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Polish equality minister ‘outs gay man on television’

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Reader comments

  1. HelenWilson 23 Sep 2010, 4:26pm

    She should get on well with Teresa May!

  2. The RC Church has such a stranglehold on Polish culture that I imagine that all politicians think they have to look both ways.

  3. Karl Ulrichs 23 Sep 2010, 5:00pm

    Perhaps let them have it their way…….
    Non catholic schools should have the right to sack catholics. In fact any business should have the right to sack a catholic. Catholics should be treated differently to everyone else, as if they are inferior, as if they do something wrong, as if they are abomination. They want to segregrate others, why not segregrate them.
    So next time you meet a catholic, treat them as they treat homosexuals – with total disrespect and contempt. Judge them as they judge us. Try to make them feel as dirty and evil as they try to make us feel.

  4. de Villiers 23 Sep 2010, 5:47pm

    > So next time you meet a catholic, treat them as they treat homosexuals – with total disrespect and contempt. Judge them as they judge us. Try to make them feel as dirty and evil as they try to make us feel.

    Does that apply to gay Catholics?

    If not, that must mean that I should treat every fellow Frenchman as if they were dirty and evil.

  5. “Mr Śmiszek has reacted furiously to her comments and intends to sue.”

    For what.

    This woman sounds like a nasty bigot. Bur making a reference to someone’s homosexuality is not libellous.

    This guy – Krzysztof Śmiszek, is the deputy president of the Polish Society of Anti-Discrimination Law. It’s not like he was in the closet.

    I’m not defending her, but I don’t think what she said was particularly horrendous.

  6. @de viliers: yes it does apply to gay catholics, who are self hating traitors to the gay cause.

  7. She’s the Equality Minister, and she holds those views..?

    Must be some new definition of the word “equality”, that I was not previously aware of…


  8. Karl Ulrichs 23 Sep 2010, 8:42pm

    De Viliers. No, a ‘gay catholic’ needs your help. They need therapy, they need to renounce their religion and accept that the catholic belief system wishes to destroy their soul. A homosexual who is indoctrinated into the catholic church is in one of the most abusive relationships known to homosexuality.
    If the ‘gay catholic’ continues wanting to believe in the catholic church, then you probably don’t need to try and make them feel dirty and evil, they must enjoy feeling that way, why else would they be a ‘gay catholic’?

  9. So let me get this right . . . Equality minister argues that Catholic schools should have the right to sack gay teachers.

    Where is the “Equality in that . . . ???

    Perversity in all its glory

  10. “So let me get this right . . . Equality minister argues that Catholic schools should have the right to sack gay teachers.”

    Isn’t that the current situation in the UK though?

    Don’t religious institutions have an opt out from equality laws?

    I don’t agree with that of course, but the Polish situation is little different from the UK situation.

  11. Why would a BIG lesbian do such a thing?

  12. Poland is not growing it is remains stagnant because of the influence of the Roman Catholic Church and weak politicians who are too frightened to stand up and be counted, spend their days arguing about a cross in Warsaw with the Polish Law and Order party, or suing each other which is a regular occurance. It is really pathetic and very sad. Homophobia is alive and well in Poland at all levels of society.

  13. “Polish culture” are there any non-Gay Polish men?
    I live near ” Greenway” near the Olympic site where the Muslims have built a little shed which they call a mosque. Polish people cruise this area all day long and night and so do the Moslems from the mosque but not as bad as Polish people.

    I have often been tempted to film them and post it on the Internet. Perhaps that is why so many of them are very annoying alcoholics because of the stress of living a double life. I’m beginning to understand some cultures from around the world hypocrisy seems to be a tradition an acceptable way of behaving.

    I’m not saying anything against the non-Gay Muslims, from the mosque because I find it hard to because they make such a fuss of me. If I was to believe the television news they all want to kill me and kill everybody else. Real life and television life is so different.

    Perhaps she is a lesbian ;-)

    P.S. I do not cruise and I am very judgemental

  14. HelenWilson 24 Sep 2010, 11:19am

    Please put back the Ben Summerskill story PinkNews

    With this comment from Brian Paddick still in place.

    “The story published by PinkNews yesterday about Stonewall was, sadly, a largely dishonest account of what took place at Monday evening’s meeting in Liverpool. We deeply regret that PinkNews chose to publish the story late at night without… double-checking and without having troubled to attend either the meeting itself or a party conference at which such an important issue was being discussed.

    Ben did not say that Stonewall objected to the motion that would be debated on Tuesday because it would cost £5bn. For PinkNews to publish and fail to correct a story in this way sadly brings the whole of the pink media, which serves our minority communities uniquely well, into disrepute.

