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Four US teens bullied for being gay commit suicide in a month

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  1. The video of Ellen is on Youtube here

  2. This is deeply upsetting. I do not understand how people can get away with this type of behaviour. These poor kids.

    What angers me about this is that school are meant to have anti-bullying protocol in place but little is done to enforce this and in some cases it’s the school district which is the main villain such as in the case of Constance McMillain (I think).

    So many people are full of hate and fear concerning homosexuality and it’s bloody sad.

  3. chris in new england 1 Oct 2010, 4:25pm

    And these are just the ones we know about…

  4. Shocking and sad. What on earth are the schools doing to allow this to happen? How desperate must these poor teens have felt to kill themselves? :(

    And it’s not just the school environment either. Society as a whole needs sorting out. There’s homophobia everywhere sadly because there are always a few ignorant, insecure people that will bully others, but I was shocked by the attitude of so many ADULTS when I visited Texas last year. These self-righteous people felt they could abuse others and judge them and that every ‘decent person’ would back them up. That’s sick and I partly blame the insidious messages some religions send out. Children learn hate from their elders.

  5. Bill Perdue 1 Oct 2010, 4:49pm

    There a sixth suicide reported today. Raymond Chase was a 19-year-old student at Johnson & Wales in Providence, RI who hung himself in his dorm room two days ago. He joins , Asher Brown, Billy Lucas. Justin Aaberg, Seth Walsh and Tyler Clementi. Now, a sixth young soul.

    This is the sixth suicide of a young gay man in as many weeks. These ‘suicides’ are, one and all, murder by religious bigotry. Religion and the politicians of both parties who pander to religious bigots are the direct and sole cause of discrimination, harassment, violence, a terrible suicide rate and murders. Cult leaders and their political allies are the real criminals in these cases.

    The greatest failure of our movement is our inability to protect our young. Young LGBT folks are our children and we fail them time and again by not taking aggressive action to sue everyone in sight when this happens. They continue to pay the price for our inattention.

    We need first and foremost to mount a campaign to insist that our legal groups -Lambda Legal, NCLR and the ACLU – handle these cases on a priority basis, duplicating the work of the Southern Poverty Law Center who broke the back of KKK, no easy task, with a robust campaign of lawsuits on behalf of the victims of racism.

    Secondly we need to demand the Congress criminalize hate speech because it promotes discrimination, harassment, violence, a terrible suicide rate and murder.

  6. Bullicide may be a slightly clumsy neologism but it is the right word and people should get their heads around the concept. ALso for every young gay kid driven to suicide there are many more self harming or depressed or scared. Things are bad in the UK but at least some action is now starting to be taken. I can imagine it is worse in the USA.

  7. Keith Lynwood 1 Oct 2010, 5:27pm

    Unfortunately these young men are in a country full of religious freaks. They now have their own political party with the tea party. Be prepared for many many more horrific stories like these as this group of homophobics permeate this hateful place.

  8. A change of culture is needed to combat the prejudice which leads to homophobic bullying. David Cameron talked about it in June.

    One of the presenters on BBC children’s TV was called a pansy last week as part of a so-called joke.

    I’ve asked the BBC how they intend to change BBC children’s services in order to promote equality, diversity and inclusiveness. Still waiting for a reply.

  9. This the end result. The reality is that not only have many religious leaders been sexually buggering children they have been emotionally buggering society by preaching religious based hatred towards gays and particularly the Catholics Clerics who have been dishonestly making an invalid connections between gays and sexual preditors. This is a large part of where the bullies get their haterd. I have had enough – what respect I have is gone – everytime I see a person of the cloth now, at airports or in the streets I have ago at them. I don’t care. They need to be called out. I would love to run into that pathetic excuse for a man the Archbiushop of Canterbury – why he dallies to accomodate African extremists dressed in his churches cloth kids are dying. The man is spineless.

  10. Dr Clive Wheeler 1 Oct 2010, 6:18pm

    I am now 60 and the bulleying I received whilst at secondary school was enough to make me hide my real self for 40 plus years. I think back and regard this as such a waste. But – it does not compare with the waste of lives of such young guys who should have everything to live for. I am at a loss to understand the total lack of understanding, of love and support from not only his peers but also the school authorities in who had the necessary clout to do something positive about it. As a teacher in that arena for over 40 years I know staff in schools have a mighty influence over all their students – they should have been far more proactive even if it were against their own socio-religious beliefs. Their contracts override any personal feelings they may have had. I cry for those who felt it necessary to end their lives which were so full of promise and hope. I cry for their supportivbe parents. I cry for the fact that things havent really changed that much over the past half century.

  11. These stories are very upsetting because they hit so close to home for me. Here I’d been thinking that things had improved a lot for gay teenagers over the years after hearing how some of them have successfully taken same-sex dates to prom, etc. But now this… Back when I was in high school about 30 years ago, the physical threats were even worse than the verbal abuse I received for being gay. I was often beaten up for no other reason, but there was absolutely no one I could tell with revealing my horrible secret. That’s why I came very close to committing suicide myself several times too. It really breaks my heart to know our country is heading back into the Dark Ages again, like Keith Lynwood pointed out, thanks to the influence of groups like the hate-filled Tea Party. They skirt the boundaries of what’s legal with their verbal bullying, with no regard to what’s proper moral or ethical behavior on their part. It really saddens me to realize our society has enough intellectually challenged people for groups like that to even still exist. Isn’t the human race ever going to evolve beyond grade-school mentality? :-(

  12. Peter from Brisbane 1 Oct 2010, 7:18pm

    Poor little Vegemites! I hope those murderous men in Frocks are proud of themselves. Subversive religious leaders always have one caring hand outstreched whilst the other hand is hidden carrying a Noose and a Match.
    Yes I cry for them and past friends who were thrown into Rivers and drowned, or pushed over cliffs to their deaths in places like Manly and Bondi. Why is the Law so silent? It righteously smirks/condones and hides behind the Frocks of Women and Priests.
    This new movement in America, The Tea Party, is the new replacement for the old KKK.

