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George Michael branded a hermit and Jeremy Kyle fan by fellow prisoners

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Reader comments

  1. Whatever is rumoured, jail can’t be much of a holiday. If GM selects to keep himself to himself, then he’s every right to do so, hasn’t he?
    This way, none of his inmates are able to sell stories of how they befriended him / heard him say / did something to him / he did something to them / and so on. It seem that he either likes to express himself with Kenny or complete strangers. If he can’t have either whilst in prison, let him be his own best friend.
    Being sociable wasn’t part of the sentence – even though many of the inmates will be at most frustrated or at least, disappointed.
    I feel that this reporting is maximising on minimum information!

  2. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Is The Pink in danger of becoming ‘red’,as in a ‘red-top’? Quite frankly why is ANYONE remotely interested in whether this man has become ‘reclusive’ whilst serving his paltry sentence?He got sentenced because the man is a danger behind the wheel of a car! He got much less than he deserved.

  3. Paul, if you are so uninterested in this, why did you click on the story, then read it, then leave a comment?

  4. “Gay pop star George Michael…etc”. Oh my word! He’s GAY? Who’d have thought it? And a pop star, to boot. I think someone screwed up here and forgot to use the word ‘millionaire’ in the first sentence.

    Ooops! I’ve let the cat out of the bag.

  5. BTW, what’s a “pison source”? Presumably, you meant either “piss-on source” or “prison source”. The irony wasn’t lost on me, anyway! :D

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