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Indonesian gay film festival disrupted by protests

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Reader comments

  1. Ian Bower (Lincoln) 30 Sep 2010, 3:54pm

    Quote ‘He said increased media coverage may have sparked this year’s protests.
    Or, could it have been this?

  2. Peter from Brisbane 30 Sep 2010, 9:37pm

    Have a thought for we in Australia, living a few kilometers from these total religious wacko’s. They are invading our laid back, secular country, bringing the failed religious baggage with them.
    Strange thing that, they flee their homeland from this oppression and want to set it up again here, slashing pussies with razor blades and wanting to set up Califates.
    We should have said to them at the beginning. “This is our way of life, this is what we do. if that does not suit you, then this is not the country for you. ‘Everything free in America, la la la’.
    When you get here, Turn right and head straight for Centrelink.

  3. Keep up the good work, John Badalu.

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