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Tory MP Nick Herbert addresses Republican gay dinner

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Reader comments

  1. I’ve seen Nick Herbert talking on subjects similar to this and he’s a fantastic speaker. Good luck to him as he seems to be a very competent and well rounded politician.

  2. The Republican Party in the US is far more grotesquely homophobic than the Tories in the UK.

    They are in general about the equivalent of the BNP in Britain when it comes to gay rights.

    The Log Cabin Republicsns are a truly pathetic group of self-hating Uncle Tom’s who have no problem wining and dining bigotted extremists like Ann Coulter.

    They are more pathetic than even LGBTory.

    Did Nick Herbert condemn the homophobia of the Republicans?

    And why is Herbert boasting about Britain’s civil partnership apartheid laws?

    Surely Herbert must realise that he cannot claim that the Tories are gay friendly unless they start to support LGBT equality.

    Civil Partnerships are a discrminatory form of apartheid, ONLY supported in Britain by the pathetic, homophobic, undemocratic, unrepresentative Stonewall Group.

    What is Herbert doing to allow LGBT people have marriage equality in Britain.

    Or is he merely a pathetic Gay Uncle Tom like the Log Cabin Republicans?

  3. The Log Cabin is disingenuous when it claims that since th 1970s it has been educating the Republican about our issues. To date, their party hasn’t submitted any bill or signed off any legislation giving any semblance of equality to LGBT people. It opposes same-sex marriage outright, opposes repealing the law banning openly gay men and women from serving in the military, opposes a bill ending discrimination in the workplace at the national level, opposes gay couples adopting children, among others. It actually believes it can change its party from within, yet in 40 years since its existence, the Log Cabiners have achieved precious little in educating their party. The only thing its produced are closeted politicians who have voted time and time again to discriminate against us. I wonder what Herbert thinks about full marriage equality? Someone should ask him. My gut feeling is probably the same as his counterparts in the Log Cabin, not a priority or a necessity.

  4. Log Cabin Republicans have failed becuase they spend their whole time attacking Republicans and acting as cover for Democrat criticisms of them. The new conservative gay group, GOProud (, will be much more successful because they actually engage with Republicans rather than spend their time disowning them.

  5. Good on him, but I think addressing the Log Cabin Republicans is preaching to the converted. He ought to be bearding the Tea Party.

  6. de Villiers 30 Sep 2010, 8:18pm

    Marcus, you’re a parody.

  7. “Marcus, you’re a parody”


    Well I challenge you to show me any evidence of how the party of George W Bush (and his religious extremist comrades) has benefitted the LGBT community over the past 40 years.

  8. Nick Herbert does prove his own point: it is possible to be a selfish human being and a homosexual.

  9. You might as well be talking to hitler about loving the Jews, as talking to the USA republicans.

    yes there are good republicans. But if they dare go against the politburo of the party, they get killed at the primary election. Happened in my district in 2006, when our good moderate republican Rep Gilchrist spoke out against the Iraq war.

    The repubs ran a doctor against him in the primary, and Gilchrist lost out. The Doc btw, is not to far from Dr. Mengele in his views.

    He lost the election,and a convservative democrat, but a good guy in general, who eg supports ending dont ask dont tell,and has several gay staffers, won the election.

    They are at it again with Mengele, in this years election. Running a campaign that wouldhave made Paul Joseph Goebbels proud.

    Someone said that the Log cabin repubs really fit the definitionof people with the Stockholm syndrome.

    Where people get attached to their tormenters. The basic trick is to terrorize these people, and then come back and show a bit of kindness

    It resets the expectation level. Same trick used by real estate agents – they will take you to an overpriced wreck of a house.

    And then take you to another house, still probably somewhat overpriced, but not in as bad a shape.

    and with the comparison reset in your mind you buy. It worked with us back in 1970 when I and my wife bought our first house.

  10. Jock S. Trap 1 Oct 2010, 9:50am

    Good for Nick. I think it’s excellent that someone is taking a positive message out there.

    Well done Nick!

  11. SteveMD2 – your comments on what is happening to the GOP are interesting and echo what other Americans have told me – the old party of mainstream conservatives is being destroyed and hijacked by far-right lunatics. Lincoln would not recognise his party today!
    I am not a conservative of any kind but it is very bad for any democracy for a main political party to be taken over by extremists in this way. I read a press report somewhere else that, confronted with Nick Herbert, an audience of Republicans treated him like a visiting Martian. An out-gay conservative was inconceivable to them. Scary.

  12. Marcus, if the Tories are far less grotesquely homophobic than the Republicans, lets see how they handle marriage equality. Cameron I guarantee you will NOT support it in order to appease first and foremost his bigot base. Summerskill will make sure of that. The Republicans in America will be jubilant about that, believe me. We need to find out where Herbert stands. I suspect he’ll support Summerkill’s decision, not important, not a priority and not necessary.

  13. Jess Conrad 2 Oct 2010, 10:15am

    I USED TO SEE GAYS Prosecuted And Jailed For Homosexual Offences not so very long ago…So I Am Truly Greatful To The Labour Gov. For Allowing Me To Have A Civil Partnership Cerimony At My Local Regestrar’s Office in 2006 And That’s After 35 Years With My Male Partner!

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