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HIV quangos face the axe, while EHRC is ‘at risk’

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Reader comments

  1. I’d welcome it is the EHRC was scrapped. After they appointed the evangelical christian extremist Joel Edwards as a commissioner they lost all credibitility with me.

    I doubt the HIV quangoes will me missed very much either.

  2. Even Ben Summerskill left in disgust. Now what does that say about the EHRC?

  3. Thank god someones had the balls to do something at long last. The EHRC have done very little for the LGBT there nothing but a bunch of shi*stirrers


  4. I agree, the PC quango state must be dismantled to its bare bones. 90 per cent of it justifies its existence by creating layers of unnecessary red tape and bull sh*t because they they are superfluous to requirements.

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