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British army claims having openly gay soldiers has ‘increased productivity’

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Reader comments

  1. “Productivity”?! What’s the product, dead bodies?

  2. look so handsome

  3. Noel Dolan 30 Sep 2010, 8:30am

    Soldiers maybe?
    Thanks for the article btw.

  4. People not afraid of losing their jobs just because of who they are actually work more effectively? Well, knock me down with a feather.

  5. I’ve no idea of the exact numbers, but I would guess training an individual soldier costs 10’s of thousands. Specialists like medical staff and tank crews would cost much more; I know training a pilot reaches six figures. Presumably if you fire such people before they get a chance to actually kill anybody for Queen and C., then that’s money down the drain.

  6. Being gay has no impact on you being a soldier? An airline pilot, a police officer, a dustman, a butcher a baker…etc and so forth; at last someone’s noticed not all gaymen are air stewards and hair dressers(!)

  7. I think that the US Congress & Government should take serious note of this. Just look at the former Deputy Assistant Commissioner Of the Met Police Brian Paddick !!!

  8. How ironic that the US fights vehemently against gays in the military yet they have no problem requesting other countries military to assist them when those countries do allow openly gay members

  9. Peter from Brisbane 30 Sep 2010, 9:10pm

    Me Mates and I loved the Army. Camouflage lessons were great fun sticking Bush foliage in our Slouch Hats and up our Freckles.
    Dragging our Rifles behind us was a neat way of camping it up.
    Seriously, we never saw a Gay soldier faint dead away after a huge needle jab nor get hysterical and scream when there was Gun fire.
    No, Gay people are very alert to instant danger and make excellent soldiers, just like the many brave, Gay Pilot’s during the Battle Of Britain and there were plenty of them. This is a story that has been deliberately hidden and must be told. Heterosexuals can no longer play with words and have their own way with history.

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