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Paul Daniels claims ‘homophobic joke’ was simply a reference to sausage week

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Reader comments

  1. This is the man who famously faked his own death on the BBC, only to commit career suicide on Strictly Come Dancing 25 years later!!!

  2. Presumably Paul Daniels googled Craig Revel Horwood before the programme, and thought that mentioning sausages would be a good riposte in the event of any criticism. Daniels appreciated he could then use the ‘Sausage Week’ excuse. To summarise – Daniels guilty of homophobia.

  3. I’ve met him and he’s horrible. Miserable little sod, very right wing. I’m sure he’s made anti-gay comments in the past. He keeps trying to re-launch his career but he needs to re-launch his personality first. Shame really, he’s a real expert in his field.

  4. a bit of banter and as usuals most gays take it to heart
    I dont see how the remarks were homophobice, but then again, the PC brigade in this country of our will think different.
    Thank-god im one of the few left gays in this country who can take a joke and its a sad day when people complaint about remarks like this.
    This PC country of ours needs to chill a bit, well a lot actually….

  5. Meh, even assuming the worst interpretation that seems pretty harmless. If he’d been straight and fronting Melon Week, the joke would still have worked – it doesn’t really play off homophobia at all. I wouldn’t have been offended under the circumstances.

  6. Jock S. Trap 4 Oct 2010, 6:49am

    This is pathetic. It’s clear what this was a joke reference to. It doesn’t take more than two brain cells to work that one out. It shows people will read into anything they can twist and then get their knickers in a right ol’ twist.

    Grow up people and try that sense of humour out sometime.

    This is a typical drama queen reaction to those who thinks life is all about them. Guess what not everything in life is about being gay and comments aimed at it, get over it!

  7. Wasn’t it Daniels who said he didn’t trust gays and he’d never have one working for him? It was a few years ago now.

  8. D Lambert 4 Oct 2010, 8:33am

    Paul Daniels reminds me of a chipolata.

    Lacking in all dimensions.

  9. An unfunny double entendre at worst… made by a has-been chipolata-sized magician during sausage week.
    Think of all the hetero’s at the receiving end of some of Julian Clary’s double entendre’s over the years…exactly, there’s no comparison, whereas:
    Chipolata… a small sausage in a tight casing.
    Paul Daniels…a small sausage in a tight casing.

  10. This remark is funny, anyone that expresses outrage obviously suffers from a total sense of humour bypass and I feel sorry for them. Daniels was referring to Craig’s sausage promotion, it also has double entendre (in the best tradition of Carry On British humour) with being gay. This is not insulting – for goodness sake, lighten up – nobody respects a poe-faced grey humourless vinegar face – laugh and the world laughs with you, not at you.

  11. It’s a passable joke; not hilarious and not homophobic. What a fuss about nothing!

  12. Wasn’t it Daniels who said he didn’t trust gays and he’d never have one working for him? It was a few years ago now.

    Yes –

  13. Well, under Old Bailey standards of proof, the Sausage Week promotion creates enough reasonable doubt to dismiss this particular charge. But I am really tired of the ‘can’t you cheer up and take it?’ type of argument as a justification for tolerating public sneering that would never be accepted regarding other minorities. Of course we can ‘take it’. We have to ‘take it’ every day. But why should we?

  14. Paul Daniels and Jonathan Ross are kindred spirits – check out Jonathan’s sausage joke on 4th June 2010-

  15. It’s unbecoming to get all uppity over a sausage joke.

  16. Keith Lynwood 4 Oct 2010, 11:18am

    I agree with the poster who stated there was insufficient evidence to prove the offence. However, I never forget, and remember when he was asked if he would ever employ a gay male as a nanny for his children. He stated that he would not as he didn’t want his children TURNED into gays. His homophobia is there, but, case dismissed on this occasion.

  17. Kez Weston 4 Oct 2010, 12:52pm

    So what have we learnt after 17 comments?
    Yes PD is of short stature and can make things dissapear, such as audiences no doubt.
    He’s sausage-like, probably homophobic and, to be nice, has a sense of humour akin to a grandad that gets on yer tits but sometimes makes you smile.
    Hey lets all march against him, make banners, write to his boss/wife/local MP…. no, lets not bother eh?

  18. I wonder what first attracted Debbie McGee, to the shortarse, ugly millionaire Paul Daniels?

  19. It wasn’t a homophobic comment.

  20. Stuart Wood 4 Oct 2010, 2:42pm

    It’s ridiculous that Paul Daniels has been called a homophobe. He was a fantastic supporter of Frank’s Closet, perhaps the gayest fringe show in London last year, wife Debbie McGee played one of the Gaiety Girls! Paul was incredibly generous and relaxed and in-tune with the cast and show. This is pure gutter press trying to find a story. Both he and Debbie were representatives for British Sausage week last year and the joke of course had double entendre, in British comedy tradition and totally acceptable. Paul and Debbie have many gay friends and they need to be defended from the real homophobes who started these accusations.

