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BBC archive footage charts gay rights history

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Reader comments

  1. A very useful resource. Perhaps they could also add comedy sketches to show just how much the BBC has progressed in gay portrayal from programmes in the 60’s like Round the Horne to Horne & Corden in the 00’s.

  2. Ian Bower 4 Oct 2010, 4:16pm

    Ironic really as the BBC now has a pretty appalling record on positive portrayals of LGBT people.

  3. 30 clips! And many over 25 long minutes. I’m impressed.

  4. Flash player needed. Can Apple users see these clips?

  5. These are very interesting clips.

    Although it would be useful if they had included clips from the Chris Moyles Breakfast Show or 4 Poofs and a Piano from the Jonathon Ross Show; to illustrate how how homophobia is still prevalent and tolerated in society

  6. To those of you who still think the BBC is an especially homophobic organisation – would you mind pointing me in the direction of Sky TV’s gay archive? Thanks.

  7. Councils make up their own gay history when they are accused of discrimination. The BBC are simply trying to cover up their own homophobia.

  8. Will they include 2009 “should homosexuals face execution”.

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