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Gay skydiving instructor sues after being sacked for ‘groping woman’

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Reader comments

  1. I lol’ed when I read the title of this and saw the statue of liberty as the picture for the article. First thing I thought was “That’s one big woman”


  2. Ian Bower 5 Oct 2010, 3:25pm

    I’m reticent to go, unaccompanied, in a lift if there is a woman, by herself, in it.
    Just too dangerous nowadays.

  3. Being Gay does not mean he cannot grope! he may not know what it is, or even have meant to do so, but the woman was groped in any event!

  4. So it was for inappropriate behaviour but not with the woman who complained about him but somebody else but the boss is not saying who. That is horrible when that happens especially when you are being so friendly to the person and they turn out to dislike you because of that magic word “Gay”.

    I dislike it when that happens. A really fat ugly married man who had a sense of humour that I liked would keep on so much about “Gays after people’s arseholes any chance they get”. I got bored with it and told him I was Gay. He never said anything we just never ever spoke to each other again. So silly.

  5. It’s sad that we live in a world where we have to be extremely cautious because we’re afraid of being accused. This week, I’m on a jury for a case where criminal sexual conduct is alleged. So many seem willing to believe any accusation. I’ve always felt that nothing’s black and white and things may not be as they appear, no matter how overwhelming the argument may seem. Being on that jury this week has only reinforced that. Then again, I may just be another bleeding-hearted lefty. After opening arguments and a number of witnesses, I’m sitting there feeling terribly for both the defendant and the complainant with little to no idea how I’ll vote in the end.

  6. it’s laughable a gay guy would grope a women
    end of story
    he was more likely sacked for homophobic reasons

  7. The Menstruator 6 Oct 2010, 12:28pm

    Someone needs to remind Mr. Groper that sexual abuse isn’t about sex, eh? It’s about power and males just being disgusting pigs.

  8. What a sad and warped perspective you have on life if you think that a gay man would ‘allegedly grope’ some woman for power reasons…get a life Menstruator and stick your head back from where it has just emerged!

  9. I reckon that must have been a joke, damian.

  10. This happened me in Boston i the 70s. She accused me because i ignored her. She was the one getting sacked though.She almost had a heart attack in the office when i came right out with it “Im Gay” I’ll never forget the look on her painted face…priceless.

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