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30 September 2010

  • 30th September 2010

    Stonewall responds to open letter on marriage equality 44

    Stonewall said it was consulting supporters

    5:38 PM — Gay rights charity Stonewall has responded to an open letter asking it to clarify its stance on marriage equality for gay and straight couples. The response said that Stonewall was consulting its supporters and identifying objections that could be made against a change in the law.

  • US suicide teenager may have asked for help over webcam spying 14

    Tyler Clementi may have asked for help before killing himself

    5:22 PM — The American student who killed himself after a roommate allegedly recorded him having gay sex may have asked for help, reports suggest. A strikingly similar plea for advice was posted on a gay community website.

  • Tory MP Nick Herbert addresses Republican gay dinner 13

    Nick Herbert told the US gay group that conservatism and gay rights go together

    4:33 PM — Gay Tory MP Nick Herbert addressed a US Republican gay group last week and said conservatism and gay rights are not incompatible. He was speaking at the Log Cabin Republicans' annual dinner in Washington.

  • Indonesian gay film festival disrupted by protests 3

    The film festival was disrupted by protests (Photo: Ryan Baxter)

    3:49 PM — Indonesia's annual gay film festival was disrupted by angry protesters in Jakarta this week. The festival, called Q!, showcases films about HIV/AIDS, LGBT issues and human rights at a range of venues around the city.

  • Tasmania to recognise foreign gay marriages 4

    Tasmania will recognise foreign gay marriages

    3:15 PM — Tasmania is to become the first Australian state to recognise gay marriages performed abroad. They will be recognised as Tasmanian deeds of relationship, which are similar to civil partnerships.

  • California governor Schwarzenegger signs ‘gay cure’ repeal bill 3

    California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed the repeal bill

    2:24 PM — California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed a bill to remove a 'gay cure' provision from the state's laws. The 1950 law instructed California's State Department of Mental Health to investigate and research "the causes and cures of homosexuality".

  • Soap star Adam Rickitt to host Conservative gay party 25

    Adam Rickitt will host Conference Pride

    1:00 PM — Former Coronation Street actor Adam Rickitt is to host the Conservative Party's official gay night at its annual conference in Birmingham. Conference Pride is now in its second year. It was said to be one of the most popular parties at 2009's Tory conference.

  • US teenager kills himself after roommate ‘taped him having sex with a man’ 37

    Tyler Clementi apparently killed himself by jumping from the George Washington Bridge

    11:08 AM — An American student committed suicide after his roommate allegedly taped him having sex with a man and streamed it on the internet. Tyler Clementi, 18, a student at Rutgers University in New Jersey, is thought to have jumped from the George Washington Bridge on September 22nd.

  • Lesbians and bisexuals ‘not represented enough’ on the BBC 23

    The BBC undertook research into portrayals of LGB people

    8:21 AM — The internal research, conducted with gay and straight people, found that lesbian and bisexual people in particular feel underrepresented in the broadcaster's programmes. It also found that one in five people is uncomfortable with seeing gays and lesbians on television.

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