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‘Transphobic’ attack at trans conference in Sweden

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Reader comments

  1. “Sweden has a very positive reputation when it comes to tolerance on transgender issues”

    They require transgender people to be sterilised! Just how is that tolerant behaviour?

  2. violent losers

  3. Putting ‘transphobic’ in scare quotes serves no purpose other than to belittle the experience of the victims and cast unnecessary scrutiny to their already traumatic experiences. Cis men beating trans women because they’re trans is quite definitely transphobia.

    Some dubious ‘journalism’ there from Pink News..

  4. Krissie Pearse 1 Oct 2010, 9:51pm

    Agreed per comment #3

    They shouted transphobic abuse… so why use the scare quotes as if to imply that transphobic may be an illegitimate description when it clearly WAS transphobic?

    @pinknews fail! … for the second time todat. Ironic considering that today the Equality act came into effect and I lost some of my human rights, yet Pink News has nothing but praise!

  5. Hmmm. I have no idea why the quotes are there: those of us what write the articles often have nothing to do with the headlines.

    However, it would not surprise me if the thought process was not akin to the following: the abuse could be descried as transphobic, as that is implicit in the words used.

    However, whether the attack itself was or was not transphobic is a matter ultimately to be decided by the relevant legal system. Sure: you reckon it was transphobic. I might have a similar opinion, but…

    This is not mere hair-splitting. I cover a lot of legal caes in a number of ifferent places, and am just used to the fact that anything i report prior to a final verdict is likely to be plyed down, played safe, or just not carried at all. Why?

    Because anything that even remotely hints at prejudicial reporting could be enough to get a trial halted and the magazine carrying the piece sued.

    Now: i don’t KNOW that that is the thought process at work here. But it wouldn’t surprise me if it was.

    It frustrates the hell out of me at times…but if you want any exposure of stuff before a jury has delivered its verdict, you have to go along with court foibles.


  6. well…that was stupid of me! I wrote “not akin” when i guess i meant “not unlike”.

    its late….


  7. PumpkinPie 2 Oct 2010, 12:30am

    They require transgender people to be sterilised! Just how is that tolerant behaviour?

    ****ing hell… I just looked that up because I thought it couldn’t possibly be true. My god, what an absolute disgrace. If I was trans and living in Sweden, I might consider taking my chances in the Middle East before one of their eugenicists catches me. Bloody hell…

    However, whether the attack itself was or was not transphobic is a matter ultimately to be decided by the relevant legal system. Sure: you reckon it was transphobic. I might have a similar opinion, but…

    I always notice that on Pink News articles. To be honest, I kinda like it. The quotation marks appear on LGB articles, too, so it’s not like the trans community’s getting singled out, and you could hardly claim Pink News is homophobic. Gives the headlines a feeling of “properness”, while also making it completely impossible for bigots to claim anyone’s trying to play the victim. At the same time, we can all make up our own minds about incidents. Not that it’s hard to come to a conclusion about incidents like this, of course.

  8. According to Pink News, the incident happened in Bergsgatan. That is not exactly a good area at night, to put it mildly.

    In that area, there has been quite a few clashes between immigrants and non-immigrants, shootings, a couple of bombings over protection money and clashes between rival drug gangs.

    So much for TGEU advertising it had everything well organised. Then again, they do appear to be like PFC, all mouth and nothing substantial.

    Who ever came up with the demented idea to have that meeting in Malmö, needs there head looked. Copenhagen is literally just across the bridge from malmö. It is a major metropolitan area and very safe.

    Also a bit of explanation about law and order in Sweden is needed here.

    The Police will take a statement. They will not investigate. The victims will be sent a letter in about three months stating it has been investigated and there is no evidence of an incident having occurred. Swedish law and Swedish police are very different from the UK system.

  9. The requirement of sterilization in order to change legal gender in Sweden is certainly disgraceful. I would say the positive reputation Sweden has in LGBT circles is more down to tolerance towards gays and lesbians than transgender people, who definitely have been overlooked.

    On a positive note, I recently attended a debate on LGBT issues between the leaders of the parliamentary parties in Stockholm where the issue was brought up. There was a complete consensus that this is something that remains from a different time and that the clause should be removed. I expect this to go though parliament in the not too distant future.

  10. How on earth did they even know that they were Trans? I’ve neber been able to differentiate.

  11. GouineMum 2 Oct 2010, 5:41pm

    Juste to get that right: the requirement of sterilization of trans’ people is in force in almost every State on this planet. (which doesn’t Sweden make any better for that matter)

  12. This is what occurs when you allow immigrants who have no respect for local laws.. We are so afraid to offend those who come to our countries that we allow them to bring there local attitudes in.

    We have seen in countries such as Netherlands and even here in the UK where Muslims attack gays cause it is against there culture.

    MULTICULTURISM DOES NOT WORK PEOPLE – It is a threat to evey Gay/Lesbian and now transgender rights!

  13. Tim Hopkins 3 Oct 2010, 12:16pm

    I’m sorry I have to respond. I can only write about Scotland, but here there is simply zero evidence of transphobic or homo/biphobic hate crime being done by Muslims. The evidence is that most is done by young white non-Muslim people. So what should we do, Anita, sterilise all white people?

    I do believe that religious leaders publicly expressing transphobia and homophobia can encourage hate crime. In Scotland that is overwhelmingly done by Catholic bishops. So what should we do, ban Catholic immigration from the likes of Ireland and Poland?

    Scapegoating and demonising entire communities based on their race or religion, because of the supposed actions of a few, is plain discrimination, and wrong. It does nothing to promote a culture of respect for non-discrimination, equality and human rights for all, from which LGBT people do, and are likely continue to, benefit.

