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Lance Bass admits he used to bully gay kids

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Reader comments

  1. I used to feel sorry for Lance Bass – the way he was outed by the Perez Hilton website.

    reading about he himself used to bully other people for being gay, then it makes me realise that he deserved to be outed.

    Closeted people can be the most dangerous and vile people towards other gay people. They are so willing to sacrifice other gay people up for abuse to protect themselves.

    It’s good that Lance Bass has come out. But I wonder whether his victims have fond memories of him?

  2. Marcus, he said he was 13/14 when he was a bully, which is different to him being a homophobe all the way up until he was outed.

    I think its quite big of him to admit it actually, its better to make no secret that homophobes are often closet cases it might actually put people off being homophobic!

  3. Keith Lynwood 5 Oct 2010, 3:13pm

    You have to remember he is from America, that sick place full of religious freaks. You can not blame him for trying to prevent being beaten and stretched out on a fence that’s what the Americans do.

  4. Keith, stereotyping Americans is no better than stereotyping gay people…both make you look like an idiot.

  5. “Marcus, he said he was 13/14 when he was a bully, which is different to him being a homophobe all the way up until he was outed.”

    I’m sure his victims did not realise that distinction, when he was tormenting them for being gay (or being perceived to be gay).

    Bullies are scum.

    Regardless of age.

    Bullying involves identifying, targetting and abusing someone who is more vulnerable than you are for their perceived weaknesses.

    It is disgusting behaviour. At any age.

  6. David in Indy 5 Oct 2010, 5:52pm

    Growing up gay in Mississippi must be a miserable experience. Or anywhere in the South for that matter, especially the rural South. Many parts of the Midwest are also quite hostile. I can understand why he did it. I’m not excusing it, but I can certainly sympathize. And I’m glad he admitted it. I agree with what another poster said – it could help expose the bullies.

  7. Marcus, you need to get off of your high horse. We all did things as kids which we could regret. At least Lance is able to reflect why he was a bully and maybe this will now show homophobic bullying is usually by those who are struggling with their sexuality.

    I know of someone who many years ago would (as the term was used then) ‘gay-bash’. Many many years later he has deep regret about this. I think his brother and son coming out may had led to him doing some soul-searching.

  8. Phoenix0879 5 Oct 2010, 6:20pm

    I think it took a lot of courage for him to admit something like this exists in his past, given the hyperbolic and knee-jerk reaction it will (and already has) generated from some people, who lack the ability to place themselves in the shoes of another. Let me get one thing straight right from the start – I abhor bullying, I was bullied for over a decade constantly and have a passionate dislike of it (indeed, I believe that the parents of more hardcore bullies should be punished by jail and the child taken into protection, as it is clear the parents have committed a terrible crime in not raising their child correctly). As others have said, we all did things as children we regret, I am sure. He has had the courage to admit his mistake publicly – and this is a mistake that many will vilify him for, even though he has since shown his moral fiber.

    But I can also sympathize with people who on bully purely as a defense. They are as much victims as their targets, pressured by their peers into doing something they don’t really want to in order to avoid becoming the target themselves. It’s not right, but it IS human. To expect a 13 or 14 year old to stand up against this – what do people want them to do next, walk on water?

    Of course, those who bully for the pleasure or because they enjoy hurting others and the power it gives them are sick monsters who deserve whatever punishment they get.

    Okay, this is attempt number five to post – Pinknews REALLY needs to fix the anti-spam feature, the words are completely illegible.

  9. Well at least he’s come clean and he’s trying to atone for what he did in his early teens.
    Granted it might all be too little too late for the kids that he did bully, but it’s a whole lot better than carrying on the direction he was headed. Hopefully kids might start to wise up earlier if there’s more anti-bullying campaigning going on.

  10. 21stCenturySpirituality 6 Oct 2010, 7:12am

    @ Marcus…I think you need to learn to seperate behaviour from the person and learn about forgiveness. I do not advocate or condone his former behaviour but he is obviously now aware of its impact and has changed. I’m sure that you cant claim never to have created or caused suffering for another person at least once in your life so who are you to sit in judgement on someone else. I think it is a good thing that he has done this interview. It opens dialogue on the issue and its an issue on which dialogue needs to be opened. A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

  11. David Myers 7 Oct 2010, 8:59am

    Yes, Lance is taking full responsibility for his past actions and seeking to atone for them now, and because he is a celebrity he has a wider audience and can do a whole lot of good. Good for him.

  12. Peter Evans 7 Oct 2010, 11:16pm

    I do not understand why Pink News is currently being so celebrity orientated. Is this website becoming a sort of Hello magazine aimed at gay people? I don’t think the fact that Lance Bass used to tease gay kids when he was fourteen years old should become news in a serious media vehicle. Instead, Pink News should portray fourteen year old boys who try to make the world a better place for gay kids, especially the ones who live in developing countries, struggling against prejudice combined with social and economic deprivation.

    A fourteen year old boy, who used to be a gay activist, was stoned and strangled to death in Sao Goncalo, Brazil, a couple of months ago and I didn’t see anything in Pink News. I guess the reason is that it didn’t happen in the glamorous United States. Thanks to the mainstream media (The Independent on Sunday), this horrible episode wasn’t completed hidden from the British public.

    I would suggest a little self evaluation on behalf of Pink News with the emphasis more on news rather than gloss.

  13. Lance, it was brave of you to come forward and admit what you did.

    This evil needs to stop!

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