  13. Someone like 50c should really be more aware of discrimination. The time is well within the living memory of many when he would have had to sit at the back of the bus, thats if he would have been able to get on at all. Prior to the sixties he wouldnt have been allowed to join the mormon church. Stunning lack of insight and awareness.

  14. PS Aren’t parties like the tea party in favour of freedom and independence? Surely if anything they should be supporting gay rights and equality? Land of the free? Reminded of Henry Ford and his model Ts “you can have any colour you like as long as it’s black”.

  15. tragic waste of life.

  16. EVERY church leader or member who preaches homophobia under the dubious guise of ‘protecting families’, EVERY parent or teacher who teaches children that being gay is not okay, EVERY Republican politician who thinks we don’t deserve equality, EVERY rapper (hello 50 cent) or celebrity who makes fun of and slanders us in a public arena – in short, everyone who influences kids to think this way – now has blood on their hands. I hope you’re proud of yourselves.

  17. It wasn’t in one month, it was in ONE WEEK!

    And we got a report today of a fifth gay teenager who committed suicide on Wednesday bringing the number to five.

  18. Seth, Tyler and Raymond all died this Wednesday. Tyler jumped off of a bridge Wednesday, Raymond hanged himself Wednesday and Seth hanged himself nine days earlier and had been on life support until he died Wednesday.

  19. Ryan in Michigan 2 Oct 2010, 2:21am

    I’m ashamed that things like this occur in my country. Unfortunately most of you are right. My country is pretty much split on this. Every time those of us in the US that have our heads screwed on right push the crazy religious fanatics push back harder. Hell in my home state of Michigan which I love the Assistant Attorney General is openly spewing hate towards Chris Armstrong who is a gay student council president at the University of Michigan. An adult government official harassing a gay student by following him and videotaping him and openly spewing hate on his blog about gays. Honestly makes me want to move out of the country after I graduate from college. Unfortunately the crazy half of the country has tainted any reputation we did have with the world so just about everyone dislikes Americans. So it’s either stay here with the crazies or move somewhere where I’m not welcome. Awesome.


  21. While not wanting to downplay religion and its role in influencing attitudes in America and elsewhere, let’s not forget that it’s just over a year since a gay teenager threw himself off a building in Derby while being egged on to do so by a crowd in Derby. These instances in the US are certainly tragic, but let’s not get too complacent over here.

  22. Peter In Brisbane 2 Oct 2010, 8:42pm

    The Jesuits have their manipulative fingers in this deadly discrimination against our young LGBTS.
    Watched a programme recently on Compass about the raising of children in a Jesuit School in Australia. The Teacher forced an impressionable, young female student to take home a computerized Doll to supervise it’s crying and changing nappies for days on end. For the young male students, a huge Sword for pushed in their faces and informed of its value in a heterosexual Christian world.
    So what is their agenda? Girls must play with dolls to become breeders, whilst young males must be encouraged to march behind Military Bands at the exclusion of all other ways of life. The Presenter of Compass appeared to show a warm fuzzy feeling after the Programme. Some of our young are different and don’t want that way of life.
    Our Australian, conservative Leader of the Opposition, Tony Abbott, also taught by the Jesuits, has been inflicted with this same dangerous Viral Infection, and insists that women must not be Prostitutes and remain Virginal and chaste. They must also know their place before the Ironing Board.
    Why bless you Tony for telling me where my place is!
    Tony has just flown into London. Please give him the welcome he deserves.

  23. A young youth gone cause of bigots in this country. Cause people today want to act like they did in the 50’s and 60’s. Prejudice should be a thing of the past but apparently its not. To the boys family, I am sorry for your loss.. And hope you will help spread the word, we need to end prejudice and bigots of all kinds.

  24. As horrendous as this is, like gunning down children, this is what America considers an acceptable by product of being “free”. If this weren’t the case, they would do something about it. The massacre little more than a week ago is now fading and gun toting will be ever more popular. Gay teens being bullied and committing suicide simply doesn’t register within mainstream American society. We read about this almost montly on this site despite admirable work being done by superb organisations like the Trevor Project. No, unfortunately, to be gay and American throws up more obstacles for our community in the US than is suggested by singing and dancing “happy” shows that show gay stereotypes living unaffected lives as they pander to their straight counterparts. So glad I live in the UK!

  25. The anti-gay Christians did this and they are also guilty of murder for bein an accessory to a crime.

  26. … and religious leaders will still sleep peacefully in their beds. If we had FULL equality, religions would have to stop spreading their vile hate-filled messages. In the minds of the mindless, religiously-inspired homophobia is the justification they use to hurt others. Governments must be made to understand that religion is responsible for perpetuating homophobia. It’s a scandal and must be addressed before more bullied teens take their own life.

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