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Robbie Williams says he wants a ‘gay baby’

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Reader comments

  1. Why do you report the inconsequential publicity-seeking blatherings of this deeply vacuous man?

  2. Rather than acquiring a “trophy baby” perhaps Robbie would consider doing something that was actually useful instead of self-indulgent. The Naz Project, a 20-year-old HIV charity that helps black and ethnic minority people] is in danger of closing and needs some financial help.
    Just a thought!!!

  3. I guessing everybody is thinking what I did when they read this!

    We all know Robbie so why pretend?

  4. Robbie strikes me as a troubled person, I hope he isn’t pinning all his hopes for happiness on having a child…it will have a lot to live up to if it’s supposed to be a cure-all for Robbie’s problems and neediness.
    I don’t think we have the technology to create a straight or gay child to order just yet.

  5. “I want, I really want” – is he going to order the colouring and size too?

  6. Yes, he’s all so me, me, me, and what I want. Yes, it’s just publicity-seeking, attention-seeking. And, anyway, he seems to contradict himself. On the one hand he says he and his wife really want a gay child, but then he says that if it’s a girl he’s really going to protect her, and if it’s a boy then he’s going to make damn sure it plays footie “and all of that stuff”!

    By the way, anybody notice how William Hague seems to have lost a great deal of his cockiness since it was revealed he had a rather close relationship with his chauffeur whom he then promoted to “special adviser”?

    See following pic for his general expression these days.

  7. Bill Stickers 7 Oct 2010, 10:15am

    Maybe he should adopt George Michael!

  8. Jess Conrad 7 Oct 2010, 8:33pm


  9. there are performers who do it for the performance and performers who do it for the applause – he’s in the latter group

    Robbie – if u want to seem cool and get applause there are plenty of charities listed in this comments box and elsewhere

  10. A gay baby? Since when did babies have a sexuality?

  11. Sounds like Robbie is having an Edina Monsoon moment –
    “Edina: I mean, God! Here I am, your mother, poised for your first sexual experience and night after night, dry bloody sheets! I’m sorry, darling, but I don’t want a little moustached virgin for a daughter, so do something about it! Unless of course…
    Saffron: Mum, don’t!
    Edina: Well, darling…
    Saffron: Mum, please!
    Edina: Unless of course… Unless of course you’re gay, darling.
    Saffron: Mum!
    Edina: Sweetie! Are you darling? You can tell me, sweetie. Are you darling?
    Saffron: Yes, I’m gay.
    Edina: Oh, hoorah!
    Edina: Well done, darling, well done!
    Saffron: I’m glad it makes you happy, but actually, I’m not.
    Edina: What?
    Saffron: I’m not gay!
    [Edina looks disappointed]
    Saffron: Sorry.
    Edina: Oh! Break it to me like that, why don’t you? Yes… I suppose it’s not your fault, really, is it? Just your old mother clutching at straws. Trying to find one exotic, interesting feature about you, but there we are.”

  12. Jess Conrad 8 Oct 2010, 4:15pm

    Are You a Soap-Writer Flapjack?

  13. Sarah Wills 30 Oct 2010, 3:39pm

    No surprise there, he’s a bloody poof married to a beard. Only a matter of time before he can’t live the lie.

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