  14. Sally Outen 3 Oct 2010, 12:36pm

    Agreed – Anita’s comment reads as appallingly ill-informed and bigoted. Sure, it’s no fun to be part of a persecuted section of society, but ignorantly blaming another persecuted section of society doesn’t help anyone’s cause.

  15. @ Tim Hopkins

    I live just outside Malmö at present. The UK is a bad reference point for anything happening internally in Sweden. Sweden is substantially different from the UK in who attacks who.

    Racism, Anti-Semitism, Transphobia and homophobia are quite bad in Malmö and getting steadily worse.

    The people who get it worst in malmö are jews. Some of the last holocaust survivors have had to flee that city in the last 3 years. The local Mayor has publicly stated that attacks on jews are there own fault for not demonstrating in support of Gaza.

    The people who claim they were harrassed in Bergsgatan are lucky they had not worse. After dark that is a very dangerous area, due to clashes between rival protection rackets gangs, drug gangs and street gangs.

    THe club that other from the conference had trouble in the night after is nothing better than a gang meeting, drug dealing, club.

    I have commented extensively at this link.

    I ahve also left the comment below on private forums about this.

    After several delegates from the TGEU conference had crap from bigots in a resturant and the local police, other delegates then went the next night to a nightclub which is basically a cross between a brothel, a gang meeting house and a drug den.

    Where did they get the idea to goto a club like that?

    What kind of lunatic advised them on what clubs to goto?

    Do you have to fail an IQ test to get into TGEU?

    It is very noticeable from the pictures, the lack of senior trans activists from TGEU at the protest.

    I really do not understand the reason for choosing Malmö for this meeting.

    Copenhagen is significantly safer and a lot more open minded. It is literally beside the airport.

    If it had to be in Sweden, Lund and Helsingborg are only short railway journeys from Malmö. Trains go direct from Copenhagen airport to Lund and Helsingborg.

    Lund would have been a far better choice, with better facilities, more open minded resturants and nightclubs with significantly better hotel accomodation.

    The only conclusion I can come to, is that the organisers;

    A/ are either so stupid that they have no intelligence whatsoever,

    B/ or that they deliberately did so as a political point while Malmö is in the middle of political upheaval, with a massive rise in racist violence, in the midst of gang and drug wars.

    Some background links on Malmö.

    Transgender need more protection in law

    Anti-Semitic hate crimes rise in 2009: report

    Jews flee Malmö as anti-Semitism grows

    Malmö mayor says unaware of level of attacks on Jews

    Jews in Sweden under increasing threat

    Jewish burial chapel attacked in Malmö

    Three of four hate crimes racist: report

    Sweden slammed for UN rights failures

    Liberal leader meets embattled Malmö Jews

    Grenade attack as Malmö gang violence escalates

    Dynamite blast at Malmö research centre

    Bomb rocks iconic Malmö restaurant

    Men with dynamite arrested at Malmö train station

    Restaurant bomb linked to gang vendetta

    Bomb shakes Malmö apartment building

    Malmö rocked by morning crime wave

    School massacre averted

    Shooting death may be linked to gang war

    Prison for prosecutor bomb attack

    Bomb explodes in Malmö

    Five arrests in Malmö gang war

    Two arrested for bomb attack on prosecutor

    Terror financing trial underway in Malmö

    Confession in prosecutor bomb attack

    Criminal gangs show no signs of leaving Sweden

  16. @Andrea, “What kind of lunatic advised them on what clubs to goto?”

    The same lunatics who think multiculturalism is only a good thing.

  17. @ Jane Fae,

    Regarding Eurgenics in Sweden.

    Sweden sterilised 62,000 people officially in its eugenics programs from the mid 1930’s to the mid 1970’s. Most commentators from outside Sweden put the figure far higher and the Sammi people of the north of Sweden, put the number significantly higher.

    Most of the people sterilised were not mentally or physically disabled as the Swedes like to claim. The largest group sterilised were the Sammi, the indigenous people from the North of Sweden.

    The Swedish government still fights people in court who were forcibly sterilised so as to stop them getting compensation.

    @ David,

    You attended the debate where the party leaders agreed to remove the sterilisation requirement for transsexual people. Interesting.

    They refuse to even discuss allowing under 18 years old transsexual people to have Sex Reasignent Surgery. Did you raise that issue at the debate?

    Also they refuse to depathologise transsexualism. Did you raise that issue at the debate?

    The pathologisation of transsexualism by psychiatrists is a disgrace. Just ask any gay person who went through reparative therapy before depathologisation of homosexuality, what that can be like.

    Anone who supports the pathologisation of transsexualism is an enemy of transsexual people.

  18. Fancy holding a conference in such a feral place? Didn’t the Swedish Democrats poll highly in Malmo?
    Safety is all about using your brains and selecting a safe environment to be in!
    In my own city, there are some suburbs I would never visit and some areas of the city centre, I would never visit at night!

  19. @ Brenton,

    The Sweden Democrats did increase there vote in Malmö and the netire surrounding province of Skåne.

    Here is a round up of posts regarding the incidents.

    Problems at TGEU conference in Sweden.

    bird of paradox

    Update: “Transphobia is everywhere”

    Protest utanför nattklubben Crown\

    2 türkische Delegierte bei der 3. Europäischen Transgenderkonferenz Opfer einer
    transphoben Attacke durch Unbekannte.

    Sweden – a “no-go” for transgender ?

    Opening of the Third European Transgender Council in Malmoe over shaded by
    racist and transphobic attack\

    Declaration of the 3rd TGEU Council on the discrimination and violence targeted
    at the trans participants from Turkey

    Internationell konferens om transpolitik i Malmö

    Demonstration och uttalande mot transfobi i Malmö

    You will notice the lack of coverage of the events on the local Malmö RFSL news

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