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Australian LGBT support group wins legal pay-out

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Reader comments

  1. Fancy trying to book accommodation from a fundamentalist Christian organization. I know it’s not right and any one providing a service has an obligation to provide whatever the customers’ gender, race, sexuality etc. But what can you expect from religious people?

  2. The Brethren are a particularly incidious group that, believe it or not, receive massive amounts of government money – thanks to John Howard. The Labor govt. hasn’t had the guts to take them on.

  3. If you read into it further on the Australian News Sites and the Official Press release they were unaware at the time that the camp was run by a fundamentalist Christian Organisation, the camp is known for hosting quite a few groups around Port Phillip (where it is located) and it was quite difficult to find anything that clearly declared that they were related to the Christian Brethren.
    It is also mentioned in the Case that WayOut is allied with 2 Christian Organisations Who have been supportive of them.
    It wasn’t until they were refused and had done more research was it discovered that the brethren were behind it…

  4. As a gay Christian (or Chrsitan gay) I find it hard to believe that a (so-called) Christian group could refuse a booking from an organisation that is trying to save young people from suicide. It’s good to see Australian courts upholding the rights of gay people on this. Religious bigotry of this sort needs to be fought every step of the way wherever we encounter it: it is a mask for unmitigated homophobia seeking legitimacy through religion.

  5. I too am an LGBT Christian, and I find it frustrating that we have to be tarred by the Christian fundamentalist brush. I know many Christians who are not like the fundamentalists. We have fought fundamentalists and continue to fight them. Their problem is that they have no love in their hearts. I applaud the judgment against the Brethren, and I hope that it will encourage inclusive Christians to speak out more. Surely, whatever your persuasion, fundamentalist or inclusive, suicide prevention is something we all can support. Jesus did not say “judge your neigbour as you judge yourself” – wasn’t it something about love?

  6. No! See, this is exactly the problem. The GLBT community keeps forgetting that Equality means equality for everyone. A Christian camp should totally have the right to refuse me service. That’s religious AND sexual equality. Ministers should not have to perform weddings for us, The Boy Scouts should NOT be forced to accept us. If I have the right to Gay and Proud, they have the right to bigoted and backward. That’s Equality.
    Let’s book a non-christian campsite, get gay ministers and form our own youth, theme-based organizations.


  7. Malaz –
    If they take money, or receive any tax-payers’ money, they should not be able to discriminate against anyone.

  8. Katie Murphy 16 Oct 2010, 3:41am

    Equality does not mean you have the right to discriminate in the public sphere on religious grounds. Especially whent that discrimination drives youths to suicide. To say nothing of the fact that govt money – not one red cent should go to thees groups.

    And yes, it is all about fundamentalists living in a world of ignorance3 and hatred left over from the dark ages. In the USA they are the people who gave us slavery, the KKK terrorist group, and segregation of blacks. who now have a new group to hat4e -the gays.

    To hell with all these people. They are our own taliban, and I guess you folks down under have the same diseased minds.

  9. 5,000 of their tax free money, i say thats not enough.

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