet who weren’t up to the job.

  3. Jess Conrad 8 Oct 2010, 11:48am


  4. vulpus_rex 8 Oct 2010, 12:06pm

    Can you imagine if this had happened in the Tory party? The wailing, gnashing of teeth and bleating about homophobia would have been audible from the moon.

    It is I suppose commendable that in some parts of the Labour Party democratic principles and talent are recognised and the best people for the job are elected, rather than squeezing all sorts of undesirables (Useless po mouthed t*t Ben Bradshaw springs to mind) into jobs to satisfy some ridiculous quota.

  5. BB & CB were loyal to the Labour Party but not to LGBT equality and rights. They are no great loss.

  6. Does Angela Eagle support marriage equality.

    Or is she happy with civil partnership apartheid for LGBT people?

  7. Jock S. Trap 8 Oct 2010, 12:46pm

    I have this feeling that it won’t matter who is in the shadow cabinet. Because Ed Milipeed was voted in by the unions if we do have a load of disruptive strikes the next General Election will be handed to the Tories outright.

    The only way he may gain popularity and respect is if he was to put a leash on the unions and visibly show he is stopping them from being out of control. The majority of the working population won’t put up with being blackmailed or held hostage to the unions.

    If he was to show his strength there then yes, he may have a winning chance.

    The unions need stop being dinosaurs (like that pathetic Bob Crow) and into the 21st Century.

    Oh and yes, I do fully support Boris’s proposal. Never could understand how we have to suffer when out of tens of thousands of members only 3,000 vote and 1,800 vote to strike. 50% of the entire workforce is much better and fairer.

  8. As far as I know the only gay labour MP/Peer that has come out in favour of marriage equality is Lord Waheed Alli …. I don’t think Angela Eagle has….

  9. I cheered from the rooftops when Bradshaw beat that homophobe in 97 to become MP. I cheered just as loudly yesterday when he failed to win election to the shadow cabinet. Truly ghastly for most of the New Labour reign – pompous, arrogant and condescending. A really bad example of a gay man in power.

  10. Kevin Peel 8 Oct 2010, 1:58pm

    Delighted to see the first openly gay woman in the Shadow Cabinet. Angela is a passionate advocate of equality and has a firm graps on economic issues. She will be a strong voice against the Tory-Lib Dem imposed cuts that will affect us all.

  11. Shame ,she wasn’t that popular in Australia when she came out in favour of Penny Wong (out Australian labour lesbian minister) after Wong’s opposition to gay marriage in Australia!

  12. Ms Beaverhausen 8 Oct 2010, 2:52pm

    Is that really a pic of a woman or a man in drag?

  13. vulpus_rex 8 Oct 2010, 3:01pm

    @ Kevin Peel – I don’t remember hearing her “Strong Voice” when Brown was doing his best, and succeeding, in wrecking our economy.

    As far as I can tell she, and the rest of the cowardly Labour party, sat by in craven silence – when I hear her condemning Brown as the real source of any cuts then I’ll conceded she is a “Strong Voice”.

  14. A shame that Diane Abbott didn’t make it. Her voting record on LGBT speaks volumes.

  15. What Ed Miliband needs to do now is endorse full marriage equality as part of the party’s official policy. Having two major parties on board prior to the next election and the Tories out in the cold on this issue will have ramifications for Cameron if he chooses to sit on the fence for fear of upsetting his bigot base of the Widdecombe ilk as well as unelected clerics in the House of Lords. He needs to learn, that it is possible to get Royal Assent to a bill without the consent of the Lords. How many more red herrings will they and the likes of Summerskill use to avoid doing nothing or worse yet blocking it?

    No. 14, Dave…I concur, Diane’s voting record speaks loudly for her voting record on LGBT rights as well as here wholehearted support for full marriage equality.

  16. Slap some lipstick on, dear!

  17. Are there any gay/lesbian tory cabinet members?

  18. Kevin Peel in comment 10 says: “Angela is a passionate advocate of equality”

    If she does not support marriage equality for LGBT people then she is a homophobic apartheid supporter.

    It’s time to ask Ms Eagle her opinion on marriage equality again.

  19. Vulpus-rex, the only ones sitting in craven silence right now are the Tories in regard to marriage equality. I expect that to continue throughout the duration of this government. I don’t expect much support coming from their camp, they’re beholden to the religious cults and their equally bigoted followers, just as Labour once was. If Cameron says no, a probability, you’ll be supporting, aiding and abetting discrimination against the rest of us who want full equality, just like the Log Cabin people in the republican party do in America. If Cameron were that honest about supporting equality, even if he doesn’t personally believe in marriage equality, he should still support the rights of many who do and introduce a bill to enact it, just like the leaders of 10 countries have already done, some of whom faced far more obstacles than Cameron ever would. Even in the state of Connecticut in America, a republican (conservative) governor who personally opposed marriage equality, didn’t veto it and its now legal there to marry. Cameron should do the same.

