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Glee ‘to highlight gay suicides’

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Reader comments

  1. It wasn’t that long ago that Pink News reported that “Glee will gain a Christian character next season who disapproves of homosexuality.”

  2. While it would be a good thing if that eposide did happen, I also fear that Glee is preaching to the converted…

  3. IT’s true they will be incorporating a Christian character but that doesn’t mean they can’t highlight the problem of homosexual suicides as well!! they appeal the masses! I also agree with Zefrog it would be like preachin to the choir I’d say most of theviewers if not gay would be gay friendly!! BUt that doesn’t mean we are aware of these tragic situations or that we are actively doin somethin about it!! It can only help spread the word!!! Go GLEE!!!!!!!!

  4. Ciaran McHale 6 Oct 2010, 4:27pm

    I am in two minds about whether the media attention over the suicides is a good thing or a bad thing.

    On the one hand, it is good because it *might* make some homophobes realise that their actions can and do destroy lives. Or it might make some formerly apathetic bystanders step in to stop the bullying.

    On the other hand, according to a chapter in the fascinating book “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion” by Robert Cialdini, whenever a suicide is widely reported in the media, it often has an unintended consequence of causing more people to commit suicide. I know that sounds bizarre, but there is research to back up the claim. From my memory of reading the book, I think it works as follows. Some suicidally depressed people put off committing suicide because they know that suicide is a social taboo. But when a suicide is widely reported in the media, this can reduce the taboo nature of suicide a bit, to the point that it gives some suicidally depressed people “permission” to kill themselves.

    It’s a nasty choice. If bullying-related suicides go unreported, then that lets bullies continue their nasty work. But if bullying-related suicides (actually, suicides due to *any* reason) are reported, then it can cause some depressed people to give themselves permission to commit suicide.

    I just watched the “It gets better” video on YouTube and was blown away by how positive and heartfelt its message is. Hopefully that video will provide sufficient hope to some bullied students to give them the will to survive.

  5. Dave – I think they may have decided against introducing a Christian character as they already have two in Mercedes and Quinn as well as Jewish characters, Puck and Rachel. The episode that I believe this article referred to, “Grilled Cheesus”, was aired last night and I must say, is one of my favourite episodes so far, managing to make me cry several times! It was extremely well written, presenting both anti- and pro-religious arguments in a balanced way and no character suddenly turns around and says “You’re right, I believe in God!”.

    Whether they still intend to introduce a right-wing Christian character remains to be seen, but I doubt it as they already have a fair few religious characters.

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