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Africa’s biggest Pride draws crowds of 18,000

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Reader comments

  1. Ian Bower 4 Oct 2010, 4:18pm

    Quote: ‘we have a responsibility to reach out to our brothers and sisters in Africa’
    Indeed – but not much will change until the hate preaching Christianists are silenced.

  2. Make no mistake, black south africans view being gay as a “european disease”, and therefore tolerate it amongst white folk. They are considerably less tolerant of black gay people, and regularly partake in corrective rape.

    The only reason homosexuality was legalized in south africa was because when the new constitution was being drawn up by the ANC they didn’t want to be seen to discriminate against gays like the Apartheid government did.

    South Africa might be liberal on paper, but on the street it’s a very homophobic country.

  3. Gay groups in South Africa supported the ANC struggle against apartheid which is why gay rights were recognised in the new South African constitution.

    At least the ANC recognise that discrimination includes homophobia, and not only racism.

  4. As an outsider, I was struck at how few Blacks participated in Joburg Pride, and how similar, and seemingly imitative, it looks to Prides elsewhere. No wonder Black Africans see homosexuality as unafrican.

  5. the blacks are too lazy to march

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