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Sir Ian McKellen to unveil blue plaque outside Peter Tatchell’s flat

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Reader comments

  1. Nice!!! And the fact that it was voted for in a public vote makes it all the more worthwhile. You, and your constant and unwavering efforts, are appreciated, Peter! British society and the World is very badly in need of a ‘voice of conscience’ like yours. Enjoy the honour – well, VERY well deserved!!!

  2. Ian Bower (Lincoln) 27 Sep 2010, 8:41pm

    Well said Andy.

  3. “I appreciate this award, but the greatest honour I’ve had is the privilege to know and work with so many amazing, courageous human rights defenders in Britain and around the world. That’s the real, true honour to me.”

    Well said, Peter. Congratulations.

  4. What a wonderful honour for Peter; a gay man who, unlike many we could all name, is not immersed in his own gayness but can see social injustice in his immediate surroundings and far further afield.
    Being gay is what he is but being a wonderful, fearless campaigner is who he is and what he stands for.
    Oh that we had more like this man!
    Be proud of this honour, Peter; well done you.

  5. HelenWilson 27 Sep 2010, 10:05pm

    Well done Peter Tatchell, bet Mr Summerskill is pissed at this LOL

    The principled activist beats the butt kisser again :)

  6. Let’s hope Ian McKellen will have something to say about what has become of the fine organisation he helped found when he speaks tomorrow.

  7. Mike Savant 27 Sep 2010, 11:15pm

    Men of principle, please urge the charity Stonewall to alter its intransigent idiocy before it disintegrates.

  8. Congratulations Peter, your a saint :) one day maybe even the catholic church will come to see you as a saint hehe

  9. I am very proud of Peter he has done so much to the LGBT Community and deserves much more recognition for his work by putting into law, what he has campagned for, for so long. A lord peerage would not go amiss either.

  10. PumpkinPie 28 Sep 2010, 9:37am

    The picture made me laugh: “Bit busy campaigning right now, can you hang the plaque up over there?” Haha…

    Nice one, Peter. You deserve it.

  11. Well deserved award for Peter Tatchell.

    As from what I know of Tatchell he will use the ceremony as an opportunity to speak out against the marriage equality ban.

    I hope Ian McKellen also speaks out against Stonewall’s homophobic idiocy.

  12. Is this the same Peter “I’m not a gay rights activist, I’m a human rights activist” Tatchell, that reduces everything to gay sex?

  13. Shut up Mike, he’s done more for gay rights in one week, than you’ve probably done in your entire life.

  14. Not too sure about this idea, I always thought a blue plaque was a posthumous (hope I spelt that right) honour.

    Peter should be rewarded with a seat on some advisory committee and/or an honorary member of something ─ preferably an organisation or quango that also provides some remuneration and/or expenses.

    Next thing we’ll be reading the blue plaque has been vandalised or the likes.

  15. shame he never speaks out about gay racism

  16. Well done Peter. Havn’t always agrred with your actions in the past but you have shown great courage against Mugabe and the Russian homophobes amongst others!

  17. dean, what’s gay racism?

  18. ask your mum

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