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Two charged after gay Edinburgh man is beaten unconscious

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Reader comments

  1. Hope these vile monsters receive appropriate level of punishment, verbally assaulted by the media & forced into some kind of community based work (supervised) with lgbt ‘community’..

  2. I hope these 2 guys get name and shamed publicly and I hope they will get a heavy sentence.

  3. We are all at risk. The gay community has been used globally as cannon fodder by both political various religious leaders to rallky their base to increase their popularity. When they do this thugs in the streets get raked up and then single us out to hurt us.

  4. Curious . . . two days after the popes visit to Edinburgh on the 17th of September, on the 19th of September a gay man is beaten up.

    . . . and the pope was saying what about Gay men ?

    Oh I forget . . . that we are an instrinsic and moral evil!!!

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