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Labour Leadership Contest

Ed Miliband ‘proud’ of civil partnerships and Pride marches

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Reader comments

  1. “Members of the LGBT Labour group had attempted to secure a debate on the issue of marriage equality at the main conference, but it was ranked at just position 13 in a priority ballot by party activists”

    Says it all for me…..

  2. HelenWilson 28 Sep 2010, 4:46pm

    John, with the Labour party having just chosen a new leader, all other issues have been put down the agenda not just LGBT ones. This conference has mostly been about the leadership so unfortunately we will have to wait until the next one.

    Many meeting and debates have been about who the party will chose to make up the opposition cabinet, its completely understandable why this has happened.

    Ed made a good speech and he reminds me of John Smith and the mention is a suggestion we are not off the agenda.

  3. Really excited by Ed Miliband. He IS right – Labour’s actions in government have precipitated a change in attitude on so many issues, including LGBT rights. The fact that he, as well as the majority of party members, back marriage equality in undoubtedly a step in the right direction for this party – certainly better than paying LGBT rights lip-service, then forming a governments whose contributions to LGBT equality have been less then minimal!

  4. Sorry, I meant forming a government with a PARTY whose contributions to LGBT equality have been less than minimal. Clearly still to excited by the speech…!

  5. Unless Marriage Equality is official Labour Party policy by the time of the next election (assuming it has not already been introduced by then) then there is no reason for any LGBT person to vote for Labour.

    The Greens or the Lib Dems will be a better option.

    Civil Partnerships may have been progress in 2005. Now they are a burdensome discrminatory system of apartheid. Separate can never be equal.

    There are 10 countries in the world which have overtaken Britain in terms of LGBT equality.

    And Ed Miliband is ‘proud’ of that.

    What an idiot!

    His speech sounds like he’s been listening to advise from Stonewall about what to say.

  6. Yes, I think without an official policy on marriage equality on the same lines as the lib dems one then it won’t be very convinincing.

    Does anybody know whether they would back the current lib dems policy as it stands?

    Out of interest what came 1 to 12 in the priority list?

    I kinnda like coalition govts though – I think I’ll continue voting lib dems and try to break the 1 party majority system – that way you can control the excesses of each party a little bit??

  7. “without an official policy on marriage equality on the same lines as the lib dems one then it won’t be very convinincing.”


    ‘Call me Dave’ promised to ‘consider’ equality before he got elected. As soon as he is in power he says it’s not on the agenda.

    Unless marriage equality is official Labour Party policy, then Miliband’s alleged support of equality can be viewed with the same scepticism as ‘Call me Dave’s’

    The Greens and LibDems support LGBT equality. They are better options for LGBT voters.

  8. There are so many sitting on their laurels over having achieved civil partnerships…well that’s great but it’s now time for phase two…that’s marriage equality.

  9. Marcus, CallmeDave’s “consider” statement before the election was Tory code for NO, that was quite clear. Now that the Liberal Democrats have endorsed marriage equality officially and the leader of the Labour Party supports it, CallmeDave has been left high and dry. His equality credentials, what little they were, are now looking more than thin. I doubt if he’ll support marriage equality because he’s more interested in appeasing his bigoted base first and the religious clerics in the House of Lords. He’ll take his cue from Summerskill, no question about that. So expect NOTHING from the Tories. Its up to us now to make sure that Summerskill and StonewallUK don’t get free reign to run rough-shod over us aiding and abetting the Tories to do nothing. We must mount fierce opposition to both and make our voices heard. StonewallUK does not and never has spoken for all of us and in fact now works against us. Labour will have no choice but to endorse marriage equality officially or face losing votes to the Liberal Democrats now that the party has made it official. Its inevitable and this will only alienate Cameron and his party from gay support, what little he has. His election didn’t exactly yield a landslide victory and without Nick Clegg, was powerless. You can bet if Labour endorses full marriage equality, probably before the election, you won’t see the Liberal Democrats supporting the Tories any longer unless Clegg forces Cameron’s hand prior to the next election, hopefully sooner.

  10. He failed me today in that speech all the times he says generation and let me tell you … All he had to say about lgbt people was we should be proud of civil partnerships but now need to look forward and bring equality to millions of brittons.


    Hmm but no. Alas.

    Oh Ed why did you back down to the media and critics and do a speech fighting your left views trying to be central.

  11. Why is Miliband still ‘proud’ of civil partnerships?

    Yes they were a step in the right direction. But 5 years after CP’s were introduced in Britain, countries like Argentine, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Iceland have introduced full marriage equality.

