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Lesbian mother wins legal battle over child support

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Reader comments

  1. 47 pounds per month for TWO children? Is that normal in the UK or is that a special rate for non-custodial Mothers as opposed to non-custodial Fathers?

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a child support order so low in America.

  2. Now this begs the question, would this have applied had she been in a civil partnership. I wonder how the law treats civil partnered couples in that situation. Does one pay more than a married straight in the same predicament? This only emboldens the need for full marriage equality for gay couples, more than ever.

  3. 47 pounds a week, Hayden :) Robert – good point. Does anyone know the answer to this?

  4. Anyone else think “JM” could be homophobic Jan Moir?

  5. Pink News needs to stop being so stupid and censoring comments, my last one was blocked until i added the word “homophobic”

  6. Wicked woman! her own children!

  7. I agree with Nikki. I know the point is to do with homo hetero equality. But £14 per week? What is the father who looks after the kids supposed to buy with that? Sounds like maintenance obligations are a joke in the UK.

  8. The amount’s to do with the parent’s income – ie a certain percentage of that. If the parent enters a new relationship and has the care of children in that then that’s taken into account and a certain amount deducted from the amount to be paid. There are also amounts taken off the income for living expenses – ie you must be left with a minimum of X amount to live on.

    Now whether the system is cr*p is another matter :D But the point here is that this lady was treated differently because of her sexuality and that’s not fair.

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