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Video message to gay teens: ‘It gets better’

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Reader comments

  1. Debby Bentley-Ross 6 Oct 2010, 4:19pm

    Thank you for this beautiful video – I cried. Thank you for making such a positive step to help youngsters through school. I was bullied at school and here I am with my female partner of 30 years and we have three beautiful, handsome, very different sons and our eighteen year old has just left to go to University. We are truly blessed. thank you thank you thank you

  2. Stuart Grout 6 Oct 2010, 7:23pm

    This video and the related YouTube channel is one of the best ideas I’ve seen in years.

    Not just the LGBT youngsters but for all the young people who feel they have no options left.

  3. This happened days ago!

  4. I can understand that videos like this might help sensitive young gay people who are having a difficult time at school, and I’m all for that, but really, some of us have the opposite experience. For me, school was the happiest time of my life, and ever since I left it’s just got much, much worse.

    At school I had all my friends around me every day. Now I hardly ever see them, because they’ve all moved away and are far too busy to see me. At school I wasn’t at all concerned with sex or relationships or boyfriends, now I am deeply miserable because I want them but cannot secure them due to my inadequacies. At school my best friend was just my best friend. Now I am tormented every day by my painful unrequited love for him.

    While the saccharin-sweet dream of happily ever after is perhaps a useful fiction for some, for me it cannot but ring painfully hollow.

  5. Message to gay teenagers.

    It gets easier.

    Not necessarily better, but certainly easier.

    Stay strong, ignore those bullying assholes. One day you’ll be fine.

  6. Thank you. This is an amazing and very true message for all LGBT young people. It does get better, I am now in my thirties and am married to the woman of my dreams, we have beautiful kids and grand kids who all make our lives complete. I was bullied for being shock horror a lesbian and now I can say with a clear heart YES I AM. IT GETS BETTER x x x

  7. Kathy Griffin made an interesting point about ‘trickle down homophobia’.

    She pointed out that because of homophobic laws like Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and the ban on marriage equality, people feel entitled and unashamed to bully LGBT people. We are not equal under the law therefore there must be something wrong with us. So think the bullies.

    I think she raises a very good point.

    And in the UK the ridiculous, worthless, homophobic Stonewall Group cannot see the link between marriage inequality and bullying.

  8. While I support the message here and the sentiment behind it, I also worry that it might encourage young kids to leave school at the earliest opportunity searching for this ‘nirvana’ of life after high school instead of continuing their studies and achieving what they want to in life.

  9. To make it clear, God loves all good human beings and wants the best for them. Mainstream Islam does not preach random violence against homosexual people, nor hate of any other human being, but does regard the homosexual act itself as being against God’s natural laws, and therefore against the interests of human beings and human society. Islam says that God did not create people with homosexual feelings, unless there is some kind of biological abnormaility. Islam is a merciful, and extremely tolerant religion, but Muslims believe (like many believing Jews and Christians and many others) that the homosexual tendency is not a good, normal or natural feeling, and needs treatment as a psychological, and emotional illness, or a biological abnormality, as it would be seen amongst animals, for the true long term happiness of all affected. Many people have understood and got rid of their homosexual tendency, without harmful effects on their health. The consequence, in this world, of not finding solutions to cure homosexuality in this way, is the spread of confusion about sexuality, and the break down of the normal family structure, as well as in the normal upbringing of children, e.g. to have normal relationships. This would lead to other psychological and emotional problems, contributing to a breakdown in society, and possible rises in crime, all of which will cause far greater misery and suffering in the long term. Of course Muslims also strongly believe that consequences for the soul after death are a reality, which can be far worse, and therefore believe in guiding and helping people to avoid all of this.

    Only in an Islamic state, where people are fully educated about their human nature, feelings, and other Islamic knowledge, including the Islamic laws, as well as where people would have ample opportunity and help to have successful heterosexual marriages, as well as affectionate platonic friendships, would homosexual acts be prosecutable at all, and only a minority of cases would they be punishable, as the act itself has to have at least 4 witnesses, as evidence!! It is only the public shameless act and promotion of homosexuality that is seen as dangerous enough to prosecute, with severe physical punishment as a last resort, particularly in cases where there is no repentance. This is needed as an effective deterrent, and a clear message that homosexuality needs to be challenged, not accepted as normal, and not allowed full freedom to spread.

    The word Islam itself means the ‘way of peace’, and it is only ignorant people, or even ignorant governments who do not put Islam into practise correctly, who may commit injustices, or go to extremes.

    The solution is more and better education from mainstream, highly knowledgeable scholars of Islam, not less!!

    I wish you all the best as a human being, including guidance to what is truly the most beneficial for you.

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