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50 Cent: ‘Anti-gay’ suicide comment was misinterpreted

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Reader comments

  1. Seems like Mr Cent falls into that category of homophobes who have zero problem with lesbians (either because they feel completely removed from that particular loop or because the word makes them think of girl on girl porn) but feels threatened by the idea that gay people might fancy him.
    Well he needn’t flatter himself. I think I speak for most of us when I say that being a bigoted tw@t is a big turnoff, regardless of how many hours he spends in the gym, or how much money he has.

  2. “people who choose an alternative lifestyle” — nobody else spotted that one? He appears to also be of the “you choose to be gay” type..

  3. Jock S. Trap 4 Oct 2010, 12:32pm

    Would someone kindly tell this talentless creep that we do not “choose an alternative lifestyle” no more than he choose his.

    However he did choose to be ignorant enough to think so and say it!

  4. He is a remarkably stupid individual.

    I suspect that he will be outed sooner rather than later.

  5. Riddle Riddle Riddle
    Squirm Squirm Squirm
    your homophobia “50 Cent” is already out in the open . . .

  6. and then he claims other lifestyles are chosen
    the problem was putting out stuff that could be misinterpreted to attack people, maybe he should keep his mouth shut for a change

    ‘Tis better to be silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt. Abraham Lincoln, (attributed) 16th president of US (1809 – 1865)

  7. Seriously, guys. Do we really have nothing better to worry about that what some random guy writes on his Twitter page when it was obviously not even about gay people? So what if he doesn’t like to be around gay people? Can someone here honestly say that they’d like to be around the likes of him? We don’t all need to walk around hand in hand as long as we don’t try to attack each other. He has stated he doesn’t have a problem with gay people. If he thinks people choose to be gay, he’s just ignorant. I’m sure this is not the only thing in the vast range of human knowledge that he isn’t aware of. Let’s just worry about more important things …

  8. Oh, it’s ok now,he’s ‘explained’ it. More likely his entourage of financial advisers and legal advisers have explained to him (in short words) how it might be wise to ‘clarify his meaning as he might be financially damaged as companies he has business interests with move to distance themselves from him to avoid reputational damage.

    What a moron.

  9. RE: Val’s comment “…nothing better to worry about…” Strange as it sounds this creature has the potential to influence a lot of young people. While he is likely not to read this (unless perhaps he is as big a closet case as many suspect) producers, publicists, and promoters do look at a lot of sources. Better of course to write to them directly, but everything helps. It is imperative to protest such comments. It is especially hard for young gay black kids in inner city financially challenged neighborhoods to cope and this kind of attitude does not make it easier when their peers are influenced even further against them by cheap thugs like 50 cent. This stuff is annoying, but yes it does matter, it matters a lot.

  10. I think his first mistake was when he chose to be black.

  11. To Bill, Pity he can’t hide that, isn’t it?

  12. I always mistrust people who describe who I am as a ‘lifestyle’. And whether what he said was about gay people or not, in my opinion it was still an unnecessary ‘look how macho and straight I am’ thing to say, and just feeds into that ‘must be a real man’ idea that so many young men have.

  13. Matthew, I don’t think our concern should be that a ‘cheap thug’ makes anti-gay statements but rather that a ‘cheap thug’ is a role model for kids. A ‘cheap thug’ will do what a ‘cheap thug’ will do, otherwise he would be something else, maybe something socially useful. And I’m basing this on what you say because I have no real idea who this guy is — I didn’t think his statement was about gay people and don’t think that saying “I don’t have a problem with gay people, my mother is a lesbian, I just feel uncomfortable around gay people and it’s ok to write I’m prejudiced” is the most anti-gay statement anyone has ever made. It’s certainly homophobic but we do know that homophobia exists in our society, especially around hip hop culture. I just think that the shock upon hearing that some ‘rapper thug’ is uncomfortable around gay people is a waste of energy. It’s not going to change that kind of culture, it’s only advertising it.

  14. He’s probably shagging Bishop Long.

  15. Who is this man again? He’s a washed up rapper who hasn’t had a hit since In Da Club…..I really don’t give a toss what he thinks!

  16. @ 10: Bill, exactly…like his namesake Michael Jackson, Curtis Jackson (aka 50 Cent) could also choose to be white and get a taper to those nostrils, refine the lips, straighten the nappy hair etc… if only he had the will and determination…I mean!!!

  17. Val. People, especially young people, gay young people even more so, need to know that the comments of some, especially politicians, celebrities and so-called spiritual leaders, are not unilaterally accepted. Perhaps you are too young to remember the silence of a few decades ago, it was not at all helpful. It may seem silly to keep nagging over every detail and every petty fool that comes along, but it is a lot more productive than the silence. Protest conditions people to behave better. When idiotic comments become less acceptable, the target of those comments also become more acceptable. Just the realities of human psychology. It is no different than addressing sexual harassment in the workplace. Many people think that is overdone as well, but it is a lot better than things used to be when that too was a silent issue that people did not think was important enough to get upset over.

  18. 21stCenturySpirituality 5 Oct 2010, 1:24am

    “…who choose an alternative lifestyle…” Somehow that doesn’t make it better 50 Cent. Now it sounds like your suggesting that being gay is a choice.

  19. 50 cent’s statement about lifestyle choices is called a backhander. Its calling sticking the boot in. I dont believe the original comment was homophobic but that doesnt mean the man aint homophobic. And saying “my mum loves women” doesnt absolve him at all.

  20. Poor sod, maybe his mum was totally sick of the “hard” guys in the hood who hang wid their bitches who are only of use to them for pussy & bj’s etc.

  21. blacks eh

  22. jamestoronto 6 Oct 2010, 4:09am

    1/2 Percent – ’cause that may be all you are worth, personally I feel cent is way too much. YOU MUST FEEL JUST ON TOP OF YOUR SICK WORLD – now that you have the blood of at last count 5 young men’s suicides on YOUR HANDS. Your philosophy – BIG word – is so, so sick. It sickens me even more that you used my country to jump-start your career – BTY – your music sucks – big time. BLOOD! BLOOD! BLOOD! – LOTS OF IT ON YOU.

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