  20. de Villiers 10 Oct 2010, 5:14pm

    Robert, you really reveal your own prejudice and narrow perspective when your refer to Christianity as a cult, suggest that Cameron is outside the mainstream and make implied, snide references to collaborators.

    We can achieve equality without having to resort to our own brand of intolerance.

    Sometimes posts like yours give the impression that the only right the gay community truly wants is the right to be intolerant of others.

  21. de Villiers, you reveal how far right wing your views are when you constantly deride anyone who says anything negative about Cameron or right wing politics. I don’t think Robert’s post is any more narrow minded or prejudiced than anything you ever post.

    Sometimes posts like yours give the impression that the gay community is not bothered about equality, and that we are self hating morons who do not think that homophobia is a problem that christians and right wing politics have. Robert is pro-gay marriage. You are obviously anti-gay marriage. You don’t want equality, Robert does.

    Perhaps Robert is angry with the ‘christian cult’ for treating homosexuals like dirt for the last two thousand years, a reason which gives him and me every right to call them a bigoted cult. And the same can be said for the tory party (albeit for a much shorter time).

    If you send me a PO box number I’ll send you some jackboots and a red armband for christmas.

    to get back to the point, are there any gay tory cabinet members?

  22. de Villiers 11 Oct 2010, 7:44am

    > If you send me a PO box number I’ll send you some jackboots and a red armband for christmas.

    Calling me a Nzai is far more moronic than any comment yet on this board. It reveals more about your own shrill extremism and narrow-minded bigotry than any comment on me.

    The only equality you seek is equality of hate with the Christian extremists you claim to deride. No-wonder why you seem obsessed with them.

  23. Leo, exactly right. I make no apologies for using the word “cult” because that’s what they really are. I am totally for marriage equality, the last obstacle to full equality. I was once a catholic but am no longer a believer, thank goodness.

    de Villiers, I don’t tolerate those who discriminate and they should be called out for it, not respected. If you want to go on supporting Cameron whose credentials on equality, whatever they are, are wearing more than thin by his party’s silence on full equality, then so be it. Nothing worse than a gay man or woman voting for a party that works against us. Even if you don’t believe in same-sex marriage personally, doesn’t mean you should vote against those of us who do. After all, nobody is seeking to ban civil partnerships even though many of us don’t want them. Many of us want something better rather than be confined to living a life of legal segregation under a different name that you supposedly support. Why should we be singled out from the rest of society? That’s not equality!

  24. de Villiers 11 Oct 2010, 5:50pm

    > Nothing worse than a gay man or woman voting for a party that works against us.

    There are worse things than this – much worse things. One does not need a florid imagination to wonder. I am in favour of marriage equality, but the statement is not really accurate.

    Your statement also implies that those supporting Labour up to the last election should be damned – the Party was not in favour of marriage equality and had, under Blair and Brown, no plans to introduce it. These policies emerge and gain acceptability over time. To state that people who support not so much the Conservative Party, which reveals an Anglo-centric perspective, rather than the broad European centre-right are working against the ’cause’ is simplistic.

    Not only that, but ‘working against us’ depends on one’s view. High tax could be ‘working against us’. Shredding trial by jury could be ‘working against us’. Bringing in rights to protect religions from criticism could be ‘working against us’. Giving the police unlimited powers of surveillance could be ‘working against us’. Marriage equality is important but so are other policies. Those who demand everything now, now, now (and that if you say otherwise you must be a fascist) display an almost consumerist mentality of requiring instant satisfaction of personal wants.

    As for referring to Christianity as a cult – that really is being inside an Anglo Saxon bubble. A “cult” is a relatively small group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by most others as strange or sinister. Most of Latin Europe and some of Eastern Europe is Catholic – France, Spain, Portgual, Italy, the Czech Republic, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Solvenia, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia.. Much of the religion is seen as similar to art. Even if one is opposed to Christianity absolutely, to describe it as a ‘cult’ is to corrupt the language.

    Much antipathy of gay people to religion is the current and continued position of the Catholic church, in particular, on homosexuality. If the Church were one day to decide that this particular mythos should stop be treated as logos, much wariness of it amongst gay Anglo-Saxons (and gay European Catholics) would subside.

  25. Dan Filson 15 Jan 2011, 9:32am

    “Are there any gay/lesbian tory cabinet members?” There was, for 22 days, blink and you missed it.

    The position on gay marriage is not the litmus test of whether someone is ‘working for us’ or ‘working against is’. All of Chris Bryant, Ben Bradshaw, Stephen Twigg and Angela Eagle, and a few others unnamed, have worked hard and successfully over the years for LGBT people. Personally I think Ben did himself no favours by his haircut (well, really), Stephen is working his passage back after his little caught drunk episode, and Chris Bryant was just not rated one of the 11 most effective at the despatch box; Angela is first class and very supportive. But the shadow cabinet elections are funny events, the MPs sometimes elect people for the strangest reasons and lumber the leader with a front bench team he would rather not have. Pity the story did not cover the full who’s up and down so the patterns, if there were any, could be discerned (but these are the first shadow cabinet elections by Labour whilst in opposition for 14 years).

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