  21. You people really need to get lives – check your facts before you make homophobia a joke too – how is eating sauasages a gay slur – given that Craig is a Judge for ‘sausage week’ and Daniels was a previous judge. – Some People Make Saugage Jokes – Get Over it!

  22. @JohnD Or as Jonathan Ross put it, when excusing remarks during the introduction to his gay house band on 4th June 2010, “it’s a legitimate barbecue reference” (see link above)

  23. As #21 posts, get a life ! And if anyone is capable of fighting his own battles it’s CRH !

  24. This is mild when compared to others who’ve made far worse comments about us. We should move on and concentrate on the most important issues facing us, primarily getting full marriage equality passed, school bullying tackled and Ben Summerskill removed from StonewallUK.

  25. Sausage Week! What a pathetic excuse from Paul Daniels! Even if it was “Sausage Week”, Daniels implied that OUTSIDE of any “Sausage Week” Revel Horwood has a full-time day-job “tasting sausages”. That’s homophobic and nasty. Full-stop!

    On the other hand Revel Horwood’s comments to Daniels were rather provocative and the “darling” he apparently added to each comment must have made him sound like a camp queen, so there will be those who will say that Horwood was asking for a gay gibe.

  26. The pink mafia thought police is out in force again. Yawn. How predictably tiresome. You lot don’t speak for me and I suspect the majority of same sex-attracted people. Attention seekers, the lot of you, and the sort of thing that defines what being “gay” these days is really all about (see my postings elsewhere). That’s right; intolerantly policing the mainstream’s every utterance, rack upon rack of skimpy undies in Prowler and Clone Zone, worshipping at the altar of Gaga… Boy this is one shallow, empty-headed, valueless, self-obsessed community, and was Orwell bang on the money or what? It is this behaviour that will always define the word gay as a lifestyle choice as ascribed by militants who don’t know when they have stretched the patience of the mainstream to breaking point with their incessant drum-banging. Their will always be ignoramasses making feeble jibes. The adult way to respond is to ignore it, NOT to draw attention to it and make things worse. It strikes me that this unwanted policing of the mainstream’s thoughts by pink militants is directly correlated to the sharp increase in violent attacks against gay people. The louder you shout and scream, the greater the wrath you attract for all of us.

  27. PS: I would hasten to suggest that the big story here is that the likes of Pink News would deem it worthy of reporting, thereby stirring up the hornet’s nest further and whipping its more fanatical fringe of readers into a hate-filled frenzy. As many on here correctly state, there is no implied homophobia in Daniels’ comments. The scary thing is that the militants are now searching for homophobia where it simply doesn’t exist such as their extremism. THAT is what we need to be seriously concerned about; not the wrongly perceived ramblings of a faded celebrity.

  28. “Wasn’t it Daniels who said he didn’t trust gays and he’d never have one working for him? It was a few years ago now.

    Yes –

    Well, after much of the nastiness and ridiculousness of many of the comments posters here who are contorting Daniels’ words and meaning to suit their preferred interpretation of events to justify their insistence that homophobia is rife and ever greater rights are needed to protect their interests, and generally getting their knickers in a twist about sod all, I would not hesitate to say Daniels is proven correct. After all, who on earth would want to work with such a rag bag of extremist PC reactionaries and stasi thought police donning rainbow flags who distort and twist reality to make their stand? PC by its very nature is intended to reverse the truth to protect self-interests. In Orwell’s world black is white and two plus two equals five, and that mentality is very evident on these boards these days. No, gays who twist reality to push their agenda beyond acceptable boundaries are most certainly NOT to be trusted.

  29. Merseymike 4 Oct 2010, 11:55pm

    Craig R-H didn’t appear particularly offended.

  30. Why do all get into a tiz about what the other person has said! I found it funny! Get a life!

  31. “British Sausage Week is now in its 13th fabulous year and we are proud to reveal that our celebrity judge for British Sausage Week 2010 is none other than (drum roll please): the fantastic Craig Revel Horwood! From 1st November, everyone’s favourite Dancing judge will be fox trotting his way around the country in search of Britain’s Star Sausage.”

    If you don’t want sausage jokes don’t be the Sausage King.

  32. I’m am idiot

  33. Seriously, even if it was meant nastily – it’s a laughable attempt to be homophobic. If it were said to me I would have laughed in his face.

    CRH is probably very capable of fighting his own battles and i’m sure that he wouldn’t take it too heart.

    But seriously, some of you guys are scary – over such a laughable comment too.

  34. I think it’s funny! Wish I’d thought of it myself!

  35. Well, say what you like about Daniels, but he can sure dance.

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