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Tasmania to recognise foreign gay marriages

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Reader comments

  1. It’s something I guess and keeps the marriage equality issue in the forefront.

    I’m also glad that the Greens have got the guts to open legisaltion for same sex marriage , despite huge opposition. No faffing around here like Stonewall and some of the parties in the UK… get stuck into it, the UK has more support than the Greens in Australia but that doesn’t seem to scare them!!! What is the UK waiting for!!!!

  2. Paul Mitchell 1 Oct 2010, 4:02am

    WOW – Tasmania is more progressive on gay rights issues now!!!!!!

    And meanwhile in the UK the Liberal Democrats now support gay marriage in their own policy direction – now where is Stonewall and Labor on gay marriage, the complete silence from those two is deafening!!!!!!!

  3. Love – but consistently fail to understand – how Tasmania manages to be the first state EVERY TIME to take progressive steps on the gay issue-due-jour. The rest of Oz then plays slooooooooooow catch-up. Good work Tassie, you little island fighter, slowly I’m sure you’ll drag the rest of us into the light.

  4. Tasmania is a remarkable place. We go there regularly for holidays and have only once encountered hostility and that was from a B and B owner who had recently moved there from South Australia.
    Gay marriage will not come from the Federal Australian Govt. It will come from the States, probably Tasmania first and NSW, QLD last. The former because of the influence of bigotted christians who seem to have undue influence on both sides of government and latter because they are rednecks. Only when the States have passed gay marriage laws will the Federal Govt. seek to `unify’ what is already there. This, I foresee, will take about 10-12 years.

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