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Indian gay film faces censors as star’s family disowns him

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Reader comments

  1. would they have disowned him if he had been playing a serial killer or a thief?! of course not.

  2. “We don’t want to see his face ever… not even when we are dying.”

    I can’t believe any parents would say this about their child :( Poor guy. I hope the film does well, that the actors and all involved are praised, and that the family of Yuvraaj Parasher realise how nasty, illogical and shameful that statement is, if they said what’s being reported here.

  3. over react much

  4. Commanderthor 27 Sep 2010, 4:36pm

    “his mother is totally devastated. We are a respected family and I’m appalled that he is playing a gay man’s role. We’re finished. All the dreams and hopes we had built around him are over. For just a film role, he has lost out on his blood ties. We don’t want to see his face ever… not even when we are dying.”

    No, not for just a film role. For millions of oppressed souls, he has gladly sacrificed the hypocritical love of parents that only love you as long as you fit the expectations and play along in arbitrary discrimination.

  5. So a mother’s love is not unconditional? How sad.

  6. His family is the ones who should be deeply ashamed. I feel sorry for anyone who reads about this and takes it to heart as anything but inspiration to walk away, nay run! as fast as you can, from false families who care more about their reputations than their children’s lives. No one needs family like that, he is better off without them. I hope he has the strength to see that and does not feel too much pain over the actions of these fools. They are the true degenerates who have turned their backs on their own Indian culture and still cling to the dead ideals of colonial Britain.

  7. It’s tough, but this controversy and the film are going to cause big changes in India. At last.

  8. Peter from Brisbane 27 Sep 2010, 8:23pm

    Another BO and Curry story about unclean vessels of old religious superstitions.

    Veddy Veddy bad Cuddy story.

  9. Thumbs up for a ground-breaking film… and a courageous actor.

    C U at Delhi Pride in November!

  10. Morrisey is right – sub continent/sub species……’though I think he was talking about the Chinese!

  11. Idiot family.

  12. I wonder wether this homophobia is rooted in former British laws of India. Anyone who knows?

  13. “No son of ours”… typical reaction of anti-gay parents scared for their own social standing…”What will the neighbours say?”

  14. @ Flemming, I would say it has more to do with the ‘Asian Family Values’ some unwise politicians admire: the family unit is all. Disobedience to its conventions is punished by ostracism. It’s the flip side of ‘well-knit communities’ that people tend not to talk about.

  15. If the culture and traditions of a country are steeped in bigotry then those values were never worth holding onto.

    Fortunately India is moving in the right direction and his parents will come to regret their action (we live in hope!).

    Yuvraaj Parasher has my respect.

  16. This story is not about Yuvraaj Parasher ……

    it’s about the Indian Nation supporting its Constitutional Rights, isn’t it.

  17. What a sad, stupid family :<

  18. There’s something a bit exploitative about this film. Judging from the super-corny trailer, I would guess’Dunno Y… Na Jaane Kyun’ is more about scandal, shock-value, revenue and careers than is it about LGBT causes.

    Somehow, most movies in the Gay/Lesbian genre are pretty stupid. We end up championing gay movies because the public attention is so crucial to LGBT causes, and yet they’re mostly super lame. My hypothesis is that plots hinging on the fact of characters’ gayness are intrinsically limited, cliché, and boring. The real revolution will be when mainstream movies start including LGBT characters outside of an explicitly LGBT context.

  19. Partly true, Matheque. I’ve seen some dreadful ones! But I’ve also seen some really excellent LGBT films. Well, I don’t know if they come under that title actually. I’d just say they were very good films that happened to have LGBT characters in, which I prefer, I think.

  20. Nice picture.

  21. This whole thing seems cooked up. The guy has just done a movie role. It’s not like he is actually gay (or is he?) Anyway, bollywood movie directors are long known to generate buzz about their shoddy movies by indulging in cheap gimmicks. This seems to be one of ’em. For ’em any publicity is good publicity. Sad.

  22. Eh? HELLO. A message to his parents; He’s an actor ok? That means like children playing lets pretend! It might come as a shock but Dustin Hoffman was not really a woman in Tootsie…….Get real!

  23. Yuvraaj Parasher,if you happen to read this,pls leave India as actors like you who have the guts to tackle risky and controversial roles,should be applauded and recognised.You dont need your family.But if you chose to stay a put in the same soil,then dont let anything or anyone to crush you!You are an actor and if people dont know how to differentiate this,then it is not worth having them in your life!

  24. His parents sound seriously unbalanced. Mind you, Agra is a very provincial part of the country – many small minds with petty preoccupations.
    Hope the film receives some recognition for the boundaries it is breaking.

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