    Talk about resting on his laurels. What is Miliband going to do to make marriage equality official Labour Party policy?

    We’re waiting Labour Party. Second class citizenship for the LGBT population is not good enough (irrespective of what those traitors in Stonewall are whispering in your ear).

    If the LibDems and the Greens officially support LGBT equality, and Labour doesn’t, then that’s something that will be remembered at the next election.

  12. The previous Labour administration did well in terms of gay rights. But, they need to make an election pledge to legalise same-sex marriage. We deserve equal rights!

  13. john(derbyshire) 28 Sep 2010, 11:05pm

    Well he was ditancing himself from the New Labour that actually brought in the many legal reforms for LBGT people that he is crowing about.You cant have it BOTH ways!
    What I DO know is that with him in charge Labour have NO chance of winning the next election-handing it straight to the tories-who with an overall majority will just revert to homophobic type. God help us!

  14. Merseymike 29 Sep 2010, 1:11am

    Totally disagree John. In any case this issue is likely to be given a free vote as the Tories couldn’t get a majority of their MP’s to vote in favour. I think Ed made it clear enough what his view is bit given the hysterical hostility of the right wing press nothing but gay marriage would have been reported if he had highlighted it. At one time the idea that all the party leaders have essentially pro-gay views would have been unthinkable.
    We need to build a coalition for marriage and whilst I think Labour will be part of this, it’s policy making process is slower. Same with the Tories because they are larger parties who are more likely to be in government. Labour LGBT will be ensuring that the issue is considered and Labour Mp’s will make up the majority of those voting in favour.
    However a minority may not choose to support change within the gay community. I don’t agree with them but they are entitled to their virw

  15. AS an American, what I see is a movement toward the various parties trying to outdo each other to support gay marriage. Which is needed to help send the RATZI pope to his grave, and his church to the hell it really really deserves

    While here in the USA, this bastion of freedom etc, we have the opposite. the parties each trying to outdo the other re not supporting marriage or ending the various other bigoted laws.

    If England gets marriage, you can bet there will only be one significant english speaking country in the world that doesnt have marriage for gay people

    The HOmophobic states of America, my country.

    Trust me – if it wasn’t for my kids living in the Easteren USA, I’d be on my way now to Vancouver BC, wife with or without me.

    Doing what my Jewish grandparents had to do back around the turn of the 20th century – looking for a country that didnt hate them.

  16. Why all this talk of waiting til the next election … With concensus on the centre/left, and at least a goodly number of sympa tories, marriage equality should pass no problem

    Ed can steal a march on the other parties and bring in an opposition bill

  17. HI

  18. I am no schill for the Tory party but please compare that speech with its references to civil partnerships with Cameron’s acceptance speech with its clear reference to marriage.

  19. Jock S. Trap 29 Sep 2010, 8:48am

    It’s what he didn’t say that speaks louder. He may well be ‘proud’ of civil partnerships but why didn’t he make the point of going that one step more to allow full equal marriage? He may support it but that doesn’t make it party policy. An opportunity to start making his case towards making it policy within his party has surely been missed!!

    The speech in general was far from inspiring, I fear what we have is a Gordon Brown Mk II. I’m no fan of the Milipeeds but can’t help thinking David would have gotten the public vote rather than a union backed Ed! All we need is the mass strikes and the British public will be turned right off and make way for a long spell of Tory leadership.

  20. Right Ed, I like that you’re proud of Civil Partnerships. I expect to hear the words Civil Marriage from your lips very, very soon. I hope you can deliver some strong cross party collaboration to ensure legislation is enacted soon. Labour is not inspiring your former gay support – not just yet.

  21. If the lib dems force a vote on marriage equality in this parliament and labour do not support it or come up with some delaying tactics then I’d be very cynical whether marriage equality was on the cards within the labour ranks….

    If they don’t adopt a policy on the same lines as the lib dems very soon and we don’t get any labour MPs speaking out for marriage equality (apart from those who were trying to get the LGBT vote for their leadership) then again I’d be very cynical…

    If the next time we hear marriage equality from Ed’s lips is when he is doing an interview with PN 6 months prior to the next election then I will smell a rat….

  22. Hey SteveMD2, comment 15, don’t forget my country – Australia! We have perhaps one-upped you in the States by formally enshrining in federal law that marriage is between one man and one woman only.

    Don’t you worry, for the time being The Land Down Under is still firmly holding the fort for cr@ppy abuses of human and civil rights in the Western world…

  23. Comment 17, does the G stand for God?

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