    Can I say, I was at the meeting and that the original Pink News report, which I read before it was amended, was not ‘a largely dishonest account’. On the contrary, I formed the impression that it was a fair reflection of what took place, even if it was not 100% accurate in every detail.

    Pink News, if you want to put the original back, I will give evidence in any subsequent proceedings to that effect. Maybe “Ben did not say he objected to the Lib Dem conference motion.” What he did say was that an impact assessment on the proposals produced by the Treasury, that apparently says the changes would cost £5bn over 10 years, should be published. He also said that some female members of Stonewall objected to gay marriage. Whatever Stonewall or Summerskill’s views actually are, the clear impression he gave was that he, who was not there as a private individual but as the head of Stonewall, was against gay marriage. He may not have said it but he certainly gave that very clear impression, so much so that I was astounded and sought clarification. For Stonewall then to say the original Pink News account was ‘largely dishonest’ is quite clearly false.

    I asked Ben, in open forum, to explain why the changes would cost £5bn and why some members of Stonewall objected to equality in marriage – “I want to understand Ben, I really want to understand but I don’t understand”. He accused me of shouting across the room at him (there was no microphone in a crowded hall and he was then heckled by people saying I was not shouting). He failed to explain why it would cost £5bn and he said I should ask the people he had referred to, why they objected. People in that meting, including me, did not get angry with Ben for no reason.

    Pink News we’ve had our differences but on this one I’m right behind you.

    Comment by Brian Paddick — September 23, 2010 @ 21:43

  15. Omar Kuddus GayasylumUK 24 Sep 2010, 12:22pm

    Please correct me but i was under the impression that “equakity” means the same for everyone, and if this is the case why is religion excluded or how can an Equality Minister take sides? or discriminate a part of socity?

  16. Vile woman. Poland is part of Europe and as such needs to change it’s way if it wants to keep having it’s handouts.

  17. Erroll Clements 24 Sep 2010, 1:40pm

    She looks like right f***g bitch, if she ever had a husband I bet he’s already left her for a younger and much nicer person !

  18. Miss Peekaboo 24 Sep 2010, 1:47pm

    I am British, but have travelled and worked in Poland on and off over the last fifteen years and can say from experience that Poland has got a LONG way to go in terms of equality. Racism and homophobia are prominent and the very fact that they have got an ‘equality’ minister surprises me; these comments she has made, unfortunately, do not surprise me.
    – I don’t know if this is still the case, but a few years ago a Polish friend I knew was studying medicine and I was horrified to hear that in the psychiatry module they were taught that homosexuals are considered ‘mentally abnormal’.
    The last time I visited Krakow, a major European City, there was not one single gay or gay-friendly bar or club.
    I have encountered many Polish people both in their own country and in the UK who will openly express racist and homophobic views.
    If this is how their so-called ‘equality’ minister thinks and speaks, what hope do the wider population have of progressing in their outlook?

  19. They’re living in the dark ages. Never ceases to amaze me how they think they have a right to segregate human beings this way.

    They continually misquote their nonsense religion to attack gay people and anyone else they hate, as all religions do. What they miss is that if there were no gay Catholics, there’d be no Catholic church. I despise hypocrisy.

    Celibate? Yeah… right. If your religion told you that being gay was wrong and the thought of being with the opposite sex appalled you, then you might as well join the church and become ‘celibate’; spend all your days and nights with members of the same sex; people you’re actually attracted to. :D

  20. Daniel, Portugal 24 Sep 2010, 5:47pm

    I feel for the Polish LGBT community…but eventually and it has happened here in Portugal, sections of society will raise their voice and politians will need to take the necessary measures. Needeless to say that most RC do not agree with some of the Churche’s teachings and choose to ignore it (such as abortion, contraception, gender equality and LGBT rights). She should be sacked from the job.

  21. Omar Kuddus GayasylumUK 25 Sep 2010, 2:53am

    perhaps the word equality has a different mening in polish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Do the world a favour and resign, for all poland has ever done for the LGBT community, inc the Lisbon Treaty, is object, due to its predominatory riligious stance that homosexuality is wrong.
    It is time that Poland and its subjects realised that its government is an imbarasment and makes the EU a laughing stock, when it comes to LGBT issues.

  22. Omar Kuddus GayasylumUK 25 Sep 2010, 2:57am

    ps. sorry for the spelling but had a tough day and been fighting re equality all day long, and think and hope everyone understood what i ment , now and previously.

  23. She should be far more concerned about catholic priests teaching children. That’s where the real threat lies. For an illuminating video on the subject, see:

  24. Interesting article about the “So Called Equality minister” in the Scotsman . . .

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