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Hollyoaks star Kieron Richardson ‘relieved’ at coming out

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Reader comments

  1. Well done Kieron.

  2. What’s this what’s this? Nice to be young AND a role model…?

    That’s NOT the way it’s supposed to work. One’s sexuality is supPOSED to be ones OWN business, NOT to be shared and CERtainly NOT to be a role model to others. Even IF they’re struggling and wish that more public figures would stand up and be counted.

    People don’t become famous because they WANT to, it just happens to them, poor dears and the pressure of having to BE something TO someone else is just SO unfair.

    Oh young kids these days. Don’t they know ANYthing?

  3. As usual with Kieron, it’s ME, ME, ME!

  4. Well done to Kieron for coming out but c’mon Hollyoaks writers – when will you write a storyline involving a gay or lesbian character who did not previously identify as heterosexual? I know it does happen to people, but it every gay character in Hollyoaks seems to literally wake up one day and suddenly become gay. Even the lauded John Paul and Craig storyline used that same plot device (which they then repeated with Craig’s ex become a lesbian!).

    It would be nice for Hollyoaks – a show that has a largely younger target audience – to be a bit more realistic in its portrayal of gay and lesbian young people.

  5. good for Kieron and the mockers are pathetic

  6. Mary Flying Eagle Ray 28 Sep 2010, 11:17pm

    Well there is no pleaseing some picky,picky people.
    Some damn them if they don’t Come Out,and damn them if they do Come Out.
    Makes me wonder,”What have you done lately,to be a role model for
    lesbian/gay youth or elders?”
    #5, your commit, quite refreshing.

  7. There’s nothing like being honest to yourself and those in your life who matter.

  8. @Gew – earth to Gew, did you read the piece? It states his coming out gave courage to other young people to do the same. Sexuality that is not also an open Integrated, inter-personal aspect of our everyday lives is not actually sexuality at all – it’s merely an aesthetic indulgence of fleshly instinct.

    His coming out on This Morning has been watched by about 10000 people. Very very well done Kieron.

  9. What the fock are YOU going on about GEW?

    Good luck to Kieron.

  10. Great news. So what are they going to do about the crap script, storylines and acting?

  11. Good for him..i wish him the best x

  12. Yes! The fittest actor is GAY

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