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Labour Leadership Contest

With Ed Miliband as Labour leader, two major parties are led by gay marriage advocates

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Reader comments

  1. HelenWilson 25 Sep 2010, 5:33pm

    Well done Ed Miliband, I think you are the best option for Labour

    LGBT marriage equality now and don’t listen to Stonewall

  2. Well done, Ed Miliband. Now we have the leaders of two major parties in full support of marriage equality. Cameron better pay closer attention. The writing is on the wall for the Tories to act now.

  3. paul canning 25 Sep 2010, 5:59pm

    From our analysis of statements we thought @edmilibandmp best 4leader 4 #LGBT asylum – so we’re pleased at choice

  4. Jock S. Trap 25 Sep 2010, 6:31pm

    Good news however the union backing may be what makes him unelectable to the British public!!

  5. Well done – but do you agree with the official lib dem policy and will you and your party fully support it if the lib dems try to bring about change in this parliament?

    Remember the lib dem policy is marriage equality and CP EQUALITY – we forgot to ask Ed milliband about what he felt about this half of the deal …..

    Does his statement include CP equality ,it it does then fantastic!, if not then what does he intend to do about CPs?

    “I want to see heterosexual and same-sex partnerships put on an equal basis and a Labour Party that I lead will campaign to make gay marriage happen.”

  6. PatrickC-01 25 Sep 2010, 7:51pm

    Not the biggest fan of Labour due to their inaction on marriage equality and their disgraceful record on LGBT asylum seekers, however, a pro gay marriage leader is a good thing, and LGBT Labour are trying to get an emergency motion into their conference (I guess they are envious that the Lib Dems did it first!). Question is, will Ed Miliband support this?

  7. I like Ed Miliband but tend to agree with Jock S. Trap @4

  8. Why an emergency motion , why aren’t they having one anyway as matter of course?

    and what exactly does it say ?

    and is Summerskill by chance in favour of the emergency motion and is he lurking around there somewhere gaining “support” from his “supporters” on whatever he thinks they should or should not be “supporting” today? Perhpas there’s a secret meeting taking place somewhere, who know what happens, it’s all such a mystery!!!

  9. Great news. Well done Ed.

  10. Ed is unelectable. The unions have messed it up for Labour. Oh well another term of the tories.

  11. PatrickC-01 25 Sep 2010, 10:25pm

    Same sex marriage is not yet official Labour policy, even if Ed Miliband supports it.

    Not only that but it is not even up for debate at this Labour conference, which means 6 months before it can become official Labour policy.

    So LGBT Labour is trying to get an emergency motion through at this conference;–act-now

    I guess they are envious that the Lib Dems got a motion through.

  12. It’ll take probably 20 years to achieve marriage equality. The Tories won’t push and as someone said above, Ed is probably unelectable… David is probably more appealing to the majority of the British public. Back to Chess lessons , and some practice, and some, and some… …

  13. The Tories are set to give more power to religious quangos, so they’ll direct you to this sort of thig, which will find terrain to grow over the next few years:
    Keep reading..

  14. Now, now… before you’re human, you’ll have to justify yourselves, little unecessary quangos…

  15. Bebert – didn’t you get the point of the artilce – we’re in a coalition govt – no 1 party majority – give and take…

    Unless labour fully adopt a marriage and CP equality policy and actually support a bill by the lib dem on it during this parliament then I’m afraid not many of us would be convinced that labour would bring in marriage and CP equality.

    Unless you forgot, we’ve just come out of a lab run govt and guess what we still only have CPs for gays and marriages for straights!!! and also unless you forgot it took 8 yrs before we got the CP and in any case the CP was a lib dem initiative…..

    I’m hopeful that Ed wil bring in change but we seem a long way away beofre they actually commit to something concrete yet!

  16. I agree with Tom and Jock S. Trap . . . Ed Miliband appears unelectable unless he can gather the disillusioned libdem voter, especially since Ed has come to represent old Labour.

    Curiously. . . were Ed’s allegiances to Brown really an allegiance to old Labour?

  17. They have just voted themselves out of government for the next ten years!

  18. HelenWilson 26 Sep 2010, 2:45pm

    Sorry but its the ConDem party who have cut themselves out of government for a generation. They better enjoy the next four years as they will not be seeing power for a long long time.

    The fact the Tory media is already attacking Ed shows how worried they already are.

  19. Unless Cameron achieves anything substantial in the next four years and only won the election with a very small majority, thanks to the Liberal Democrats forming the coalition, I don’t see how his party can expect to win more of the gay vote unless he declares support for civil marriage equality. If he ignores it, he does so at his own peril. If Labour officially adopts marriage equality just like Clegg did, then that spells trouble for Cameron.

  20. It soundss good from here in the Homophobic states of America. Dont understand your politics per se (or ours now so screwed up and vicious it is, but oh to live in merry old england say my gay friends (PS I’m a str8 supporter, retired, who has plenty of time for the social justice issue of our generation.

    And knocking back the perverts – the people who are tooooooo interested in looking in other peoples bedrooms in the name of their god, SATAN

    HOpe this gives the RATZI pope another headache. Oh if it could only have been like portugal – where he came to stop gay marriage, and his stench was still around 3 days after he left, when the conservative PM signed the bill saying “we have real problems, this is a no brainer”.

  21. My gut feeling is that if Labour endorses it just as the Liberal Democrats already have, Cameron will be hard pressed and will probably not budge for fear of upsetting his base such as the Ann Widdecombe ilk and their fellow homophobic bigots in the House of Lords, including the Anglican cult clerics among them. We could be pleasantly surprised, but I doubt it. Cameron will listen to Summerskill instead and do nothing making the argument to retain civil partnerships only for gays, all things being unequal of course.

  22. john(derbyshire) 27 Sep 2010, 12:04pm

    I agree with Ryan (comment no 17)- with Ed Milliband as leader-Labour have at least 10 years out of government. What worries me is the Election of 2015-which will now be won decisivley by the Conservatives alone (Libdems will have been ditched by the voters and dumped by the Tories)-We will then have a right wing Conservative government-with all the loony crackpots from the right of the conservative party spouting their homophobic venom- some of which will be enacted into law. I feel sorry for David Cameron at that point-because-due to our phoney electoral system-he will be saddled witha right wing despot party. God help us.

  23. I think if the Tories turn around the economy then they’ll win hands down in the next election regardless who labour had voted for. Labour must have gotten at least a handful more votes by just getting rid of Brown.

    If the economy is still in the doldrums in 2015 (which I suspect it will be) then the LGBT vote will again come into play and sadly there will be the usual comments about the tories, which probably will be less effective this time around becuase Cameron isn’t Thatcher and I suspect our LGBT rights wouldn’t have got any worse – afterall they say they are going to deal with homophobic bullying in schools and gay asylum seekers. If they do something only on these, they’s have gained some credibility.

    If I was Cameron and I thought that lab had a chance of winning next time and had to rely to a certain extent again on minority votes like the LGBT one, then I’d do somethin significant and cut off the argument now. As for the bishops , the Widdicombes etc – what other choice do they have – agree with cons or hand over power to lab or next time a lib dems/lab coalition?

  24. the URL only links to Lib Dem policy, not the Green Party’s. The Green Party has had long-term commitment to same-sex marriage, commiting earlier this year to commiting to same-sex marriage in religious institutions.

  25. gerry gable 25 Mar 2012, 4:31pm

    Aren’t gay people so self-centered and boring?

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