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Accused Stonewall Inn ‘gay basher’ denies he’s a homophobe

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Reader comments

  1. In the previous article wasn’t it reported that they asked the victim what kind of bar it was before robbing him and kicking seven bells out of him? It rather belies Matthew Francis’s false sense of being victimised.
    Strangely enough if you beat up anyone in any bar and rob them, that’s a criminal offence.

  2. Chicagotist 8 Oct 2010, 9:46pm


    One of the two asked him if he was gay, not whether the bar is gay.

  3. I stand corrected, but if anything that’s even more incriminating. I’d like to see him attempt to talk his way out of a hatecrime charge if he specifically asked that question just before the mugging… oh wait.

  4. ‘If it happened anywhere else I wouldn’t be here’.

    Yes because jumping people for their money and beating them up must be a regular unpunishable occurrence in your world.

    Wow does weirdness ever end?

  5. Raymond A. Weaver 5 Jan 2012, 10:01pm

    His sister is “a full-blown lesbian,”

    What is a half-blown lesbian? Are these ballons?

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