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September 2010

  • 16th September 2010

    Video: Pope attacks ‘aggressive secularism’ as he arrives in UK 37

    The Pope attacked "aggressive forms of secularism"

    2:16 PM — Pope Benedict XVI arrived in Britain today for a four-day tour. As he delivered a speech outside Holyrood House in Edinburgh after meeting the Queen, he warned the UK to beware of "aggressive forms of secularism" and urged people to retain traditional values while becoming a modern and multi-cultural society.

  • Ken Livingstone promises new gay rights measures if elected London mayor 9

    Ken Livingstone will stand again for London mayor in 2012

    1:50 PM — London mayoral hopeful Ken Livingstone has promised that if elected in 2012, he will appoint a LGBT advisory board and hold an annual Pride reception. He also criticised Boris Johnson for "downgrading" equality projects.

  • London clinic warns of ‘party drug’ addiction among gay men 10

    The clinic reported that most of its patients were gay men

    12:11 PM — A London clinic set up to treat addiction to 'party drugs' says the majority of its patients are young gay men. Dr James Bell, head of the Party Drugs Clinic at the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, said most of his clinic's patients were "young, well-educated, professional gay men".

  • Nearly 90 per cent of US gay students harassed over sexuality

    Homophobic bullying led to students skipping more classes

    11:22 AM — A US survey of more than 7,000 LGBT students has suggested that the vast majority are harassed at school for their sexuality or gender identity. The national survey found that 84 per cent were verbally harassed and 18 per cent were physically attacked for being gay, lesbian or bisexual.

  • Russian gay rights campaigner arrested in Moscow 11

    Nikolai Alekseev was arrested yesterday

    10:34 AM — Russia's best-known gay rights campaigner was arrested at Moscow's Domodedovo Airport yesterday. Nikolai Alekseev was boarding a flight to Geneva and had passed through passport control when he was arrested by Russian border police yesterday evening.

  • 15th September 2010

    Brighton Pride email suggests fire service concerns 4

    Brighton Pride's chair resigned today (Photo: Flickr user Digital Leica)

    8:47 PM — Exclusive: East Sussex Fire Service is thought to have concerns that this year's Brighton Pride festival was "poorly managed". An emailed statement from Pride this afternoon announcing the immediate resignation of chair Robert Clothier contained an forwarded email which appeared to have been sent by accident.

  • Gay mayor gets a step closer to being a congressman

    David Cicilline hopes to become the fourth out gay Congressman

    6:08 PM — The mayor of Providence, Rhode Island, has won the Democratic nomination for a seat in Congress. David Cicilline, 48, is gay and has served two terms as mayor.

  • Brighton Pride chair resigns with immediate effect

    Brighton Pride's acting chair stood down today

    5:46 PM — The acting chair of Brighton Pride has resigned with immediate effect. Robert Clothier, who stood in for former chair Yvonne Barker when she resigned last November, announced he was standing down today.

  • Broadcasting equality body hires gay rights campaigner 3

    BETR regulates training and equal opportunities in the broadcast industry

    4:48 PM — The regulatory body for training and equal opportunities in broadcasting has added a gay rights campaigner to its board. Craig Jones MBE, who worked to help integrate lesbian and gay soldiers in the military, has joined BETR as a board member.

  • Ricky Martin ‘more creative’ after coming out 2

    Ricky Martin came out in March

    3:54 PM — Ricky Martin is more creative after coming out as gay, his songwriting partner says. The singer came out in March after years of speculation about his sexuality and songwriter Desmond Child says the admission has changed him for the better.

  • Majority of Irish people in favour of gay marriage 9

    The poll found strong support for gay marriage

    3:07 PM — An Irish poll on social attitudes has suggested that most people agree with marriage equality and would not think less of a person for being gay or lesbian.

  • Stephen Fry and Richard Dawkins say Pope should not be given ‘honour’ of state visit 32

    The Pope arrives in the UK tomorrow

    2:03 PM — A letter signed by more than 50 public figures says that the Pope should not be given the "honour" of a state visit to the UK. The letter, published today in the Guardian newspaper, argues that while the Pope is free to visit his British followers, his teachings on sexual issues mean he should not be accorded a state visit.

  • Hollyoaks actor Kieron Richardson comes out as gay 13

    Hollyoaks actor Kieron Richardson is gay

    12:56 PM — Hollyoaks star Kieron Richardson came out on television today. The actor, who plays reformed bad boy Ste Hays in the soap, announced he was gay on This Morning.

  • Stonewall urged to speak out for marriage equality 53

    The letter calls for debate on marriage equality

    11:34 AM — Gay rights charity Stonewall is being urged to "end its silence" and support full marriage equality for gay and straight couples. An open letter signed by a number of gay rights activists, gay religious groups and individuals will be sent to the charity on Friday to ask it to publicly support the issue.

  • 14th September 2010

    Virgin and Vodafone respond to claims of blocking gay websites 5

    Most of the phone companies named say they are investigating (Photo: Oracio Alvarado)

    5:33 PM — Exclusive Mobile phone networks Virgin and Vodafone have responded to complaints that they block gay news, travel and information websites. The companies are two of several named by PinkNews.co.uk readers for blocking gay content as offensive or inappropriate for children.

  • Supreme Court rules Jerusalem must fund gay centre 3

    Jerusalem's Open House centre should be given funding, the court said

    5:06 PM — The Supreme Court has ruled that Jerusalem must pay for a LGBT community centre. The Open House centre has struggled to gain funding for several years and today, judges said that the city municipality must give it $120,000.

  • Video: Lady Gaga defends meat dress as part of protest for gay rights 10

    Lady Gaga said the meat dress was about gay equality (Photo: MTV)

    4:44 PM — Lady Gaga has revealed that one of the dresses she wore to the MTV awards was made of real meat. The bisexual singer was criticised for the choice by animal rights organisations, who said it was another animal that had been killed.

  • Gay Saudi diplomat says he’ll be killed if sent home 6

    Saudi Arabia criminalises homosexuality

    3:39 PM — A gay Saudi Arabian diplomat is seeking asylum in the US because he says he will be killed if returned to his home country. The man, who has been named as Ali Ahmad Asseri, says his homosexuality and his friendship with a Jewish woman will lead to his death.

  • Video: George Michael jailed for eight weeks 16

    George Michael was sentenced to eight weeks in prison

    3:37 PM — Gay singer George Michael has been jailed for eight weeks for crashing his car while under the influence of cannabis. The star, 47, was driving home from London's Pride celebrations in July when he crashed his Range Rover into a branch of Snappy Snaps.

  • Video:Ray Gosling admits wasting police time over ‘mercy killing’ 2

    Ray Gosling admitted wasting police time

    2:17 PM — Veteran BBC broadcaster Ray Gosling has admitted that he wasted police time when he claimed to have killed a gay lover. He received a 90-day suspended prison sentence today at Nottingham magistrates court.

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