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Labour’s top gay MPs stand for shadow cabinet

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Reader comments

  1. Great , but what are their views on marriage equality and would they support the lib dem policy on marriage and CP equality?

  2. Most of these ‘gay’ Labour MPs are traitors when it comes to points of principle. And they’re usually the first to cry ‘homophobia’ when they get criticised for wrongdoing – eg during the expenses scandal.

  3. Bill Perdue 30 Sep 2010, 4:30pm

    The meaning of placing gay MP’s on the shadow cabinet is clear. Tories won a slim majority and Labour’s support among GLBT voters was understandably higher than that for the Children of Thatcher.

    GLBT voters are an important demographic and Labour could’ve won if they’d endorsed same sex marriage before the election.

    In the next election Labour will have to do even better than just an appeal to GLBT voters with the promise of some cabinet appointees. They have to denounce the war and prepare a program to counter the anti-worker, anti-union policies of the banks and the Children of Thatcher. They have to declare their solidarity with working people facing austerity programs in countries like Greece.

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